Monday, December 28, 2009

The decade that was

As a decade is coming to an end, I'm thinking of everything that went on. From being a naive school girl to a grown up woman handling a household, this has been the most eventful decade. And probably it will remain so.

I loved growing up with each experience and have no regrets whatsoever. It's crazy how we mugged up for board exams, thought of every possible option for graduation and ended up doing the mundane, spent college life sitting in the cafeteria laughing our hearts out, participated in the rat race by taking the ubiquitous CAT, ended up in a regular MBA college and enjoyed every bit of our education years.

Friends were the most important part of this decade. These were the real gems whom we could cherish for a lifetime. I'm glad I made the right choices. Today, in sunshine or in rain, I can turn to them anytime and never be disappointed. Sadly, some friendships couldn't last, but the ones that did, have stood the test of time.

This was a decade full of love and I didn't spend even a moment without it! There was a time I was broken till the limit of being depressed and disheartened for days, but God had a different plan. Thankfully, he always sent angels down my way. And we found each other in the most amusing way there could be.

Talking of angels, I've thanked God for them each day. There are several hardships I go through every so often. Most of the times it doesn't look as bad as it really is. And somehow from somewhere emerges this one person who helps me. I never thank them enough for I feel embarrassed to be helped, but I do bless them from the core of my heart. As the decade ends, I think of these family members, my closest friends and a lot of total strangers. I don't know how I could have done without you.

I'm people centric. For me goals, money, materialistic comfort, traveling.. all this isn't as important as the people around me. Sometimes I feel it's not the right approach to life but then emotions take the top priority. And the rest doesn't seem to matter.

Among all the other things that happened, some work and a lot of play, easy paths and the roads taken, hardships, struggle and a sense of achievement, I dedicate this decade to all the wonderful people with whom i lived it. You have made me who I am today, and really, I think I'm pretty good :).. God bless you all!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One world - one nation

I saw 'Paa' with a Pakistani friend. Incidentally in the morning we were discussing about our religions and how we were similar in most ways than not. The first scene in the movie showcased how Auro won the first prize when he depicted the globe as one entire nation without any boundaries.

I come from a country where we learned to live comfortably with different kinds of people from the very beginning. We went to a Christian school, had a Hindu teacher, made friends without even knowing the caste/culture/religion, celebrated eid, christmas, diwali and gurupurab with equal fervor and the works. As we grew up, we saw friends falling in love with the person and not the religion. Some are married now, some bowed down before the society.

Today I'm living in a country where we have people from almost every corner of the world. As always, the host nation is quite unfriendly to the vast majority of immigrants from the subcontinent. I don't blame them considering what was said about people who migrated from UP and Bihar to Mumbai. If tolerance is so weak within a nation, its unfair to expect anything from across borders. But I've noticed a silver lining in this whole Us v/s Them drama. The victims unite disregarding their nationality. So, between us, there is no India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. Most of us like each other's company and are fascinated by the similarities between us. Language creates a wonderful bond and we find solace in knowing how we enjoy and dislike the same things. My Pakistani friend told me a lot of things about Islam and I shared my knowledge with her. And we both drew the obvious conclusion that its the extremists who plant seeds of hatred in us.

The idea of One-world, one-nation is possible only when we are not rigid in our minds.Considering the big divide between North Indians and South Indians within and outside the country, the one-nation theory sounds highly unrealistic. It can be the subject matter of great speeches and outstanding movies, but in practice it is hard to imagine.

Lets forget the technical problems that can arise, can you imagine us tolerating and accepting each other like we really are and removing all the barriers?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

End of First's?

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a rocking first year of being married to my love of 5 years. Between all the smiles and tears, there was a feeling of satisfaction. It feels great to have someone by your side, someone to care for, someone to look upto, someone to love... strange how I can't imagine my life without him.

There were times in this year when I thought it was so much better when we were living our own lives and met each other in a few weeks. Then there were times when I thought how was I living away from him for 26 years of my life! But no matter what thought I had, I thanked God each day for sending an angel my way :)

When I look around and see guys around me, I feel I have the best deal! Yet there are times when it seems some things could improve. And then I argue with myself, what was life if it was perfect! And, well, are we ever satisfied?

I don't want to get into details as to how we celebrated our anniversary. Lets just say we did a lot of first's! As expected I didn't get any gift. I saved a whole lot of money to give one and was veryyyyyy happy with the response and the pampering I got. Of'course I wrote a poem to mark the occasion. It's depressing to think that the first has ended. I'm looking forward to the second's and I'm sure they will be better than ever before :)

If poetry could do it, I would grab our year in beautiful verses
If words could do it, I would fill pages with our experiences
No essays, no letters, no blog posts can express my feelings too
Just look into my eyes and you’ll know how much I love you!

If sky was the limit, my happiness would touch it
If fun was the criterion, it would surpass all measurement
No scales, no tests, just nothing can say I’m among the lucky few
Just look at my smile and you’ll know how glad I am to be with you!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Teethy Times

So where should I start? A movie review? Well De Dana Dan was funny in parts. So I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Kurbaan was 2.5. What do they think, with just a steaming scene (which btw was censored in my Middle East :( ..) they would grab our attention. Plus, it was a repetition of New York which, I thought, was way better. That Ajab Gazab flick made me think how cutie Ranbir is losing/wasting his talent. Hopefully Rocket Singh would be fun. Infact out Bollywood is losing it. I haven't gone crazy about any movie after Jab We Met. Angrezi movies, well, I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan. First, I don't like a lot of sci-fi, action, drama etc. I just like romantic comedies! Second, I don't understand a lot of it, a lot of times. Period.

Political issues? That BJP Ayodhya thing is taking too much space. When will all the drama in this world end? Jail people and get over with it. I pity how Pakistan is seeing terrorism at its peak. This is what happens when you don't stop the wrong doers at the right time. Something happened to the Thackerey's recently. The kind of politics they are into, I really don't care.

Global issues? I'm deeply concerned about global warming. Everytime I buy a milk carton I think of the plastic I'll be throwing out. I don't know what to do. I live in a country where there is no public transport(and so we bought a HONDA CIVIC recently..!!it has nothing to do with the post but no harm in a little flauntingg :)), per capita pollution is one of the highest here, people use plastic like they use oxygen, trees are visible only if I attach binoculars to my window... I can go on and on. I feel the need to do something but I really dont know how, what, where...

The best topic...Entertainment! So Shilpa Shetty got married and her glow quotient was awesome!! I heard Kangana and Gauri Khan tripped and her saree in the reception was falling off all the time... or was it the shoulder-less blouse!? I'm a die-hard BIGG BOSS fan...I might not enjoy whatever is happening in that shitty house with a bunch of losers but I do watch it religiously every day. Double standards, huh? You bet!

Did I miss out on anything? Yeah, the emotional, psychological issues. I've been expecting way tooo much. So this best friend didn't call me on my birthday and I dished out anger like never before. She called me up and started shouting. I cried and felt guilty for getting angry! Expectations lead to anger and disappointment which leads to depression resulting in higher expectations from your loved ones to make/keep you happy. So did I learn not to expect? NO.

I've written on topics which should have taken atleast 10 posts. So does that mean I'll be back in a couple of months. Nah, I have to put my blog back on the block now. High time, really, high time!


In a week from now, it will be a year to my wedding. It will be a year to postponing writing and everything to do with it. During this period I've written many unfinished posts. But friendship, love and marriage have been the only topics and so I refrained from repetition by leaving the posts where they are.

I have a habit of writing a few pages in my diary whenever something important happens in my life. Like the first time I met The Pati(!), the first time he held my hand, first fights, new romance, meeting parents, long distance...sigh. But everytime I begin to write about the first few days of the marriage, i fall short of words. Is it me, is it the wedding or has marriage made me a different person?

I'm so into my new life that the past has faded. All I want to do is learn new dishes, look gorgeous, explore the city with him, make memories and create more love in our small world. His work keeps him away for a few days in a week and I feel the love growing! Distance never made my love grow fonder as it does now. We spend each day like there was no tomorrow! And I've understood that it's this way I want to spend the rest of my life.

That doesnt mean I'll forget my main aim. We've been apart for 4 months, still its been a year. It's time to hit back and get the rest of my life in place. In place it will be :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post Wedding Woes

A wee bit late for the post wedding woes.But that's how it is, finally I feel married! People use to ask me if it has changed. And I use to wonder what changes. I'm still the same, he's still the same...just that we are having so much more fun. Yup, thats changed.

And then it all changed! The most bugging thing after a marriage are the babies. C'mon people give us a break. Grown ups make babies. I'm not one. My hubby is still in his diapers!! Isn't it enough that we got married! We didnt plan it 5 years in happened when it was suppose to happen. So when I touch feet of this aunt she tells me, 'Putravati bhav' (may you be blessed with a baby boy.), another tells me you guys should have one right now, a third tells me to start eating right, a fourth...ah, I have plenty of them! Incidently I live in a building where almost every couple has a new born. All they talk about is how the baby keeps them awake all night. Babies, babies, babies!! I use to like kids earlier, I dont hate them now, I just dont feel like being around them so much. Am I over-reacting?

Socialising is such a problem after marriage. You like someone, your partner doesnt like the spouse. What do you do? Now my hubby is a special case. He only likes being around his bachelor friends! I dont mind those guys either 'coz they are fun and atleast they dont talk about babies and discuss recipes! But then I feel weird when one of them accidently comes up with a swear or when they all put their glasses together and expect me to say cheers too! The Indian girl in me is absolutely uncomfortable.

The worst is when we wives become our husband's moms. Poor guy, he married his girlfriend and ended up being tortured with healthy food,juice, milk and gallons of water! Its now that I understand how my mom use to be after my life. And I hated it. He hates it too, but like my mom, I'm adamant!

And then I have an identity crisis. In no way do I want to lose my identity and just hang around with my husband's. I'm a sindhi, he's a punjabi. When people question me, what should my reply be? My surname is Punjabi, his is takkar. I'm cetainly not making it Punjabi Takkar!!!! What should I say? I'm from Lucknow, he's from Haryana. Where am I from? It leaves me confused. For the first time I'm unable to solve a problem!

Lastly, I've become a full time housewife. I'm loving it so far. I have a few other duties too that I'm fulfilling with complete devotion. Somehow it leaves me with no time to blog, write or read. I have no complains with my life and everything is just perfect, yup, the woes too! Oh, and I'm going to India again for Diwali. And I'm looking forward to it sooo much :)

If anyone is keeping score, I'll see you soon!

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

I promised that I will write regularly. But that promise was broken to fulfill a bigger promise to my best friend - attend her wedding.

And so I had to leave my hubby dearest yet again for a few days and fly back to my home town. The fact that I had just gone to Bahrain and was coming back to India to attend a friend's wedding seemed indigestible to people. No one said anything, but they did raise eyebrows and said weird things like 'bahut achi friend hai kya'!? Had I said it's my cousins wedding, no one would have questioned. Why do we place friends last in our priority list? For me, friends are much more important than relatives whom we don't know from adam.

Anyway, it was also my first time to attend a Muslim wedding. We might be really different from each other but its strange how we have such similar customs.The sangeet songs, mehndi, hiding the shoe, opening thread from each others hand tied before the wedding, fishing for a jewel dipped in milk...lots of similar things.

Coming to the point, this post is for my darling. I have loads of best friends but somehow N has a very special place in my heart. We've been friends only for 4 years but this period has been so significant in our lives that we're inseparable. She did what nobody else could - make me open up and talk about my deepest emotions. We can talk endlessly, maybe because she's such a chatterbox. I had a love-hate relationship with her when we were doing MBA together. She would never help me much with 'our' project and I would crib how irresponsible she was. I shared loads with her, but she never did. After college we started becoming better friends. We started a small HR company and life changed for us.

We became best, best friends. I've written a lot about love and friendship on this blog. It's because these are the two subjects that hold most importance in my life. I learnt a new meaning of friendship from N. And so I cherish our bond most. If I had a problem, I never hesitated to share it with her. I felt proud when I could help her during her most troubled times. When I had visa issues after marriage and I couldn't be with the boy, N was the best support. It was her prayers too that helped me reunite with him. Whenever we were together, any third person seemed like an intruder! Oh, it sounds as if we are bhabhi and my hubby do call us that!But that's how it is - a very very special friendship.

N got married yesterday to this sweetest guy. At one point I felt guilty of feeling jealous since she had a new 'best friend'! But that didn't last long for I was more happy for her to have found a guy who's just perfect. I want to be great friends with the guy that our friendship could grow stronger. I want to tell her today that I love you N...and we'll be friends forever. We're married, our time zones don't match and we'll certainly wont be in the same city anymore...but we'll be thick and always. And like true 'lovers'....distance will make our hearts grow fonder :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Official!

We've heard a lot about Indian Babus. Any procedure that involves any government related employee, we know it would be ages before it reaches completion. From getting a telephone repaired/disconnected to renewing a passport to getting a driving license, the bigger it is the more cumbersome it gets.

Sometimes we are lucky and things go on smoothly. I would call such people blessed! Sometimes we are rich and we bribe to get our work done quickly. Again, blessed. But most of the time any amount of incessant cribbing falls short of the the torture we go through.

And so in my mind, government employees were slow, had an easy 9-5 job involving more of chai, samosa and gupshup than work and cared little about their customers. Until yesterday that is. So I’m in this country where Arabs have earned huge sums of money by refining oil. Sometimes their day begins at 8 and ends at 1. Their weekend is almost a 4-day thing wherein they work only for half day one day before and after the weekend. During Ramadan, i.e. for over a month in a year, their day ends at 3. Yesterday I had Visa related work. I went to the ministry before it opened so that I was amongst the first ones. There were about 50 more people like me. Even after 1.5 hours after their scheduled opening time, work didn’t start. Then the guard comes and says, today we have decided to remain closed!

Laughable, it is. This is just a small example of how the, well, babus operate here! It takes months to get a driving license. They fail you atleast twice before finally giving it. Finding a licenced instructor is tougher than finding God! When you do find one, he will ditch you a lot of times wasting precious time and taking your frustrations level to unbelievable heights. And then they show you attitude!

After seeing all this I have new found respect for our country! We are highly effective, laborious and cordial. Even a rude official answers your queries. Here, you would be lucky even if they understand what you are trying to ask! This doesn’t mean we should ignore the loopholes in our system. There are miles to go before Indian authorities reach global standards. But as they say, we find more satisfaction in life by seeing those who are below us, and so I am proud of things back home!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hate myself!

Just for the time being though! I'm reading blogs after more than a month now. I had made a few, very few friends in this written world but it seems I've lost them now. I'm so engrossed in the small things in life that I'm not doing what I like doing best - writing and reading.

I feel guilty of wasting the precious time I've been given. Although in the last 1 month I have discovered a whole new place, met loadssssss of new people, have successfully changed a bachelor pad to a beautiful house(if you dont know, its a tough task!) and have cooked sumptuous grub for my darling hubby who has acknowledged every morsel to encourage me!! So what if my chapatis are still square, they are fully blown up and soft!

And that's why I love writing. You see, this post may seem petty to yo. But after writing all that I have done in the past 1 month, I feel less guilty!

And yes, I will write regularly from now on. Hopefully by declaring it publicly I will find time and return to my love often :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Much has been spoken about photos and Facebook on this blog. I came about something very interesting today which I just have to share. Its regarding, again, pictures.
So we all try to be our witty-best when adding a line or two with our mundane pics. And some people go an extra mile. The pics I saw today had intriguing captions like - Flower, Leaves, Tall tree, Road, Me, Me near a tree - below, what else, a flower, leaves, tall get the drift.


What's up with this 'How well do you know so-and-so quiz?
My husband scored a 60% after much deliberation. His answer to such disastrous result "Sweetheart there's mystery in our relationship. I want to know you more and more each day."
To state that he has learnt to handle me after all these years would be an understatement.


My visa delay has actually become a joke now.
A friend wanted me to get serious when I was actually laughing out loudly. I suggested her to say something like, 'Nisha, imagine if your visa gets more delayed.' She did as I said.
It didnt help at all.


There are several benefits of having a guy friend. On the other hand, he hardly has any if his female friends are devilish.
The other day we asked him to show us isolated lanes and by-lanes where he and his friends 'took' their girlfriends in a car which has window panes covered with sheets darker than a moonless night. After much coaxing, he showed us two of them. We were really impressed and thought we could help our nieces and nephews someday.
And ofcourse, we will tell our friend's wife (whoever she will be) how he took us to that lane too.


The other day I was listening to 'Tamma Tamma loge' on radio while driving. Somehow it's easier to remember the lyrics of old songs and so I wanted to sing along loudly. I wanted increase the volume and go dhinchak dhinchak in the car.
I was too afraid to ruin my reputation in the city and so I didnt. But really what's so wrong about it? Especially when songs back then had much better lyrics and tunes.
Barring Tamma Tamma, ofcourse. Bappi da is just another league altogether.


Ok, I gotto go now. Otherwise it will be waking up time for granny and she'll start her harangue on how its better to sleep early and get up early. I, on the other hand, think its actually practical. This way somebone or the other is always awake at our place 24 hours. We really don't need a watchman.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Feels like 16 again

Warning: Girlish post ahead

Remember when you were 14 and you had your first crush? I do! I could talk to my friend endlessly about how that guy looked, behaved, walked, stared, etc etc etc. We would give the guy a girl's name so that when we were talking on the only landline in the middle of our homes, mom wouldnt know we were talking about a boy!
There were days full of sunshine when He spoke a word or two with me. And then there were sad days when He was absent, from school of course!If he showed even minimalistic interest, life was complete!

Today when I look back, it sounds so funny. I dont even want to see the guys I was even remotely interested in! We were crazy. We shared every single detail. If the crush blossomed into love the chats were even longer. How he became friends, how he proposed, how he would propose, how he held your hand, how he kissed, when will you marry, what will you call your children...ah, the works! This was the best part of female bonding.

I know every girl goes through this. If she doesnt, I pity her. I thought this was kiddish and happened only when we were younger. And so, when a friend of mine who has recently started knowing a guy started sharing minute details, we laughed our hearts out.

She was telling me silly things about him over the phone. I didnt want to spoil it for her and so I smiled just to myself. I never thought that at 26, I will be hearing things like this again. But that's the beauty of falling in love. The initial part has so much to share. So much to know. And so much more to discover.

Yeah, it feels like 16 again. Or, maybe 20, when I saw someone blushing because she had fallen in love. Maybe its what teenagers do. Or maybe its what every girl does when she falls in love. I still do it but not with the same fervour. But today, it really does feel like 16 again :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Counting my blessings

I'm an optimist. Not the enthusiastic pain-in-the-neck chirpy type. But a normal thinking-positive-when-things-dont-go-well kinds. And so, in times like this, when I'm desperate to re-unite with my husband, for reasons more than the 'obvious' one, I count my blessings!

Yesterday i had a chatty day with this friend of mine who's getting married to her boyfriend from 9 years. It makes me proud when I see them together for I was among the first 2-3 people to 'know' about their affair in school. Anyway, so she told me, I'm going to name my first girl Nisha. There are no words to describe the feeling I had. Well, she has one more reason to name her daughter this, but I'm the reason too. Thank god for friends like these who make this world such a beautiful place.

And then, in the evening another friend called. She said, I was thinking who is the one friend whom I badly want in my wedding. And the answer is you.
I'm emotional like crazy and that made tiny water droplets fill my eyes!!If this is not a blessing, then what is.

Rest later, right now I'm just too happy to flaunt the halo around my head :)

Men can never win.

He: (while watching a match)I'll talk to you after the match.
She: Of course, the match is more important than me.
He: arre...


She: (while watching her favorite soap) I'll talk to you in half an hour
He: ok, cool.
She: See how happy you are, you really didnt want to talk to me.
He: arree...

Ah, women! And proudly so!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I dont blog these days...

...well, its a sad hopeless situation. My hubby works in this country where the dependent visa is complicated and seems to be in the hands of some morons. Not that this country is some London/U.S...just that they seem to think of themselves to be something...uhhh

And so, i'm stuck here.And its been 3 months...and I dont know how long will it take. I'm not as sad as it reads! Just that I cant think. I dont do anything that requires me to wreck my brains. I'm just lazying around and enjoying all the pampering...but its the first time I'm not enjoying it as I should.

I'll hit back...and when I do...there will be no turning back. Till then, I just hope someone is missing me.

***sympathy and encouragement is welcome :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

55 word Fiction

‘It’s all hogwash,’ she thought while wearing her satin gown.

Suddenly she saw his reflection in the mirror. His hands wrapped her tightly around her tiny waist. Her heart palpitated and her body froze with fear.

She shivered and remembered her aunt’s advice. ‘Om bhur…,’ she chanted and the spirit, thankfully, left the haunted closet.

I picked up this tag from D's, and its awesome. Write a post in 55 words, you'll enjoy it :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Picture This

A picture is worth a thousand words. Probably that’s why, with the advent of digi cams and mobile phone cameras, we are always looking for moments that can be captured. Our state of mind, our lifestyle, our stage in life… just about everything is stored in the My Pictures folder of our PC’s. Or better still, in our photo albums in FB!

While on my honeymoon, I picked up dresses that would picture well. I practiced three kinds of smile for my wedding. One with a wide toothy smile that said ‘I’m on top of the world’, second a calmer smile that said ‘I’m glad you came’ and the third, the most fake, ‘I’m shy coz I’m the bride’! All for the 8 kg album that occupies a large part of my wardrobe now.

That’s okay for everyone does that. Wedding happens once in a lifetime. But these days, we click not for the memory, but for our Facebook/Orkut profile. The most boring are those who hardly ever change their mug shots! Like my husband, he hates being clicked. He mastered the art of faking a picture-perfect smile on our wedding. The video, however, captured his act and the audience could not help but laugh. Anyway, his profile pic on FB is almost 1.5 years old. Really, he needs to get a life!

Ha, that’s what the digital age has done to us. I have what, just about a 100 photographs of the first 18 years of my life. My niece, who is 3 years old, has 100 for every 3 months of her life. And don’t even get me started on the number of videos in which we capture her every move! She is least interested. And so we have to take atleast 10 pics on the same location so that the picture is perfect.

There was a time when a 36 film roll would finish only after a year of grabbing birthdays, anniversaries, diwali, holi, rakhi, school fests and other occasions. It got us excited. I went to this studio just because the guy there was cute. And now, it’s been quite sometime since I’ve actually printed a snap.

Don’t get me wrong, I give my all for saying cheese and getting clicked. In fact I am the one who’s clicking all the time. But sometimes we get so involved in seizing the moment for the future, that the present is lost. Sometimes we overdo it so much that the picture hardly speaks a few words. And well, you know it’s a mania when you do a fun activity ‘coz it would picture well and not capture it ‘coz it was fun.

It’s too soon to say if we would relish these photographs like we relish the older ones when technology was sluggish. What we do know is that anything in excess is not good. And so, moral of the whole jabbering, say cheese, but not always with an intention to get framed!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

lost in randomness!

I got tagged by It's me. Its high time I started responding to tags and awards lest people started avoiding me!! 
So here goes the rule: 
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. 

1.I love myself, really, I do! To add to this fact, I think highly of myself! So, don't be surprised if you find this post somewhat narcissist! (after finishing the 25th point, I guess it isnt really that bad!)

2.I am very cautious when it comes to making friends. But when I do, they are for ever. And I don't call them friends, I call them best friends! 

3. I'm not so good at secret keeping. I have to blurt it out sometime. You know, to show off that I know stuff! 

4.I'm pathetic at showing off. I might leave my place trying to look all glam. In just a few minutes, I'm a plain Jane. I wish I could fake it a bit. 

5.I hate pretentious parties. I just hate them. Maybe and if I am ever able to throw one, I don't know how will I manage it. 

6.I am crazyyy about order and management and discipline and time!I hate that about me, but I just have to do the right thing at the right time(sometimes before) at the right place. I pity my husband...coz he's just the opposite. Or, should I say, he's normal. 

7. I'm smiling most of the time. I can't stand people who don't and the ones who fake it. 

8.People around me think I'm very intelligent. I'm not! But I don't want them to know. 

9.I dig compliments. I dig them like crazy. And when someone does compliment, I think they are lying. 

10. I'm awful at lying. It shows on my face. 

11.I get sleepless nights if I offend someone. And if someone offends me, he shall never be forgotten. Forgiven? Maybe. 

12.I can't express my deepest emotions verbally. Maybe that's why I use poetry. 

13.I admire a lot of women out there. And I would like to believe that someday I'll look as hot as them!!!!!!!!!!! 

14. I'm not a writer. I want to be one. I don't have the confidence... 

15. I'm really vulnerable when it comes to my teeth. uhhhhh! My fascination for them justifies the title of this blog.

16. I shared my first crush with my best friend. You wont believe the fun we had during that phase. Ah, I miss school! 

17.My brain is awesome at multi tasking. It's thinking of at least two things at a time. I'm planning to take up meditation to cure it!! 

18. I can sleep 24*7. I don't understand how people can get bored. We always have the option to sleep! 

19. When I met my husband for the first time, he had ruffled hair and an unshaven beard. I, on the other hand, did everything on a salon's list. So you know, I don't believe in love at first sight! 

20. I don't have the so-called luck line on my palm. Still, I win at cards, tambola, internet contests, etc. I've been lucky in love as well! I guess I'm 'lucky by chance' ;) 

21.I believe in good deeds. I believe whatever we do comes back to us sometime or the other. So does in the blog world. I comment, you comment. Right? 

22. I started using the internet when I was 17. I made loads of good friends 'coz it was all about chatting back then. I've lost most of them. Once in a while I think about them and google their names...I really must be crazy! 

23. I have a fetish for writing down recipes! I hope I use it when I start cooking for my husband.

24. I am a romantic at heart. I have the movie tickets of my first movie with my hubby, the 3 roses he has given me in these 6 years(!!), the top I wore when I met him for the first time, the chocolate wrappers, etc etc etc :)

25. It took me 3 days to write this post. I hate telling people about me like this. I like them to figure it out! Or, maybe I’m afraid of shedding one of the many masks I wear…

I think I am the last one left to take up this tag!!Please take it if you havent been tagged!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is...

They say they cant define love
They say it's a gift from the Lord above
They say, if you find someone, you're lucky
They say, true love, doesn't find many.

I say love, it's you
It's in your eyes, so pure and so true
It's the way you hold me when I fall
It's in my name, when you call...

I say love, it's you
You might just say it in words so few
It's the hope you give me, inspire me, adore me
It's the way you make me feel oh-so-lucky.

I say love, it's you
Your touch, your warmth...just your presence too
You're my angel, really, a gift from the Lord above
When I see you, I just know what is Love.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jai Ho!

First things first, it’s great that a movie that’s Indian in a large way has won 10 Oscar nominations. Yeah, Slumdog Millionaire has done us proud.

But the debate that’s doing its rounds in India is whether the movie is putting up a wrong picture in front of the whole world about India being a land of the poor.

Well, I am yet to see and form an opinion on the movie since it is releasing tomorrow. Nor have I traveled the world as such to know what the present opinion of the world about India is. From what we hear and read, India is known as the land of many cultures, traditions, festivals, and diversity in various forms. I guess it’s a widely known fact that India has one of the largest populations with masses living in utmost poverty.

Unless someone knows an Indian abroad he will not know the true picture of the country from outside. When Aishwarya was on Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah was shocked to know that Indian kids live with their parents even after they graduate. She didn’t know that virginity was considered a Big issue in our country. She was somewhat unaware of the Saree as well. If she didn’t know much about our value and family system, it’s very difficult to expect it from an ordinary American citizen.

That’s just one very different example that I know of. What I'm trying to ask is that what is the true picture anyway? Isn’t poverty a major part about our country? If someone was watching CNN a month back, wouldn’t he know about the terror attacks? Will he conclude that India is always under terrorists?

I hope not. Sure it would evoke some thoughts, but an intelligent person would not generalize the whole thing. And for those who want the world to paint only the rosy picture(read : all of us), lets hope after this movie loads of film makers will throng India and someone would definitely show the India that we dream about.

Lastly, I’ll watch this movie and hope it’s as good as our expectations. Hopefully it will make lots of money and it will do nothing to our ‘image’ abroad!I've also heard that the producers might share the monetary success of the movie with the Indian slums.So, all is well. Why the fuss?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Happy Begining

I dont know from where to start - the wedding, the honeymoon, the vacations, the present or the future. It all seems like one big dream. I have forgotten my life before 7th dec 2008. No, its not Ghajini fever. Its just, Im living in a different era from the last one which, surprisingly, seems like someone else's life.

So like all annoying baraats, this one arrived late as well. Like always I was at the venue even before the guests! My parlour had some 20 brides getting dressed. That made me feel like someone not-so-special. And it assured me that I need not worry for there are loads of people who go through the same nervousness. Yeah, I was all chirpy thereafter.

While waiting I had the yummy grub and chatted with all my friends who had taken efforts to come from various places. I met friends and cousins whom I had not met in ages. I agree that Indian weddings are a big waste of money. But the kind of emotional bonding it brings about is worth admiring. Anyway, I had lost track of time and had a gala time. After all, it was my BIG day!

And then the Dulha arrived. I could see his sweet smile under the sehra that really bugged him. I had heard somewhere that one of the best moments in a wedding is when the groom and the bride look at each other. Oh, I saw a lot of love :)

Picutres with friends and family followed and then the wedding ceremony started. I love it when the pandit explains each and everything thats being done. Our pandit was nice too. Although he got me really emotional! Then came the toughest part - saying goodbye. I cried like a baby and the Boy counted how many else were crying!

It's strange with us girls. The moment I said goodbye and went to His house, I was like I belonged there. Sometimes I feel guilty of not missing my house, family and friends. At the same time I feel proud to have found a husband, a family, a house that doesnt make me miss my past. My new parents are one of the best in-laws I have seen in my lifetime. The Boy has been a sweetheart. He's getting use to a responsibility and he doesnt seem to mind it. Guess he's growing up!!

What should I say about our honeymoon. I'm sure I will never have a vacation as beautiful as that one. Everything in Goa was perfect. The hotel, the beach, the weather, the cruise, the food,the beer and everything else you can associate with Goa and a honeymoon ;)

We also took a short Jaipur-Ajmer trip. And now we are planning to temporarily settle down. I dont look like a new bride at all except for the red bangles in my hand. I'm still the same pyjama t-shirt girl I use to be. I help my mom-in-law in the kitchen, take care of the house, wait for my hubby and touch feet of loads of people. But that doesnt make me feel any different.

Thats how happy I am after a month of my wedding. And I really cant believe my luck... :)

Hope to be back soon. Till then, Happy writing!