Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Reveiw - Ra.One

I’m not a Shahrukh fan. I’m not a superhero fan. I’m just a Bollywood fan but from now on, I’ll neither trust Mr. Khan nor any superhero made in India. is a complete disaster. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the movie is worth praising. After a while even Kareena’s glowing skin couldn’t make up for the damage.

I went with another couple with a five year old kid. The kid was crying the entire time seeing the horrific and hearing the blaring sound. The movie is not for adults and from the little girl's reaction, certainly not for kids!

I don’t have the patience to recollect the torture and write here. Please don’t waste your time and energy. Go to a restaurant, sit outside, enjoy the lovely weather, have tea/beer/sheesha, and thank God for being spared!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thought for the Day

Facebook and Blogging give us a star status. People lurk, read posts, see pictures, know about my life, but divulge nothing about themselves.

Do I want to talk to my ‘fans’ and find out what's going on in their lives too?

Yes, I do!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Best Quarter of the Year

I don’t live in India, but I can still hear the dandiya sticks and picture the vibrant ghagharas. That’s the effect October has on you. Navratri, Dussehra, Karwachauth, Diwali, and plenty of birthdays add to probably the best month of the year. Really, how do we have maximum birthdays in October? (Is it something to do with February and Fertility!?)

October marks the Boy’s birthday as well. He’s never enthusiastic about it, but I am! It marks our first meeting anniversary when the Boy, after chatting online for 1.5 years, came down to my hometown by train for 2 days just to meet me. It marks our love anniversary when he went back home and finally proposed (because before that I acted like a total bitch!). For the Boy, it’s probably the worst quarter of the year since he has to remember so many dates (which, he never does!).

That's the Rangoli I made last year :)

November brings with it the best weather, when it’s neither too cold nor too hot. It brings with it bajre ki roti and sarson ka saag, gajar ka halwa, sweet rabdi, and an urge to eat lots without any guilt. It brings with it a whole new wardrobe and cosy blankets. Everything that makes you look oh-so-cute!

November is about my birthday and I’m always very excited. I hate the fact that I’m growing up, but I love the fact that I have loved each year of my life. November gives me a sense of contentment and gratefulness.
This year November will also bring the much awaited India trip. It will be 7 months to our last visit home and I'm dying to see my family. My brother will have a second baby and I can’t wait to see him smile with his eyes closed (people say they dream about their past life and smile. Yeah, LOL moment!). After my niece, this one will be the second love of my life and so the excitement is expected.

Yeah, will be turning 29, for the first time!

December makes you nostalgic about the year gone by. I always end up thinking how I should have utilised my time more efficiently and therefore, resolve to make the next one more productive. But like all resolutions, this one has no future as well.

December will bring us our wedding anniversary, third one this year. Everyone will want a chubby baby now, you know, kab kar rahi ho?! Such discussions make me most uncomfortable and I feel like running away. It’s supposed to be a happy occasion, but the pressure makes it a difficult one. Why can't some people have kids and others just have a happy life!? The only reason I would want one is to see how the baby will look like, since both of us are so cute looking!
And that’s how the year would end, with Narcissism spelt with a capital N!