Friday, November 28, 2008

Enough is Enough

This post, like my previous posts, is about weddings. But this wedding, which was scheduled just a day before mine, will never happen. When I think of the girl who like me, created a wedsite, must have packed her trousseau, had her lehnga trials, dreamt about her honeymoon...her future ...lost her fiance in the ongoing massacre, my heart skips a beat.

We cant even begin to imagine the plight of the family who lost their son. Nor can we feel what the families of other victims are going through. How can we begin celebrations of any kind when something as simple as eating out has become so dangerous?

We've had a lot. I really dont know whom to blame. I just want to know what can I do so that when I die, I'm not a part of such ghastly headlines...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Talking of similarities...

I never put hello tunes in my phone. This week, I thought of adding one. And strangely enough I found them very similar to weddings! How? Here are a few observations:

1. You try really hard to decide the best hello tune for your listener. Just like you decide the best venue, card, food, etc.

2.You spend moolah. But all for the entertainment of the caller. Similarly, you spend lakhs for the whole wide world who get entertained at your expense.

3.You, however, never dial your number to enjoy your tune. At the wedding, you are decked up, handling heavy clothes with a fake toothy smile touching everyone and anyone's feet. Nah, you don't really enjoy your own wedding.

4. Like the song selected, everything about your wedding says a lot about you.

5.If you want to spend more money, you can customize tunes for different callers. Likewise, you organize different functions for different people. You know sangeet for aunty ji's, cocktails for uncles and bachelor party for friends...

6. It doesnt matter if the caller likes your tune, he has to bear it. Weddings can be a social nuisance for some.

7.There are some who would call you just because they like your song. Like the ones who will come to your wedding just because you've laid some yummy grub.

8. It becomes boring after a while and you feel like changing it...hmmm...that's a similarity that I still have to experience...

Ah, weddings are all I can think of :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


As time goes by and life meanders into a new era altogether, I think of the numerous emotions a girl goes through when she is getting married. She blushes when her fiance's name comes up, her eyes are filled with tears when they discuss that she'll soon go away, she has a sinking feeling whenever she attends a wedding, she's joyous when she thinks of all the new things that are going to happen to her, she gets upset when she thinks of all the sacrifices the parents have to make for her, she is proud when they talk about everything that is perfect....

These and a lot of emotions fill a girl's heart. And when they get mixed up, the feeling is absolutely blank. Really, it is Blank.

I wonder if it's that big a deal. Everyone gets married. Then why do I feel so 'out-of-the-world'? I'm sure I'll be laughing at myself a few days later when I think of the past. But right now, I feel Blank.

And when I think of the era that was, I wonder if the next step would be as beautiful. I remember changing schools, houses,colleges, friends, love interests. I remember I was afraid to embark on a new journey everytime. I remember being nervous about the future. But then...I also remember settling down, cherishing and living every moment there on. I never ever thought that yesterday was better than the present.

God has been kind. And changes have been always for the best. I'll be alright! Moreover, I have my Mr.Right with me to take care of that :)

p.s.This is more of a 'Dear Diary' kind of a post, nevertheless...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I miss...

...and everything to do with this virtual world.

I have nothing much to say for I feel blank these days. Life has only one aim - getting married. Scary yet exciting. Sad yet happy. Real yet a dream.

I will be back soon. And then I'll share everything! Everything? You wish! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ring Ceremony

I've been living a very busy life in the last few days...thanks to the wedding to be. On Sunday, me and the Boy exchanged rings to live happily ever after! here are a few interesting things about the day:

1. I dont know if I was nervous or happy, but I just laughed all through it!! I was on this stage with some 350 people looking at me and I couldnt help giggling. Someone adviced me to behave like a bride...but did i care...NAH!!! I hope I wasnt looking like a joker!hehe

2.The ring didnt fit him!!Although I had taken proper measurement, something went wrong. I tried hard to fit it in, but left it in between for people were watching. Anyway, he's ready to gift it to me since he doesnt like any jewels!

3.My 50 year old uncle danced on Pappu cant dance with my 7 year old cousin. It's the best dance I've seen till today! All my cousins, brother & bhabhi and friends put in a lot of effort to prepare a veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice skit...It made me feel so special!

4.The theme was purple. It made all the pics look sooooo pretty.

There are loads of pointers, lots of funny moments and loads of sweetness attached to this day. You really wont be interested so I'll leave it at that. Life has changed in some way. I cant help looking at my ring 50 times a day! I dont want to leave my home, my city and my family, yet I cant wait to start a new life.

Ah, its a beautiful feeling. And I've promised myself to enjoy every bit of it. It helps me not to be nervous about the new family, new city and a new life. I hope I'm giggling on my wedding day too! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


I got tagged by Deeply Dip and yet again, I have very few to tag back!It's hard if everyone around you has done it already!

  • RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
  • RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.
1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
I would shout from the rooftop that I'm single and ready to mingle!
On a serious note, I would be angry and disturbed. More than that, I would be lost thinking what did I do wrong.

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be.
Be Bill Gate's daughter!
Since that's impossible, I would want to write a book and win an award for it!

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
These days, Shahid Kapoor is my fave. So anything would do, even the butt ;)
The Bihar govt. Why the hell they are so slow in helping the flood affected. It's extremely disturbing.

4. What would do with a billion dollars?
Do charity.
Ok, 20% charity, 30% saving, 30% travel and 20% spending on me and my loved ones. Wow, I have a plan!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
Provided he's a he!
I am already in love with someone who first became my best friend.

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
I want both or neither.
Is there something worse than loving someone and not being loved back?I can't love someone and know for the rest of my life that it would never be reciprocated. Nor,do I want someone to be in such a position. It would kill me. So, neither?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
Not very long. Life is too short to wait for someone. All we do in the process is hurt ourselves. And I'm selfish when it comes to love. It happens only in movies!

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
Plot to pull them apart!
And when I don't succeed, I'll start liking someone else! Really, how long can a girl wait! And I'm absolutely serious. This whole forever business is actually not true and made only for great books and blockbuster movies!

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Someday, I would want to open a school and teach underprivileged kids. Education makes a society a happier place to live in.

10. What takes you down the fastest?

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
On Oprah Winfrey!
In a sweet home, filled with lots of love, a doting husband and money to have a luxurious life :)

12. What’s your fear?
No teeth when I'm 40!
And several other health problems. I hope I could keep them at bay.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
I grew up copying her - so - she's out of this world!hehe
Secretive, ambitious and understanding!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
Do I have to choose????????
Married and poor. There's nothing more important to me than being in a loving relationship. And I wont consider myself poor when I am with that someone!

15. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
The richer one!
This question doesn't make sense...It should have some alternatives!

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Yes, yes and a million times yes!

17. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
Never. Even if I say I have, to show the world how great I am, I can't forgive and forget. It's not good for me, yet this is one thing I can't do.

18. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
Now that you already know how desperate I am to be in a relationship, i don't need to answer this! :D

***the answers in red are my first responses to all the questions!!!***

I tag a few people whom I have recently been acquainted with on the blogosphere:
Sandhya , Piper, and anyone who wants to be on the Hot seat! This tag is fun, do take it.

I won!!

My very generous Bua gave me the "Brilliant Weblog Award".

This is given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design.
The rules are:
  • When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it,together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.
  • Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design
  • Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brilliant Weblog'
  • Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize(optional).
  • And pass it on!
Now I haven't won many things in my life (except the hearts of a few guys!lol!!). So this is special. And more so because it comes from someone who is exceptionally sweet and talented.

Before I move ahead, I would like to thank my family, God, my friends, and a lot of known and unknown people who give me ideas to write here. Thank you all!

Arti awarded me this a few days back but the lazy bun that I have become I couldn't respond. I have been so irregular that I have no idea whom to pass it on! Most of the people on my list are so brilliant in their skills that they have been awarded this time and again. I would yet again boost their egos and tell them that I really love reading their posts!

1. D : I may or may not agree with her thoughts all the time, but she makes me think. I dig her blog!! :)

2. det-res: Her posts are extremely thoughtful. I like her writing style - simple yet thought provoking.

3. Gaziabonts: This blog can make you jealous of the talent behind it!!

4. Roshan's : I really like his sense of humor.

I would pass this award to only four, sorry for breaking the rules! I would try to use this right later in life...or maybe...just leave it... for its fun to break the rules!!

Thank you all for reading me...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food for Thought

We get a lot of chances in life. We get a lot of hints too. But we normally ignore them. Or rather, misconstrue them.

And when we get that 'last' chance, time falls short. Even if we give our hundred per cent, something inside us says we will never make it...and just blame it on the paucity of time.

Had it not been our 'last' chance, will we give our hundred per cent? Why do we wait for the last moment and then the moment falls short? Deep down we hope that we will get more chances, but what if we don't? What if this really is the last chance?

Too many questions, but the answer is just one - Do your bit and leave the rest to the almighty. Whatever will be, will be. We have to smile and live happily anyway. For, when one door closes, another opens!

That's optimism...for some. For the rest, that's an excuse to let go...yet again.

High time we were true to ourselves at least.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Phases in love

Let me begin in the most common way ever. Dictionary defines courtship as the wooing of one person by another. However, generally, when we say courtship, we mean the period between engagement and marriage, with or without wooing!

Being in this period is loads of fun. I'll tell you how. But before that, let me briefly explain the periods before that.

Period One: The beginning of Love: In this phase, the girl is shy, actually, not her real self! The guy is generous with his compliments(hmm, not his real self either!). He comes up with new sweet-nothings every single day. No one is better in the whole wide world than him when it comes to love, understanding, caring, calling up, showering gifts, etc etc etc.

Period Two: After a few months: The girl begins to open up. She writes letters filled with affection and her perfume! She dedicates songs, writes poetry, starts to plan the future, and reciprocate the love, understanding, caring, calling up, showering gifts, etc etc etc.

Period Three: After more-than-few months: The guy starts to become uncomfortable with the thoughts of the future. The sweet-nothings phase out. There are kiss-and-make-up moments, but that's it. The mushy-mushy times seem distant and there are more fight because of that.

Period Four: Coming out in the open: If the bond is good, if the love and friendship is strong, the couple soon comes out of the third phase and start thinking about the future - together. This is the scariest phase. When you declare your love to the world, it's sometimes met with anger and doubt. It is then your love faces the real test. And trust me, even if you know the other person inside out, it is this phase that makes your bond the strongest and you get to know the hidden qualities of your partner. And you fall in love all over again.

Period Five: The courtship: It's like the first and second phase for you fall in love all over again! Only, your relationship is more mature. There is more understanding. Instead of thinking where your next dinner/lunch date's gonna be, you discuss your honeymoon! The incessant talk about the trousseau bores the guy, but he learns, for he knows that he has to live with a woman and her shopping for the rest of his life! You learn to accept each others family. And when your father sends an sms to the guy, and that too a forward, you know he's fit well!
It's no more the teenage kinda love. You miss it. But you can live without it. This has more meaning, more depth and more commitment.

Sadly, this period ends too soon. We usually think about the future more than the present. Getting married is such a BIG thing and we tend to worry more and relish less.
I'm trying to balance it out. And I'm also hoping, that the end of this period will be exactly like the beginning of it - when we fall in love all over again.

Nah, I'm not hoping, I'm sure it will be :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rock On - rocks!!

I'm a huge Bollywood fan. I love all kinds of desi flicks - be it comedy, romance, drama, action, the works. Lately, big films with good star cast has been putting up a sad show and that's disappointing.

Amidst the hoopla around Bachna Ae Haseeno and Sing is King (which were BIG disappointments) comes Rock On. A simple film on life, love, passion, friendship, trust, belief and a whole gamut of emotions that's missing in all other films these days.

So Rock On is a FIVE STAR. Really. The film's script is never let lose. You always want to know what happens next. The story telling is dealt in the most amazing way ever.

The performances are outstanding. Farhan Akhtar is one God of Hindi Cinema. He's fabulous in the movie...with long and short hair both! Arjun Rampal is like a Greek God - just fell in love with him. Purab is a sweetheart. You'll love him for his one liners and his flirty character. Prachi Desai doesn't look like a bahu from the small screen. She's done a fab job as well.

The direction, the locations, the whole feel of the movie is superb. I can go on and on, but you have to watch it to believe it.

Last but not the least, the music. I'm no Rock critic. But the music makes you tap your feet and applause. You want to get up and dance, but sadly we dont do that in theatres. I really wish we could!

There's love, there's heart break and there's masala that you look for in a Bollywood movie. But with that, there's a message - Believe in your dreams and never let them go. The movie touches you and inspires you. You really shouldn't miss this one, trust me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No, I don't have a writers block. Nor do I don't feel the need to write anymore. Writing is my passion, it's meditation for me. It might not be my forte, though I want it to be that!

These days time just flies by. I have priorities that people will not understand. So I tell them I'm just chilling in life! I went on a shopping spree a few days back. My belief that too much of anything is bad was restored! I can't stand a minute of shopping now. Being a girl, I'm sure I will hit back :)

I'm exercising. I spent 25 years just thinking about it, but now I have a goal. I won't be disappointed if I don't achieve it since it's not really the end of the world. But yes, I'll try to reach closer to perfection.

I'm cooking. Don't ask me how much since I think highly of myself in this area! Nobody has second my assumption. I would like to think they are all plain jealous! :P

I'm being a perfect lover ;) . My exercise schedule makes me really tired. Still I wait for him and talk for hours at night. There is a selfish reason too, I told you earlier, he's my sleeping pill!

I'm being a friend to my niece. I feel she gets really bored these days in the company of 25, 35, 55, and 75 year olds. So I try to play ring-a-ring roses,cricket, and a whole lot of other games that have been our discovery in the toy area.

Oh, yes. I'm going to the dentist. No, I wont straighten my teeth. Just for regular fillings and scaling. So that when the d-day comes, my teeth sparkle like never before :)

And I'm watching BIGG BOSS. I liked the last season better. I'm hoping for a lot of mirch masala in the coming days. Yeah, I love gossip, bitching and everything feminine!

Come tomorrow, I'll give some serious thought to a blogging piece. Guess it's plain laziness that I'm not scribbling here. Or maybe, I'm just chilling too much in life!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I believe in signs. I can't interpret them. And so, I take them all as positive. Like the old maxim - whatever happens, happens for the best.

But today, I'm unable to think that way. It's going to be hard to get up and get going again. I'm hoping the clouds will clear soon and pessimism will fade away.

Till then, I'll just have to pretend to be positive...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Down the memory lane

Continuing with the nostalgic trip...

If you are my age(yeah, 25 it is!) or somewhere near it, you would have definitely done the following things and you wish you could revisit 'the era'!

1. You remember the lyrics of 'tamma tamma loge' and 'ye kaali kaali aankhen' no matter how cheesy you think they sound now.

2.Lalita ji was your fave model.

3.You remember 'Tara' came on Tuesday, 'Antakshari' on Friday and the image of 'Junglee toofan tyre puncture' still haunts your memory. And how can I miss Small Wonder and I dream of Jeanie

4.You waited for your NRI relatives desperately just to get the heavenly taste of Kit Kat.

5.'Oonch Neech' and 'Chupan Chupai' were your favorite games.

6.You were always a little scared to call at the Pager centre to send a message to your dad. You know, since talking to strangers was such a tough job.

7.You almost everyday came back from your school with your lips red from the 'imli' or the orange bar.

8.Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander was maybe one of your first movie you saw in the theatre. And oh, Pooja Bedi's dress made you go 'hawww'

9.You always ordered Tomato soup when you went to a hotel. Yes, hotel, not restaurant.

10.You have black and white studio pics of you and your family from your childhood.

11.Your mom's pic in bell bottoms and big giant shades is her favorite and most stylish.

12.All your birthdays had all your neighbors and had chole bhature as the main dish.

13.Whenever your dad rented a VCR, everyone in the colony came and created a theatre like scene in your drawing room.

14.Most of your childhood pics were clicked on the same day since your dad had to rent a camera for it.

15.You were crazy about your Barbies, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Business...

16.You always had to wear a new lacy frock on your birthday.

17.Whenever you see a 'Pinki' or a 'Chacha Chowdhary' at a Wheeler store, you wonder whats new in it.

18.The news you remember involves Harshad Mehta, Ayodhya, Bombay Blasts, Iran/Iraq war

19.You also remember the news anchor for the deaf who came on Doordarshan.

20.You remember your first flight trip where your ears blasted from the roaring noise.

There are so many other things that were way cuter and interesting than what we have today. I'm sure after a few years I'll be posting a blog on mobile phones, our first blog, internet, the works and how we get nostalgic everytime we hear about them :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Old is Gold

Technology is luxury. But there are so many things I miss when technology was not really there. I remember running to the telephone as soon as it rang. There was a surprise everytime since there was no number/name blinking on it. And if we missed the ring, there was this mystery as to who called. The more number of blank calls I got, the prettier I felt!

I miss going to the park on a Sunday evening. Ok, maybe I'm a little old to go, but my niece can. She's missing all the fun we had riding the swings, lazying around, taking the toy train, filling our bag pack with sweets and chips and running around trees!

I miss fighting for the remote control. Maybe thats not technology for we had fewer TVs back then. Still, crying and pissing off my bro was fun.

I miss clicking pictures on a holiday, giving the film, waiting for it to be developed and then arranging it in an album. I was flipping through my childhood album day before and i had captured all my birthdays in it. With a camera phone in each hand these days, we hardly value pics that much.

I miss buying a tape and listening to it for over a year in the car! I still remember the lyrics of older songs 'coz we played it so many times. I don't think I've heard songs of one movie for more than a month or two post Lagaan.

I miss sending letters and cards. Sending and receiving cards on Diwali was a norm. Friends use to get emotional when we gave each other 'Between You and Me' cards. Then writing out your feelings with different sketch had a different charm.

Maybe we can still do these things. Have one TV at home, use a normal camera and not a digital one, keep cds of movies, go to parks in the evenings, just be like the 'olden' times and feel happy. Just like Samosa and chai still tastes like heaven on a breezy evening and is way better than any pizza and coke...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thinking about you and me...

Thinking about you and me
It’s as crazy as it can be
Looking into the future and making plans
Little fights and lots of romance
Right now that’s all I want to do
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s like painting pretty scenery
Making a home for the two of us
Lots of happiness in our love bus
It’s full of pinks and has no blue
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s as naughty as it can be
Holding hands sealed with a kiss
It’s really meant to go like this
Dancing together and hugs too
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s like solving a sweet mystery
What’s coming next, we don’t know
It’s just beautiful to go with the flow
Creating our own music and lyrics too
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I got tagged by
D... and I have to reveal 10 secrets here. This is going to be tough I'm sure.

1.I'm not a very big secret keeper!Somehow, I feel nothing is BIG enough to be kept to oneself!Anyway, I do keep the ones I promise to keep a secret.

2.I'm a very, very, very jealous person. And thats the only thing I hate about myself.

3.Like all the fellow bloggers, I have a secret wish to write a book. I guess one day it wont be such a secret considering some people ask me to write one everyday!!

4.I had amazing memory. I remembered dates, telephone numbers and names. Since the last few years it has deteriorated. No, I've not grown old. Just that a depressing phase in your life can be life-changing.

5.I type real fast.Thats one great thing when you chat a lot with strangers!!Plus, you can meet your soul mate too :)

6.I love my friends, family and a lot of other people whom I've never told I love them. I wish I was more vocal about my feelings.

7.I can be a big miser and a big spendthrift at the same time.

8.Talking about money, I can get nothing free. If I use a buy 1 get 1 opportunity, chances are, I'll go home and think one of them is not nice. Or maybe, one of them will fade or something. And it happens with just about everything.

9.I can't sleep without hearing the BOY's voice :)

10.My life is an open book. What's on my face is in my heart. I laugh on just about everything and can cry on just about anything!I secretly wish I had more 'attitude'!hehe

Now thats that. I really don't know why anyone would be interested in reading these secrets, but nevertheless this tag makes you think. Although I don't feel lighter. These secrets are not really secrets. Well, if I told you, they wont be secret, right? If you knew me inside out, then whats the fun!
So take this tag, reveal a few secrets here and there. Let your readers read between the lines and add that mystery.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's in a name?

Yeah, right. I guess when Shakespeare wrote this he wasn't thinking straight.

I am in a BIG dilemma. And it's because of my name! From the past 25 years, the name Nisha Punjabi has lived with me. Yes, its a unique name. And, to some, amusing as well.

Over the years it has raised eyebrows (So you're a Punjabi, huh? Nah, I'm a Sindhi. Long story. Just that a few families in my community have kept that surname. Really, why? No reason. Seriously, its a real surname.).
Over the years it has generated quite a few laughs
(Punjabi, hmm? Ok, I'm Ali lucknawi then. Haha, very funny.)
Over the years it has been an amusing topic of discussion between my classmates, friends and the whole wide world.(Punjab ka tempo - this was posted by a few notorious guys on my school van when I was 15!)
Over the years, people have sung songs while calling out my name (You just have to remember a few Sunny Deol numbers to call out to me)

Anyway, it might be amusing to some, but it's very dear to me. It's my identity. A lot of people know me by this. There was a time when I was writing for a local newspaper. I would like to assume some people remember me by this!Now here's the dilemma. After my wedding, I'll have to take the BOY's surname. It's not that I have to, I want to do that too. But if i keep my present name intact and add his name to mine, it would sound something like this:
Nisha Punjabi Takkar

After you finish laughing, you can read ahead! The BOY even translated it - since nisha = night - this name translates to The collision of Punjab(i) in the Night.
The only name that I have heard which is funnier is Ghamandi Lal Meena(It's a real name of a guy whose parents hated him or something!!)I really want people to remember my name. I don't mind them laughing at my face after hearing it.If I'm at a desk with a clerk with a bowed head, he would surely look up to see me! I would be smiling for sure. After all, what's a name that doesn't generate any curiosity! But sadly, everyone doesn't think like me. And so, I might have to depart with Punjabi.

It's really not fair. Can you solve this for me, please?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coffee / Rendezvous with NP!!

Ever wondered why people like the questionnaire kinda tags?

Guess we all secretly wish we were as rich and famous as the Shahrukh Khans of the world and sat in front of Karan Johar/Simi Garewal/Oprah Winfrey and gave an interview! If you say you've never stood in front of the mirror and interviewed yourself, I'd say you're lying.

No matter how many secrets I reveal here, I will never tell you what all have I thought of myself to be while in that 'hot seat'.And no, I won't tell you who i gave credit to my unfathomable success as a ... nah, I can't tell you this either!

So there you go, that's why we love to take tags. Why do people read it if we are not famous? I mean, who would like to read/watch/hear, lets say, a Preeti Jhangiani being interviewed (just randomly!)

I think we are all a fan of each other here and that's what matters. As lessor mortals (!!!) we make ourselves happy and get to know a little more about ourselves or each other. Ah, never mind the logical interpretation, here's a tag I picked from D / CM-Chap's Blog and thought I could use it for a rendezvous with myself. Will anyone give me the famous Coffee Hamper? :)

1) Last movie you saw in a theatre?
Tashan. Let that be it!

2) What book are you reading?
Does Archies qualify?

3) Favorite board game?
As a kid, I always got beaten at Ludo by my cheeky(read: cheater) cousins. Scrabble is good if I'm winning. Monopoly is a good tp.

4) Favorite magazine?
Right now, Bridal Asia :)
Like Marie Claire too.

5) Favorite smells?
I love sporty deo's (men's ofcourse ;))
The smell of wet sand
The way a baby smells after that Johnson n Johnson shower

6) Favorite thing to do in weekend?
Sleeping/Shopping/Chatting on phone/Movies/etc etc etc

7) Worst feeling in the world?
The feeling of helplessness. When you want to do so much, but you cant. And you just cant help it.

8)What is the first thing you think of when u wakeup?
When will I get to sleep again!

9) Favorite fast food place?
There's one in Lucknow - Aryans. I've fond memories. Pizza Hut too.

10) Future child’s name?
Since I might not be able to use it, I'll reveal it here. It's Ishan. If you repeat it, it sounds like Nisha :)

11) Finish this statement --- 'If I had a lot of money'
i'd use half of it to travel and the other half I'd donate. (Now I sound like I'm on Oprah!!)

12) Do you drive fast?
Only when I think the driver behind me is getting irritated!

13) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
In a few months, I will! (shit!!!!)

14) Storms -- Cool or Scary?
Cool. What's there to get scared of?

15) What was your first car?
My red Zen. Oh, I love it.

16) Favorite drink?
Vodka with sprite. Do tequila shots count?

17) Finish this statement --- If i had the time i would...
I'm already doing all I want to do. So, I don't know what to say. (Man, I'm freakishly free and I so don't sound like a celebrity here!)

18) Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
I'm not a very 'stemy' person!

19) If you could dye your hair any other color, what would be your choice?
If it goes in a day, I would love to color it white. Just to see if I'll still look as cute when I'm 80!

20) Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in?
Lucknow. And if it were to me, I would love to live here forever.

21) Favorite sports to watch?

22) One information about the person who sent this to you?
Though she didnt 'send' this to me really, Devanshi, I think, is a mysterious and extremely talented person.

23) What’s under your bed?
Treasure. Thats what my friend said a few days back when I opened it up and showed her my personal diaries and folders with umpteen secrets!!

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again?
I'm happy being what I am. But I guess we should all try to live in others shoes as well! So, I wouldnt mind being someone else.

25) Morning person or night owl?

26) Over easy or sunny side up?
Easy...or so I think!!

27) Favorite place to relax?
Sea shore

28) Favorite pie? question, please.

29) Favorite ice cream flavor?
Im the orange bar types.

30) Of all the people you have tagged, who is the most likely to respond first?

I'd be happy if just about anyone responds to this! At least I'll know if I'm on TV someday, these many people will definitely watch :P !!

Take this tag if you want to. But before you do that, do share your views on why people like tags and why people read them.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Social me!

For the uninitiated, 'Social me' is an application on Facebook. Anyone who is low on self esteem should try it and you are sure to change your mind about yourself.

Nah, I'm not doing any promotion for the website (If I did, will they pay me?I'm ready to ramble on my blog if they would!). Some of the applications suck (ya, now they wont pay me for sure) for they take away the whole essence of a social networking website. I would definitely like to stay in touch with my friends but I just cant open my homepage and see a plethora of invitations to "What kind of Bride will you be?" or "What song are you?" or "What kind of date are you?".

Anyway, coming back to Social Me. This application has kept me entertained for the past two days. I've come across a super hot guy(ya, I told the BOY that and he's fine with it. Bet he's found a super hot girl too.I need to keep checking his account more often now!) and I've also met a very talented person.

More than that, I've received compliments like XYZ think you are "awesome", "sexy", "hot", "cute" *100, "great hairstyle", "smart", "stylish", and the works! Yeah, it seems to me that my degree of narcissism is increasing day by day. But after such compliments can you help it? :)

I know most of these people are faking it just to get my attention (lol!talk about increasing degree of narcissism!) but I would also like to believe that some of them are genuine. I've been faking it too...just to add points to my scorecard. Why I'm doing it I have no clue, it's just a lot of fun.

It's funny how we dig compliments. It's funnier how some people can fake it so easily and take some of the 'innocent' ones like me for a ride. I'm a miser when it comes to saying good things to people but here I've realized that if I'm getting a few in return, I can be pretty generous. Yup, a person with such traits is called 'Mean'!

Nevertheless, the application is a good stress buster. Plus, you get to comment on pics of ugly/cute/silly/hot/sexy guys/girls that you might never be able to do in person. You also get to slap people who offend you in any way. Again, something you might never do face to face.

So way to go people, socialize, entertain yourself, and just in case you see my pic don't forget to tag 'one of the most talented people you've known' :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loyalty Divided!

I watch cricket as much as an average Indian girl (yeah, I still hate the game when I get less attention that 11 men running after the 'ball'!!!) And like a patriotic Indian, I support my team even when they are not doing well (also, I know very little about other teams, just like an average Indian female cricket fan...phew!)

So come tomorrow, I'm in a confused state of mind. Should I support Bangalore that features my teenage heart throb Rahul dravid, has a better advertisement for their team (!!!), has Katrina Kaif and Vijay Mallaya cheering for them or should I support Dhoni who's done pretty well for our team in the past few months?

Or, for that matter, should i support the Hyderabad team thats supposedly very strong and has good chances of winning (remember, I just HATE to lose?!). I'll leave out the Jaipur team for they don't look interesting and anyway, a desert is not my type of destination as well!!I'll leave out Delhi as well and I really have no reason which makes it mediocre and I have no time supporting mediocrity!

Mumbai and Kolkata team looks very glamorous with Hrithik and Shahrukh boogieing for them respectively! Plus they have the likes of Sachin and Ganguly who have been in and out but are the strength of our team anyway.

Hmm, last but not the least is the team of Punjabis with Preity Zinta backing it up. Now I have three reasons to support it - One, my surname is Punjabi and soon it will also mean that I am actually a Punjabi! Two, its supported by the only female behind the IPL. Plus it has Yuvraj Singh and I really like the way he plays. Now those are three very, very strong reasons!

Ah, I hope this tournament is really good and doesnt do any harm to our 'secular' nation. Cricket unites us, and here it might just do the opposite. Apparently IPL says these are "Eight teams, without any players, only warriors" and the ad (I love the ad with the song) says its a Karmayudh. Just hope that every Indian takes it in that spirit and enjoys it 'ball by ball'!!!

Also, lets hope everyone picks their favorite team just the way I did. That way, we'll actually enjoy the series in the spirit its meant to be!

So Kings XI...Chak de phatte!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dimple chin, rosy lips...

I love kids.

I adore the shiver when we hold them when they are just born. Just love the way they hold our fingers when they are a few days old. It's amazing the way they smile when we make funny faces, the way they have that out-of-the-world baby smell, the way they take our name when they have just learnt how to utter mumma,papa and paani, how their little peck on the cheek feels better than a million dollars and how a little hug from them changes entire day.

And I hate kids when they just wont eat, sleep or call out for their mother incessantly! It's surprising how this brings out the most creative side to your personality. Like day before yesterday, I sang nani teri morni ko mor le gaye for more than an hour just so my two-year-old niece could sleep! I am no singer, but boy, I didn't stop till she closed her eyes and started to sing this song in her sleep!!! And you should see our entire family making stories to make her eat - I always thought writers are gifted, but then, it seems to me, everyone is gifted - you just need a kid for inspiration!

It's crazy how these sweethearts laugh on anything and everything. Like when you rub your nose on their stomach! Like when you make silly awkward noises that you wouldn't dare to make in a public place! The best one is peekaboo - they(and you) never get enough of it!

Oh,I just love these small wonders. Especially for the way we are when we are with them, especially the way they change our entire world.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi hai!

I have a love-hate relationship with the festival of Holi. Hate because, after you've had your fun, you have to scrub yourself like never before. Even after that struggle with yourself you end up looking like a monkey (just like I'm looking now. This is one of those rare occasions when I just can't look at myself in the mirror!)

Another reason I hate it a bit is that I see a lot of people around me having a lot of fun, and somehow I cant match it! They dance, have beer, eat, go on a drive, ride bikes, and just seem to be having the best time in their lives. Being a girl, I'm not allowed to ride a bike on a Holi! Not that I know how to ride one, I would like to have the permission at least! Any way, I try to mingle with those who are having the best time. Like those aunties in the park outside my house. They had a dhol and they were all singing holi songs. They were cracking non veg jokes and laughing out loud! It's fun to see timid aunties coming out in the open once in a while!!

And then my brother, he danced on rang barse, it was some entertainment! My bhabhi, she danced like Mithun - unbeatble! Also, our fellow blogger D, did some cute girly moves :)

The reasons I hate Holi somehow become the reasons I love it too. It's a day different from all others. I love how we can color anyone and everyone. I love the unpretentious holi hugs. I love the smile on the faces. i love the fights people have - you want your friend to paint you red, blue and green, you know he will do so ultimately, still the struggle is fun to watch.

As a kid I loved the water balloons. I used to sit on my neighbour's bike, with his 4 other family members, and visit their relatives! I use to buy new clothes for the occasion. It was bliss. And so I love this festival.

I hadn't realised this till today morning. I had a little tiff with my bro followed by an emotional pour out. Suddenly I realized this will be my last Holi in my house. Next year I'll be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else... tears just didn't stop!

My uncle suggested me to live in the moment. Made sense. Makes me realise, if I lived each day like that, my life would be so much happier.

No, I wont get started on that bit! Wish you all a very happy and colorful Holi. If you missed out on it this time, make sure you have a blast next year. Trust me, you wouldn't regret a thing.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Of cheesy lines and falling in love

It was a dull, boring night and I was on my computer with the legendary ICQ showing me online in the system tray.

I got messages from all and sundry and like always I didn't reply.

And suddenly, a guy by the name 'archie' sent me a line that struck me.

archie: hey, will you be my veronica?

rhythm divine: nah, I'm the Betty types.

That was 13th April 2003. I think he found his veronica in me and life has been full of love ever since :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Great Indian Wedding

Since the last 2.5 years and 1 week I've been busy at a best friends wedding (1 week for the ceremonies, approx 2.5 years planning and dreaming with her over hundreds of telephonic chats where we decided about how our wedding will be, relatives, clothes, love life, honeymoon and small things like the first night!!!!)

The adventure has been awesome. I'm surely gonna miss her big time. She's doing what we were planning, so I'll have to find another unmarried best friend who has a committed relationship and similar plans! Unfortunately, all my friends have been through a heartbreak recently...

Hmm, coming back to the TGIW, her sangeet was a small affair with aunties singing old banna banni songs!!!! I had one cheap one to sing too and all had a great laugh! These ladies had some stamina...they sang for 3.5 hours and didn't let us dance. And when we did, it was like a large gathering watching a movie with awe! Although it was different than the usual DJ parties, it did made the mother cry quite a few times.(And me too, for crying to me is a like a reflex action - you cry and I'll cry along with you!)

The best part was the wedding ceremony. (my first night out with my car...just the thought that I could have gone anywhere at night makes me happy! Yeah, thats how protected my life is!) Now a ceremony that was suppose to start at 1, didnt start till 4:30 a.m. The poor bride, all dressed up, wanted to tell them "Its okie, we'll do it some other time!" We did make her laugh a whole lot....but c'mon...whole night is actually a torture. I have a muslim friend who wanted to see a hindu wedding. For the first time in her life she thinks just saying "qubool hai" is wayyyyy better than any other extravaganza!! When the ceremony stared we all wanted to bribe the pandit to let it end in an hour!

Really, why do weddings have to be such a hectic affair? It's a celebration of love and sharing your happiness with people you like...but we still invite relatives of relatives of relatives and make it like a mela. Over and above the stress of thinking how will the stupid son/daughter manage a married life, the parents have to go through an absolute living hell. And no matter how much you do, the cheeni is always kam!! And secondly, why do Indian weddings have to happen at night? I've told the boy, if we cant have a day affair, its gonna be a court marriage for us! I kind of forwarded the idea to my mom, and from her reaction I'm sure it will always remain a dream. I suggested the boy how we can say that we'll just throw a grand party and we'll say that we are donating the rest of the money (which, I thought we actually will!). But then, 'some people' only want to use it as an excuse and not actually do the charity for we are still really poor to donate!!!

Anyways, the wedding ended by 7:30 a.m. after a big drama over the shoes that we stole! And when she went to her in-laws place, there was another ceremony of 5 odd hours awaiting them!!! She cribbed in front of us before it, but then they were told if its not done on the d-day, they'll be separated for another night. So, you know, she sat through it willingly!!!

All is well that ends well, but why does it have to be so torturous? Do you guys have any ideas as to how to convince parents to skip the poojas, mantras, the distant relatives and do what we really like? I like the boy's idea of running away, but I don't have a window without a grill and i doubt I can jump my boundary wall.Can you suggest something my mummy and daddy will like? :) Please....I need help!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Falling out of Love

I don't know what love means. Whether it's caring for someone, understanding someone, being there for someone, looking into someone's eyes and seeing your entire life with him/her or not being able to live without someone - I'm not really sure if love is one of these or a mixture of everything above.

At times it seems like a an emotion that has been used far too easily without the respect it deserves. I've seen friends being crazy about someone, trusting him and then being used. No, my friends weren't stupid - the people they were with were too smart and extremely disgusting. I've seen relationships falling apart for the silliest of reasons. I've seen broken people - just because someone else was selfish enough to break away.

So today, when love seems to be in the air, I wonder how people fall 'out of love'. One day you promise the stars, the next day you say you don't love the other anymore. One day, you want to spend all your 'valentines' with the 'most beautiful person on earth' and your love is 'carved in stone', the next day you can't stand his/her face. One day, you can't live without this person, the next, you can't live without someone else?

Sometimes circumstances and time makes you fall apart. There you have to console yourself and to live your life happily you need to make space. In such cases, there's always a small place in the heart thats left exclusively for that person, but then life moves on, so do you. But how does a person madly in love with someone suddenly falls madly in love with someone else? And I really mean suddenly.

I know there may be hundreds of possible answers to these questions. We've all faced/seen/heard about them sometime or the other. Some would say people change. Some would say, people like change!

But isn't love too special and too beautiful to change so easily?

Ah, love! At one point or the other we all fall in love. And most of us, fall out or are made to fall out too. And we all say, 'Its for the best'. Is it just consoling or is it true?

Hmm, Happy Valentines Day! May you never have to fall out of love and may this always be for the best :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Instant Rejuvenation

What do you do when you want to de stress?

Eat a pizza, go shopping, hang out with friends, get a massage, etc ? - basically everything that involves spending a lottt of money (one of the causes of stress ironically was earning that moolah!)

Surfing the net doesn't work for you end up exploring the secret lives of others and becoming more miserable! Reading a book might make you feel more lonely. Watching a movie isn't recommended unless its NOT a love story (if you're due to a heart break), it's not a scary movie (can add to the already existing sleeplessness), it's not an action flick (a bigger headache I guess) and i'ts not one of the Sooraj Barjatia's shaadi drama full of rona dhona!

So what should you do to feel good - something thats cheap and good?

I suggest, go to a goood hairstylist, get a gooood haircut and look absolutelyyy different!Trust me it works - I got it today and I can't help but look into the mirror every half an hour! Girly traits, I know, but I really don't care! Actually that's the reason this therapy works - It diverts your attention from 'trivial' issues, you get compliments and you get a reason to start afresh.

However, it wont work on guys. For, no matter how much they try, their hair always looks the same. Unless they are planning to shave it all off!
Also, make sure its a good hair stylist, it can end up becoming a vicious cycle otherwise!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Realisation

Recently I've been discovering a new side to me. Ironically, through facebook!

If you haven't checked out the scrabulous application, then u must do it as soon as possible for they are going to remove it soon. I know there are several online options available, but it's a different high to play on that.

Anyways, I've won 2 games and lost 1. I'm sure had I played 'on board' I would have lost the first two as well. But the interesting thing is when I was losing it, I became all cranky and irritable! I started screaming on the boy (yeah, he was winning, doesn't know his vowels from his consonants im!). I started calling him names and how he is cheating and using all the opportunities I'm giving him. Although I did the same thing with the other person, yet I hated it when it happened to me.

Then he tells me, "Tell me what you've got, and I'll tell you a better word". And sweeter still was when he said, 'Ok, I'll play your game and you play mine from now." As sweet as it may sound,(and that proves how much I was screaming!!) it makes me feel guilty. I'm sure everyone likes to win, but with a loved one, shouldn't the case be different?

A similar thing happens when I'm at work. I want to share responsibilities with my friends, but I need to win there too. I need to do get the best assignment, the best client, the best candidates and the best opportunities! If anything goes wrong I sulk. Thankfully, my friends don't know of this as yet.

Not that I'm a perfectionist, but I guess I'm getting there. I hate perfectionists for they are so rigid!

Finally, through this post I've realized that I have double standards of the highesttttttttttt degree!!!!! (and I will never admit that!)

Enough about me, so did you lose to scrabulous today? Maybe I can play with you then! :D

Great Reco

Wrote this piece on Bindaasdaily today, I think the recommendation is really cool. I fiddled with my pics on orkut and trust me, catches a lot of attention! Check it out:

I've not been writing much...hope to get on track soon.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee keep coming back! :D

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008!

If life's been tough, begin it on a clean slate
If the present isn't thrilling enough, go on a blind date!
If nothing is in your hands, just leave it on fate
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

Go get sloshed, its a free state
Grab a chocolate, don't worry about your weight
Do something new, just don't always think straight
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

Think you're the best, think you as You The Great
Wait for it to happen, even if its late
Life's a roller coaster ride, enjoy this state
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

*** i love writing poems with rhyming words!!! Happy new year fellow bloggers...may this year we never have a writers block!!!