Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie Review - Agneepath

I’m a stickler for love stories. Romance, comedy and drama pull me towards a movie. Wherever there is dhishum-dhishum, I tend to stay away. Yeah, I love to see the world through my rose colored glasses!

So, Agneepath was never on my list. We were bored, walked in a mall for half an hour and decided to just watch the movie.

The story grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I had goose bumps in soo many scenes. All the characters were brilliant in their performance. After Godfather, this is the first thriller I enjoyed so much.

Agneepath is 2012’s first must-watch!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1999 – A Love Story that can color you Green with Jealousy!

We were taking the long stairs to our class as our ponytails swayed left and right. They always told us to climb away from the railing for there were naughty boys always looking up under our short, oh-we-are-17 skirts! Disgusting.

Y: Do you like people with boyfriends?
Me: It’s a personal choice. I really don’t care. Whyyyyy?
Y: *Blushes*
Me: Really? Who? When?
Y: We cannot tell anyone else. He has a reputation in school.
What does reputation in school has got to do with having a girlfriend? Badnaami...haww!!
Me: Bataooo...tell me all!
After hearing the whole tale where the Kinetic Honda wriggled when he proposed, I told her if you ever have kids they will look like Dalmatians. You know, she was all white, and he, not-so-much.
Yep, we thought of kids even if we had the smallest crush. Sometimes we named them too!

2004, A phone rings. She was howling.
Me: What happened?
Y: He’s breaking up with me.
Me: Why? Wait, I’ll come over.
Y: *howls*
Me: Don’t cry ya. Tell me what happened?
After many swollen eyed sessions of ‘you’ll find someone better’ and ‘that jerk’, all became well in paradise! After all, here he had this sweetheart. And there was a big shortage of girls in IIT!

2009, A phone rings. She was mad
Y: Why can’t you come?
Me:*Don’t know what to say. Guilty,very guilty*
Y: I can’t imagine my wedding without you.
Me: I know. I really want to come, but I need to come back with my husband otherwise I’ll have to attend a wedding with my in-laws.
Seriously, I had got married in December, stayed without the hubby till June due to damn visa issues, visited my hometown again in August and October; I was in no position to attend another friend’s wedding in my maika! Although the guilt will remain forever, I still can’t figure out how I would have managed.
Y:*about to howl*
Me: You’ll be on my mind all the time. You’ll tell me all na?

January 2012, a phone rings. I disconnect it. She messages on Gtalk.
Y: You there?
Me: Ya, just waking up.
Y: Call me. Need to talk.
Me: Need to rush somewhere. Will take a quick shower and call you back.
All through the shower I knew what it was.

Me: Is it what I think it is?
Y: You one track mind.
Me: Acha, batao. Kya hua?
Y: Ummm, I need to ask you something.
Me: what?
Y: Ummm. I’m pregnant
Uncontrolled laughter for 5 minutes! Our entire lives flashed before my eyes. The staircase, their dating days, the difficult times, the mushy times, the many visits to IIT, the accident, the engagement, the accident after the engagement, the wedding I couldn’t attend, everything.
Me: All this while I was asking you if you were ‘down’ yet! And by the way, you were travelling around that time, right? Tell me ALL!

So, that’s life from the 17th to the 30th year of our lives. I can’t imagine my chaddi buddies making ponytails or running around little boys. But yes, I can imagine myself spoiling all the kids around me. Watch out for that my sweetiesss!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The time is Now!

In the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, Robin goes Live on television to bring in the New Year. She says that no matter what we’ve been through, New Year gives us all an opportunity to rethink our lives and start afresh. Although the series has turned boring and doesn’t interest me anymore, I have taken this statement of hers literally.

I don’t want to write another post on failure and disgust. I don’t want to brood anymore. I am not the person I’m seeing on this blog. I even wanted to discontinue this space and start afresh elsewhere. What I was writing bored me as well. I just didn’t do it because there are so many old posts that are close to my heart and I can’t let them go.

I always thought being content in life was the biggest gift. It infused positivity and happiness. I was content with life. I still am with a lot of things I am blessed with. No, I won’t dig into details and say what I’m not content with. That is exactly what I don’t want to do, at least here. I don’t want to talk about problems; I’m more into solutions and how to go about solving issues.

I have a plan and I’m going to stick to it. I’ll punish myself if I don’t. And don’t even ask me the kind of rewards I’ve planned for myself if I succeed! The repulsion I was feeling with myself in the last few weeks is slowly disappearing. I was my favourite (Yes, yes, that is Kareena Kapoor’s line) and I think, I think I am going to be my preferred choice again!

P.S. New Year does give you new opportunity. If there’s something you’ve been waiting to do all your life, this IS the right time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Legacy Brick

If there was a museum where you could leave a legacy brick, what would it say? Something that you believed in, something you always wanted to achieve, or a message for someone you loved dearly? Think! The rule is to make a message of 42 characters (including space and special characters). There should be three lines with 14 characters each.
This exercise was taken from here

I thought and thought, and this is what I thought:

what will THEY
say,NEVER ever
think that way

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Year of Doom Begins with a Rumor!

Did you turn into a stone last night? Heck, how would I know? Those who are made of rock can’t read or type comments!

Rumor has it; people who slept through last night in Lucknow have turned into stone. The power of satellites helped folks inform each other and stay up till late, lest they will turn into a boulder or a pebble, depending upon their size. (The last one is my addition to the rumor!)
Is this the beginning of rumors in the year of doom? Today there are stones, tomorrow there will be fire, day after, I don’t know, ringtones killing mankind!?

If it was all true, should we take massive loans and head for vacations? Should we start calling up people and bid a final adieu? Should we forgive and forget and have an attitude of gratitude towards everything we’ve done and everyone we’ve met? Should we think of the '10 things to do before dying?'

If it was all true and we were to follow the dreadful Mayan calendar, we should really start living it. Assuming we are all believers and therefore, start living each moment, imagine what an awesome year this will be.

C’mon people, the world’s gonna end in 2012, LIVE IT!!

P.S. The only living person in Lucknow who has actually turned into a stone with a Gucci bag is:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Greedy me in 2012

This Year I want…

…to find determination

…to find a way to fight thoughts that are irrelevant

…to smile more than ever before

…to gain more clarity over the future

…to lose at least 4 kilos and look super hawt!!!

I want oodles of happiness, a healthy body and if possible, a load-full of wealth. And if God is listening, I want it today and I want it every year! Since God IS listening, Thankyou God for everything :D