Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Old is gold

We had our annual alumni meet this week. One of the most amazing feeling in this world is to meet someone you cherished being with after a long time...and i felt equally elated.

Although it has not been a very long time since we parted, but the outpour of emotions after our farewell party seriously said a whole lot about our 2 year stint together. Guess when you do a professional course you fight a whole lot during projects, but the bond that you share becomes strong as well.

So there were people who had taken off from their work months back because they wanted to be here. Some took great pains just to meet old friends and relive those beautiful moments. It's such a pleasure when you are studying - no pressure, no stress. Although we always feel stressed out when exams take a huge toll, but aren't they way better than meeting a deadline in office? You bet.

I don't know when I will meet these friends again. It is strange how we keep meeting new people everyday, sharing our lives with them and how our path changes. Some leave great impressions in our memory and we cherish them for a lifetime. Strange how when we are living those moments we feel we cant live without these people and yet as time passes, new people replace them. And then when we meet them, we desperately look for that bond. Sometimes its there. And sometimes, we just fail to imagine how the person has changed. Isn't it strange how we never think we have changed too?

Hmm...wish I could keep everyone I love close to me always, wish I could keep them the way they are!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Do you believe in signs?

I have spent the entire day in doing things that I was not suppose to do. How do I know I was not suppose to do? Well, I think I saw some signs!

First, I lost some money in online trading. Although the loss wasn't big, but a loss is a loss anyway! Then I was told that updating my phone's software will make it faster. I tried. But USB malfunctioned and now I'll have to give it to silly nokia care who will do I-donno-what with my darling phone.

Anyways, whenever I was about to do the two things that have taken a lot of my time,I went through a lot of inconvenience (I canceled my online orders 3-4 times before actually buying. And the software updater took 2 hours to load and had to be installed 4 times after it started working!And no, I'm not technologically challenged!) I don't know how, but since the last few days I have started seeing inconvenience as a sign not to do a certain thing. Last time thankfully my negative feelings were not met by unfortunate consequences, this time they have!

I wont call them extreme disasters, but it does raise a lot of confusion in my mind. All my life I have followed the maxim 'try try until you succeed'. I hardly ever give up till I accomplish my aim. So when such a situation occurs, should I try or should I give in to the negativity?

I'm not superstitious as well. I try to induce logic in everything I do. Yet I fail to understand these feelings. I believe in God's plan. I believe we are 'puppets', however silly that may sound!Probably thats the reason such questions arise.

Do you believe in signs? What do you do when you face some?

Till today, I try harder. Whatever will be, will be!