Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Realisation

Recently I've been discovering a new side to me. Ironically, through facebook!

If you haven't checked out the scrabulous application, then u must do it as soon as possible for they are going to remove it soon. I know there are several online options available, but it's a different high to play on that.

Anyways, I've won 2 games and lost 1. I'm sure had I played 'on board' I would have lost the first two as well. But the interesting thing is when I was losing it, I became all cranky and irritable! I started screaming on the boy (yeah, he was winning, doesn't know his vowels from his consonants im!). I started calling him names and how he is cheating and using all the opportunities I'm giving him. Although I did the same thing with the other person, yet I hated it when it happened to me.

Then he tells me, "Tell me what you've got, and I'll tell you a better word". And sweeter still was when he said, 'Ok, I'll play your game and you play mine from now." As sweet as it may sound,(and that proves how much I was screaming!!) it makes me feel guilty. I'm sure everyone likes to win, but with a loved one, shouldn't the case be different?

A similar thing happens when I'm at work. I want to share responsibilities with my friends, but I need to win there too. I need to do get the best assignment, the best client, the best candidates and the best opportunities! If anything goes wrong I sulk. Thankfully, my friends don't know of this as yet.

Not that I'm a perfectionist, but I guess I'm getting there. I hate perfectionists for they are so rigid!

Finally, through this post I've realized that I have double standards of the highesttttttttttt degree!!!!! (and I will never admit that!)

Enough about me, so did you lose to scrabulous today? Maybe I can play with you then! :D

Great Reco

Wrote this piece on Bindaasdaily today, I think the recommendation is really cool. I fiddled with my pics on orkut and trust me, catches a lot of attention! Check it out:

I've not been writing much...hope to get on track soon.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee keep coming back! :D

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008!

If life's been tough, begin it on a clean slate
If the present isn't thrilling enough, go on a blind date!
If nothing is in your hands, just leave it on fate
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

Go get sloshed, its a free state
Grab a chocolate, don't worry about your weight
Do something new, just don't always think straight
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

Think you're the best, think you as You The Great
Wait for it to happen, even if its late
Life's a roller coaster ride, enjoy this state
Wish you a very happy...Two thousand and EIGHT!

*** i love writing poems with rhyming words!!! Happy new year fellow bloggers...may this year we never have a writers block!!!