Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slow and Steady wins the Race

I was quite young when I was introduced to Readers Digest. Every month I use to look forward to reading stories of hope, happiness and encouragement. More than those, I use to look forward to reading quotes. Even in the newspaper, my favourite thing use to be inspiring thoughts that made a mark in my head.

I don’t know if it was those quotes, or my family who never gave up, or my friends who were always by my side to constantly cheer me up, or some genes that I was lucky to get – I never stopped trying. Right from the start I was this exuberant little girl who pushed a tad harder every time she failed. I was always afraid of falling like a normal human being, but in my heart I knew that if I failed, I would get up and start again.

I went through certain things that take away your childhood from you, but for some reason I didn't feel bad about it as much as some kids do. At 12, Readers Digest had told me: Every person you meet is fighting a harder battle. At 15, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul let me know that it was okay to wear a mask. Times of India constantly reminded me to never give up. Sometimes I would lose hope and feel terribly weak, but the Speaking Tree notes on my desk would make me feel grateful for a thousand things I had.

I realise today how important these notes were. Some are stuck in my diary, others are etched in my mind. More importantly, most are visible in my attitude.

We all have to live with the cards life deals to us. They make us the people we are – sore losers or glorious winners. In the end, it all comes down to how grateful you are for what you have rather than sulking on something which was never meant to be yours. Effort – some Pain some Gain – Acceptance - Gratefulness – Effort: that’s the cycle I’ve been following always not because I don’t have a choice to give up but only because I believe in never stop trying.

I may never win; who does really? What I want my tombstone to read is that I never stopped trying, that I was always smiling, that I was the most grateful person that ever lived.

A small victory transpired this post. I took up a challenge and completed it with utmost dignity and perseverance. I feel extremely proud at the person I have grown into. The challenge was emotionally and physically daunting but I did it. There are a million things to learn from it.  Today I want to celebrate that victory and be thankful for the chances that life presents. I'm never going to let this wonderful life down.

Monday, January 23, 2017

High on Life

The other day, the weather was fabulous in Bahrain. When I looked out of my window, I felt like it was a crime to sit indoors. Being a weekend, I pushed the Boy to go out for breakfast. I was not eating because of a diet which I will talk about soon, yet I enjoyed every single moment of it.

After breakfast I asked him for a drive. When we got back, the gloom set in again and so I asked a few friends if they had plans for lunch. I again pushed the Boy to go out for lunch. I had tea, yet I loved every single moment of it.

And then I asked for a drive again.

Sometimes I get so excited, it is creepy. Every single atom in my body is like a living version of Mithun in his white pants jumping to the tunes of some silly song which I can't seem to remember.

The day was not over yet. I pushed the Boy yet again to go a see a new flat for rent that we've been eying. The flat was gorgeous. I came back and got super excited about that. I looked for different things online concerning the flat. I tried to convince another friend to move to the same building. I did everything except, ofcourse, jump out from my comfortable couch!

Being excited, planned and overly optimistic are the three things I take immense pride in. They define me as a person. Somehow I see very less of it around me. People are more gloomy and subdued. I mean a drop of rain in a desert is worth taking out your pom-poms, right? Just sitting out and having tea is not enough!

I don't know if life is shamelessly short or unbearably long. I don't know if my excitement becomes a pain for someone. I like being crazy. That's the exact way of living life according to me. I want to behave like I've just had five shots of tequilla and have no care in the world. Trust me, there is no other way to live.

I end on this short note. Blogging is not on my priority list these days. I've been doing a whole lot that keeps me occupied. I wish to be back soon, with life as I never knew before. 2017 is shining like a Salman Khan's blockbuster on the first weekend. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Celebrating New Year's

When I was a teenager, my New Year's eve celebration was simple: I would make my favourite cheese on toast, sit in front of the television, and ring in the New Year. My mum and dad slept in early as always. My elder brother partied with his friends. And me, I would celebrate in my own sweet way.

Then I grew up and was cool enough to accompany my brother to parties. He took me with him and I would have sips of alcohol from his glass. My friends still had restrictions, so I celebrated with his friends. They became my buddies and that was fun as well.

Things changed after marriage. Our first new year was a boring one since my in-laws had to shift to a new city on that day. We slept in at our neighbor's house but made *private* special memories! After that we moved to Bahrain. I remember each new year celebration distinctively after that. I also have my favourite ones. I also know that if I would have not celebrated, I would have regretted it.

They say that New Year is hyped up. I love this hype. If we don't put pressure on ourselves to make occasions fun, atleast the world is putting some force. Imagine following the same routine day after day, how boring life would become.

Some argue that not everyone has someone to celebrate this occasion with. Well, this gives you all the more reason to spice up your life. You could have a friend, a sibling, a partner, a neighbour, even your employee, your servant, anyone. There are millions out there who would love your company, you just have to find them.

I don't have any qualms regarding celebrating at home or outside. Though I prefer clubbing, I totally understand if someone is more comfortable at home. I've had so much fun going to clubs, dancing, drinking and following the countdown that I wouldn't want to trade them for house parties. I do that often on weekend basis, then why not go out if I can when every restaurant/pub/club in town has made special arrangements to celebrate?

I believe in celebrating each and every special occasion that comes by. I like the hype. I also create the hype. I buy new clothes, I dress up well, I start looking at deals early on, I ask friends for company, the works. I wouldn't mind celebrating each weekend like this, but we don't do that, do we? Then why not this.

So if you didn't celebrate any special occasion this year in the grandest way possible for you, you're not celebrating this beautiful life God has created for you. Show your gratitude by being joyous. Find your happiness and celebrate. Life's short my friend, but you can make memories and make it longer than it seems to be!

Happy New Year, everyone!