Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luxury v/s things money can't buy

My husband changed his job recently and owing to a mammoth HRA, we moved into a bigger, better house. The apartment is complete bliss with huge rooms, kitchen, and the works. (My friends saw the pictures and called it a fancy hotel lookalike but whatever!)

My last apartment was very small and the furniture was not done very tastefully (it was a fully-furnished apartment). But that didn’t seem to matter. I had very loving neighbours, some 40 places to eat downstairs, a grocery store in the building and a supermarket across the street. The place was transformed into a party on weekends with the street full with tourists (read: Saudi’s who don’t get to do ‘stuff’ in their own country!)

So here I am, wondering if life is better now or its was happier then? The last house was cozy and comfortable and I had no issues. Except when the guests pondered why we chose to live in it! You know, until you don’t live in that house you won’t understand the importance of a good neighbourhood and a lively street.

I didn’t choose this house for the guests either. I love it. But I don’t know the neighbours and there is no place to eat downstairs. Although my old house is only half a mile from here, but in the desert heat and Bahrain roads which are not meant for pedestrians, it’s impossible to meet my friends every day.

When life gives you luxury, you miss the smaller things in the world. When luxury doesn’t come easy, you wish for the moon! Will we ever be happy?

P.S. I’m showing off a part of the house because that’s the only thing that’s making me happy these days!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please hear what I’m not saying

I wear a dark mascara, I wear Jimmy Choos
I drool over Chanel, I have a collection of a million shoes
I wear a confidence that only a few can muster
If I have to get there, I tend to get there faster.
But try to see the lines embedded beneath that eye
The soreness that comes, when the heel gets high.
I don’t do it all for me, I am sometimes suffering
Will you please hear what I’m not saying?

I am ruthless, I have broken all rules
I am just perfect, never have those blues.
I eat mutton on Tuesday, Temples are not for me
Feminism, AIDS, oh, I care a damn about child literacy.
But did you hear I make kind gestures to the poorest stranger
I want to sponsor a girl child, want to help her like a mother
Every night before sleeping, you’ll see me praying
But you can’t for its silent…Please hear what I’m not saying.

If I crack silly jokes, it doesn’t mean I have a non-existent IQ
If I act like a teenager, it doesn’t mean I haven’t grown up like you.
No, I won't drop the act 'coz I like it that way
And I don't want your sympathy, don't think too much after this essay.
Just be aware of the mask, 'coz like you most of the time I’m playing
Like you, I need to be heard, but first, Please hear what I’m not saying.

Inspired by this

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dogs and Bitches

Warning: Teenage girly post ahead!

If I act like a bitch and pull my friends leg, does that mean I'm watching too many sitcoms? I mean, it was my friend who called another friend a damp squib, I just agreed, so it wasn't really me!

Like I have mentioned before, me and 3 of my other school/college/forever/best friends write mails to each other every few days. We might not speak on phone for weeks, but we sure know how long our flicks are.
So one of them recently had a break-up (yes we were over this phase eons ago but some girls are still in the process, sorry RC!). And this break-up kid has been all over our mails recently showing more signs of PMS than ever before. So she just cried a bit over one mail and YS asked her to take a ‘deep breath’. I just generally asked if she did ‘take a deep breath, relaxed, and spent time with herself because she deserved it’. Why the hell I become a bitch when I just repeat what YS says!?

Then there is PS. She's missing attention. You know, for a long time we were hunting guys for her. Yes, WE! She use to tell us a name that her mother use to hunt from millions of 'suitable' bachelors, we use to google him, check his salary status on LinkedIN and his social status on Facebook. Most guys have their walls out in the open. Some even have their tattoo studded photo albums. Yes, we chose the tattoo guy. We ‘eewed’ initially, enjoyed the way he interacted over his status messages, thought he looked cute in his profile pics and finally we were content. (Wow, love the way arrange marriages are fixed these days!) But for a long time PS use to date random people, exchange mails, talk on phone and then reject or get rejected.
When she got married we thought we were over her, but she's back with her new job, her marital problems and how her hubby keeps getting foreign trips from office. Now I don’t know of any company that sends their kids to Spain and Mauritius just within a span of 3 months, but whatever! So RC snatched attention, didn’t acknowledge her smallish pain(as compared to a break-up) and called PS a damp squib who needed to get off her husband's case, bitch! WHO WATCHES MORE SITCOMS AND SPENDS MORE TIME ON REDDIT NOW!?

And then there is our adorable housewife YS. Her problems start from food and end at lingerie! There are many more problems, but I would keep them for a more serious day. Her hubby also gets a lot of foreign trips, but sadly she cannot accompany him on all. Damn you, visa and allowance.
She’s a sweetheart; I can’t accuse her for being a bitch. Hmmm!

After all the mess men create in our lives, there comes Pyar ka Punchnama and songs like ‘Ban gaya kutta…’. We are nice girls who just want some love and warmth. And then they say ‘The dog in the hutch ad has to be a Bitch, you know, wherever you go we follow…’. We do leave you alone and cry on our friends virtual shoulders through such mails! Imagine the pettiness. We don’t deserve movies like that.

Seriously, after watching PKP, the moment I order, oops, request, my husband to even move a glass, he starts humming ‘ban gaya kutta..’. We lived with ‘Men are dogs’ for our entire lives, but we didn’t expect them to become so offended suddenly! C’mon Boy, stop this song NOW!
Girls, never watch this movie with your GUY, you’ll be a bitch for the rest of your life and he won’t be a dog anymore!

Watch 5 minutes of it here and you will be assured of this!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

When all you know about...

...F1 is Michael Schumacher and Grand Prix is pronounced in a very complex manner.

...Tennis is something called 'love', Sania and her wedding, Nadal, Federer, a few other names.

...Football is Barcelona.

...Hockey is the national game of India.

...Basketball is Michael Jordan (right? Makes me wonder people with the name Michael can make it big? Schumacher, Jordan, Jackson,...)

...Baseball is home run. (I'm reminded of some nintendo game, was fun!)

...Golf is Tiger Woods and his affairs!

...Boxing is Mike Tyson (that's also because of Hangover 2.)

...Rugby. (just remember Ross playing it for his Brit girlfriend in FRIENDS!).

I feel like a dumbass while reading about these online. Cricket is a religion but the other games...Ah, I don't even want to make an effort!