Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diminishing Creativity

I was looking at my old email accounts after ages. Those were the days of hotmail, yahoo and rediffmail. Since this gmail has overtaken, all my old accounts are just filled with spam.

What's more amusing is the fact that the older I have grown, the less creative I have become. All my latest accounts have my name in them! The older email read "cute_enigma"! Imagine the hardwork that must have gone into creating that email account. The next one was "nisha_scorpion". I should have guessed that I would be moving to "nisha.punjabi" very soon.
Oh, and I totally forgot about the deleted email id's I had - "theme_for_a_dream" and "rhythm divine"!

Where are the creative names dude? I miss "dollface_xyz", "sugarspice1984", "crazygal4u", "dolly2cool", "coolnutcase"...

Maybe the fun names have already been taken and only the boring real names are left now. Lets get creative... what do you think about... hmm... man.. I can't think beyond "heroine.housewife".


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Mommies!

No, this isn't about teen pregnancy or anything close to it. It's about my friends embracing motherhood.

It is surreal, hard to believe that people I grew up with have little people growing inside them! The little girls in pony-tails and short skirts who worried about grades and were teachers pet now worry about diapers and future of their kids. When and how did we grow so old!?

My mom once said that once you have kids your life is totally dedicated to them. First you worry about their school, then teenage, career, wedding, then grand kids... phew! Yet when a child is born, the happiness that surrounds him doesn't reflect even a hint of fear that the kid brings with him. The parents just fall immensely in love with the baby and life goes on. I'm sure they have their moments of anxiety and doubt, but it really doesn't over-power the insane love towards the baby.

Yes, insane! I've seen young mothers run after their kids for hours. One meal takes about 2 hours. So you can imagine the kind of time 3-4 meals a day take. Yet beyond everyday frustration, love glows brighter! And it is hard to believe.

Maybe till you don't have a kid you won't understand the feeling. I'm glad my little girls have been blessed with such a divine feeling. As for me, I call Godmother!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The last few weeks have been big for the world. In one part of the universe, there was a fairytale wedding that wasted millions of tax-payers money. In another part, a bad guy was murdered(or not) resulting in varied reactions. And while all this was happening, a few brave citizens held their ground and challenged their national leaders to give them well-deserved freedom.

In other news, gold and silver prices went soaring. Right from the daughter to the mother-in-law calculated their net assets! Another website was able to lure the middle class into investing their hard earned money into a ponsy scheme that promises some 400% return in a year. Yes, speakasia. Again, right from the daughter to the mother-in-law was fascinated.

A friend was asked to take a 2-month unpaid leave that left her devastated. Another friend at a much higher level was sacked. The middle eastern crisis has left many with unknown future.

Some normal people discussed these latest happenings, ate, drank and had a good sleep. They planned about the next weekend, spent some moolah at the newest sale and vowed to lose some weight.

I admire these people. Infact I'm one of them. As the world becomes a more challenging place to live in, it's important to take these events by your stride and move on. Be it the job market, the political conditions across the globe, even the air we breathe, everything is becoming a challenge. If you watch the news regularly, the euphoric world cup triumph is a once in a blue moon phenomenon.

Watch the legendary Barney Stinson, try to develop some interest in the boring IPL this year, celebrate mothers day and plan a good vacation, those are four ways to get out of these difficult times. Go figure some other ways and let me know!

Hmmm, I miss the 20th century when life was easier and we found happiness in simpler things.