Monday, March 20, 2017

Bytes from the First Quarter

This has probably been one of the longest phases in which I have not written. Not that I am super busy or my laptop died on me, I’ve just been plain lazy and absolutely uninspired. I also feel I am losing the little bit of intelligence that I have because of the crap that goes on in my head!

So we changed apartments this month. We lived in our last home for almost 6 years. The Boy has never lived in a house for that long and so, he had this greatest desire to move. We looked around and the only house that encouraged me to pack and shift was the one we chose. It’s in a super swanky building which is no less than a hotel, has over 400 apartments, all kinds of facilities that you can think of, including a laundry, salon and a supermarket, and yet feels homely. We are the kinds who love to be outdoors, these facilities should suit us well.

When we came to Bahrain we lived in a one-bedroom apartment on a food street. The area was constantly on the move with bikers, Saudi hooligans, and foodies alike. After 2 years, owing to a job change, we moved to this massive 2-bedroom on a relatively quiet street. Over the years, this area developed and that street became one of the busiest. We liked the noise. And now, we are in a 3.5 bedroom apartment for just the two of us in a very quiet place. We like the construction noise from the outside and wonder how we will live here once the building in front of us is complete.

Ha! Look at the irony, I always ask for a quiet room on!

This year, so far, has been very amusing. First that month from Health Watchers which was a mixed bag of emotions for me. Then the beautiful month of February when it rained so much in Bahrain and we were constantly outdoors. March brought the move we are beginning to love. March could also bring in some good news we are hoping to find. And April, April will be the much awaited first trip of the year. I’m going to Delhi for a reunion with my besties which would be a first for all four of us. It has been 5 years since I met one of my most favourite friends. She has a kid now which is making the-not-so-comfortable-around-toddlers me feel nervous about accepting her in her new role! The host is my darling, my soul-mate, my strongest support! And then the spunky journalist who keeps us young with her single-hood hookup stories and office gossip. I love all three and can't wait to meet them. Then  I'll spend 3 weeks with my family in my hometown. After  weeks of cuddling up with my niece and nephew, and feeling happy in my comfort zone, I will go to the Boy’s place where he will join. One full month of making memories and doing absolutely nothing - well, I must know what that feels like!

Bryan Adams also happened in March. I felt the best I have felt in years. Nostalgia has amazing power over us. We have grown up with his songs. We all know the lyrics to his songs. I had massive goose bumps while he sang Summer of ‘69. It was like a walk down the memory lane when he played Everything I do. My heart literally skipped a beat in those few moments. And we were in the third row! That is not possible anywhere in the world other than Bahrain. I felt blessed, entertained, amused, mesmerised – all at the same time.

Here’s hoping the rest of March is as good. I’ll soon be travelling alone and we all know how nervous that makes me. I am also looking forward to the other side when everyone I love will be in one country. First quarter has been super awesome, here’s hoping for the remaining to go as planned with a few surprises that will make us happier.