Monday, April 12, 2010

Deadline uploaded

I just scanned through my posts in 2007... the year I started blogging. I love all the posts! Makes me wonder why I don't blog anymore. Its like a life's journal. You can see the state of mind clearly through those posts.

Probably when you're writing for a living you have the 'flow'. Now that I rarely do that, and I clearly cant explain why, I'm at a loss for words.

And so, I've decided. I have a story idea... for a book. As of now, I dont know if I'll publish it. I have no clue how I will go about it. I don't know if someone will read it! But write, I will.

Why am I writing this here? Well, I have a tendency to drop things even before I start. Writing this down helps me make a commitment. I also need a deadline. Lets make it April 2011.

It all sounds very stupid. What the heck, this is my space, my journal. Laugh if you wanna, i'll see you in 2011. With or without 'the book'!