Monday, July 25, 2011

What Women Wear

We love to look good. There’s no doubt about that. We dig compliments. Even if we’re at our worst, we would want someone to come up and say how cute we look.

But we don’t necessarily like the process of looking good. At least I don’t. Most of the time I want to wear my jeans and tee… the most comfy tee… but nooo… that’s not the norm!
Imagine who would want to wear a Jumpsuit when you know you are going to be sloshed at the end of the party? The garment is cute alright, but when you do have to relieve yourself, you need to take it all off! And the high heels that you have to – have to wear with them, just don’t get me started on them.

When I bought my first short dress I was dying to show it off. After wearing it I was not thrilled. I had to climb an SUV and there is no way I could climb with one leg up and the other down. Yes, yes there is a technique to it. But wouldn’t it be easier to wear jeans and apply no new technique to something as simple as climbing a car!

I’m planning a trip to Paris this August. When I check the forums on ‘what to wear’, the locals seem to believe that tourists in shorts look funny. Now, I would want to be my comfy best in shorts or jeans when I go for a holiday. My husband doesn’t even wear his leather shoes on weekends ‘coz he considers them ‘work’! How can you expect us to wear an evening gown and a formal jacket for a Moulin Rouge in Paris? Should we change our destination?

Well, that’s another topic altogether. Imagine the torture women have to go through when they have to put on make-up. First consider the hour given to the right base, shadow, rouge, mascara, kohl, liner, lipstic, powder, and blah. Then consider a slight smudge and the process of rubbing it off. After that comes the constant going to the washroom to keep it nice and shiny! Women in the Middle East literally live in the washroom of public places just to brush up their eye-shadow constantly.

And it doesn’t end with that. We need to remove it before we sleep and apply proper moisturizer so that our skin is soft and smooth for its next trip to the vanity box. We do all that and then you forget to compliment us, how could you?

If it were to me, I would have only jeans and tees in my cupboard, walking shoes in my drawer and a gloss in my purse. And if you didn’t compliment me how cute I looked just in that, you know the drill I’ll have to go through. Just remember your kindest words even when you see me with yoghurt on my hair and besan on my face, would you?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Review - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Three childhood friends. Guys. A road trip. Hilarious. Absolutely stunning chick as a diving instructor. Romance depicted as never before. Lessons from life explained in the form of beautiful Shayari. Breathtaking views. Powerful perfomances. Emotional sequences shown but not stretched. Love, Life and Friendship.

While Delhi Belly was great off-beat cinema, ZNMD is good old Bollywood movie with all the ingredients perfectly blended to cater the intelligent audience.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a must, must watch. Loved it :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

At the Battleground

Everyone is fighting a harder battle, I know. Maybe thats what keeps me going on. I see others having issues which are more difficult to handle. Sometimes, I see people handling those issues like they were the worst ones. The latter is a sad case.

But what do you do when you try, fall. You try again, you fall. You try once more, you fall yet again? What choice do you have than to try again? Either you crib, cry and say that you are God's step child. Or you cry, get up and say, God is testing you. If you just keep crying you are giving yourself no other choice but to fail. If you try again, there is a slight chance that you will win this time around.

What if you convince yourself to try for the last time and you fail? Do you blame it on destiny or do you go hiding till you are ready to come out again?

Well, I've tried. I've tried several times. Not because I love to try and fail. But because I have no choice. I try with 100% enthusiasm. So far, I've always failed.

And to be frank, I have no hopes of succeeding. Yet I try hoping to succeed. All I hope sometimes is He is watching and would never let me fail completely. And with that hope, I try yet again.

Day before yesterday I met failure for the 1000th time. I cried. But I got up next morning with a plan to restart. And restart I will. If for nothing more, I thank God everyday for giving me a fighter's spirit.

Way to go, me! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Bollywood...

...I humbly request you to not to come up with songs like 'Ban gaya Kutta, Lag gaya patta...' and 'Jaa chudail, ja ja ja, go to hell..'.

It is creating havoc in my married life. My husband keeps humming these songs at every given opportunity. You can imagine my trauma.

Thanking you in advance.
Yours Faithfully,
A kind wife.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Delhi Belly - Movie Review

So far Indian movies had cheap humour from the Govinda era.I never liked that as such. Now the humour is closer to reality and it's so much better.

Like Tanu weds Manu portrayed the unabashed Indian woman, Pyar ka Punchnama hovered around the young and the restless, Delhi Belly revolves around 3 men and the bold new era.

I still can't say much about the story of Delhi Belly because there was hardly any(I kept waiting for 'moral of the story'!!). But the screenplay is racy and does make you laugh out lots. The three main characters swear more and talk less. That's a novelty for us and so we laugh! You wouldn't have seen a more straightforward movie than this in India. Hopefully they won't overdo this either.

Tashi is not sure if he wants to marry his girlfriend. Arup is dumped by his 'chudail' girlfriend who apparently gave him blowjob which the family discovers during the pheras. And Nitin has a belly that gets upset easily. Gross and upfront, that's how these men are, reflecting the new generation who would do something only if they believe in it not because they were told a lifetime ago that it is right.

And then the crime that they mistakingly commit. They have diamonds which are passed on as Nitin's stool sample and the whole thing gets complicated. He's a smart ass and finds an easy path between right and wrong taking it as a sign from God. Again, practical with their values intact, reflecting a generation that has a viewpoint on everything. (Nitin blackmails his landlord with pictures of him with a prostitute because he doesn't have money to pay the rent. Later on when he does have money, he mails him the reel telling him to relax in life!)

Like Arup confronts the girl who dumps him, Tashi doesn't hide from his girlfriend that he kissed another girl. Don't get him wrong, he risks his life to save this girlfriend because that's the right thing to do. And when it comes to come out clean, he does. Fearless and honest.

Loved the movie for its content and boldness and ofcourse the SONGS! We need this to bring us closer to reality as much as we need Dabang to take us away from it! And please take Ready and Buddha away from the screens. We are much more creative than this.