Sunday, November 18, 2007

Loving life at Twenty Five!

Birthdays are suppose to be special. They always have been, they always will be. No matter how old we grow, no matter how similar they become, it's one day that says a whole lot.

So i completed 1/4th of a century yesterday. I said I'm 24 till I marry, but just for this post - I'm 25! Doesnt matter till I'm 30 I guess, they all sound the same!

I remember my birthdays as a kid. Distributing sweets, wearing the prettiest frock to school, birthday bumps...oh I have shameless pictures in birthday bumps...yep in a frock! Things have changed...sometimes I don't even wear my something new.

One thing that has remained the same is a cake. Yeah,whats a birthday without a cake! And the other thing that I like is the calls I receive. People I don't talk to for the whole year except for birthdays, call up to wish. And so I call a birthday special. For its these sweet people who make it special.

So what happened yesterday? I spoke to the 'boy' endlessly at night! Yeah, we live miles apart for now (sob, sob) ...and gtalk is all we have (apart from the!)... and yeah...the only special thing i received was a dozen roses and cake from him..more than me my family was have found a sweet guy!!hehe (they don't know how it has took me years to have taught him how to do all that...and someone wise told me yesterday that i'll have to do that all my it will get on my nerves somedayyyy. Heres a filmy pic with the roses..don't u start judging me now :D)

And oh, I went to a function of a smallish institute where I was kinda a VIP guest!Thank God for relatives who run such places! So like with 5 others, I was called on the staged to say a few words to a crowd of 250...hahaha!Now that's an experience I will never forget.

Then I gulped down a Margarita, had some kebabs, saw Om Shanti Om with a dear friend and clapped like a moron on funny scenes!!! I just love doing that..wish i knew how to whistle too!!

And at night...i cut the cake..went to a dinner party...and just attended loads of phone calls from the sweetest people on earth. I even thought of a wishlist for my future b'days..and told the boy about it..a big part of the training! Check it out:

One of these years, I would like to get sloshed on my birthday. Absolutely drunk without knowing anything around me. Give me 2 years, I will do that!

One of these years, I would like to dance all night. Give me 3, will do that too!

One of these years, I would like to get a surprise party...aah...I dont know how many yrs I'll have to wait!!!

One of these years, I would like to spend in disney land...carefree on the rides...or scared!

One of these years, I would want to climb a mountain, or go to a land thats scary and adventurous

One of these years, I would like to give autographs on my birthday and be on TV for turning ...ummm 35?

Well, thats a whole lot to do and think on one b'day. Although I miss feeling special today. Never mind... I absolutely love my life!

Btw, this could be a tag...make a wishlist and jot down a few ways in which you would want to celebrate your b'day. I know some would say c'mon grow up...but what the heck...everyone feels a little special on their birthday...don't you? Now think of some innovative ideas that you'll do and then remember it for the rest of your life.