Awards and Accolades

This page highlights a few humble accomplishments in the written world through this blog and otherwise.


My most precious win has been for a story - The Race - which was published by Children's Book Trust in 2001 and later added by SCERT, Kerela in their 9th standard English Textbook in 2016. (The SCERT link keeps changing every year depending on the syllabus)


Below are few of my blog posts that have won me vouchers and gadgets over the years:

From Lufthansa/Indiblogger



From CaratLane/Blogadda



Indiblogger and Dove
Blogadda and Gillette
Blogadda and Makemyhome

Blogadda - Gillette's Shave or Crave

                            E - Baby Shower!


  1. Anonymous3/23/2021

    Mam,i had red your story 'The race'.It is very inspiring and motivating,Thankyou

  2. Dear Ms Nisha, I read The Race in my son's 9th text book. It is so inspiring. I admired the text book committee, while reading it, for their selection. And please accept my accolades to you, for your great way of telling the story with no metaphors, parables.... Not even any un familiar words. Kind of touching original blood, the real earth, the true life... Congratulations. Thank you.

    1. It is an honour Mr. Prakash to have that story appreciated. Our kids need to learn resilience from the very start and I hope that 'The Race' makes them stronger in some way.

  3. Yes, of course.... Ms.Nisha


Your sweetness makes my day. Gentle criticism will be taken in the right spirit too :)