Monday, February 28, 2011

35 years of 'love'!

We always blame our parents for our shortcomings. If you are a cleanliness freak, it’s because of your mom. If you have travel anxiety, it’s because your dad would have acidity 2 hours before every train/flight!

It’s only in moments of pride you think about the good things that you may have inherited. Like my mom’s an environmentalist who would carry plastic bags so that she doesn’t get an additional one. And now, I have the same habit as well. My dad is extremely punctual and so am I. I’ve always thought of myself as a mix of both my parents, you know, taken all the good points of both! Probably that’s why I’m perfect!

But one thing that I don’t like about my parents and myself is the inability to express love. Most parents in Indian families never even hold hands in front of their kids, atleast the generation I come from. Hugging and kissing is a taboo. I may have never told my parents or any family member if I like something about them or not. Even today if I want to go and tell them I love them, I don’t think I can.

Is this because they never expressed anything in front of us? Or is it just a personal characteristic? Well, it’s a shortcoming, let me just blame it on them and move on!

Nevertheless, tomorrow my mum and dad will be celebrating their 35th anniversary. And I want to wish them all the happiness in the world! That I can do :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A revolution has begun...

It has been two years since me and my husband moved to Bahrain. Bahrain is a small island nation in the Middle East known for its oil refineries, US navy’s fleet and a thriving night life. No one knows this Arab nation so whenever I told anyone that I live in Bahrain, it was followed by ‘near Dubai’! And now that this nation is making its place in Google news, I think some curious looks will stop.

Anyway, it has been sad two days. And I don’t know for how long this ‘revolt' go on. As an expatriate, I have my bag ready with important documents and valuables so that we are not stranded in a worst case scenario. It disheartens me to be prepared for such a situation for I love this country and it really feels like home.

To give you a lowdown, Bahrain is a very small city-country with a population of about 1.3 million. Half of these are like us, from various parts of the world to work here. This country is one of the most cosmopolitan places I know of and Hindi is actually a second language after Arabic.

I’ve met all kinds of people here. From the simple Jain who wouldn’t even smell onions to hard core non-vegetarians who can’t differentiate their spinach from their fenugreek. I’ve partied with couples who wouldn’t touch a bottle of Rum and couples whose thirst doesn’t quench at even 5 a.m. in the morning! People here dance on the streets, at the pubs and on the beach defying all facts that Arab countries are conservative.

The main problem of this country has been the conflict between the Sunni and Shia population. The king who is a Sunni has supposedly given more privileges to his own sect. The Shia, who are in majority are angered every now and then because of this. The Egypt revolution has given a ray of hope to them and therefore a revolution has begun.

It really makes the future of this country bleak. The King has been moderate in his policies and so the country has been liberal in various aspects as well. If his regime is thrown out and the conservatives take charge, I’m not sure if I will be living here.

Bahrain has really been an ideal foreign location for us. It has the luxury of being abroad and the comfort of being at home. It’s just a 4 hour flight from Delhi and keeps us closer to our folks. But we are fair weather friends. I hope we don’t have to prove it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is...

... when you know you've cooked a bad meal but he makes yummy noises while having it.

... when you know he doesn't like the kohl in your eyes yet he praises how pretty you look.

... when he will eat at a restaurant just because you like it so much.

... when he will not drink so that you can to your hearts content.

... when he seems to have a constant guilt that he doesn't buy you enough gifts.

... when he says 'chanel' is next!

... when he will wake up without letting you know and go to the office without breakfast and lunch so that you can chill in life.

... when he will shift himself so that you can sit on your spot on the sofa.

... when he will constantly look out for steps so that you can comfortably climb them.

... when he will support you even though his arms are dead tired.

... when he holds your hair back while you are coping with a hangover.

... when he stands with his eyes down after committing a mistake.

... when he pulls your leg in public and then hug you cutely in private for the same thing!

You might not hear him say it enough but it's there. True love is not expressed in words or on Valentines day, it's around you all the time and you can really feel it till your toes! Nevertheless, celebrate it today like never before :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Sweet n Sensible!!!!!!!!!

If you type 'sweet n sensible blogger' on google, what do you get? My blog! Now that google has also acknowledged that those are my blog's (and therefore mine!) prime qualities, who can stop me from flaunting it!?

In other news, I've been hearing such a lot of gossip that it makes me think twice before making a friend. How can you say that the new people you meet won't be talking shit behind your back. Now you maybe sweet n sensible, but noooo, people wont acknowledge that(thats why google is my best friend now!).

Yesterday night we all got crazy drunk and my husband sang two poems full of hindi swears. I've never heard him swear except once when he met with an accident. And yesterday we all blasted. One was a namaz kind of a poem... I wish I had the courage to recite it or post a video! I just don't like people swearing. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Last but not the least, my best friends wedding was THE event of the year. And boy, was I proud to be THE friend who came from 'abroad' especially to attend the wedding! Everything from shopping with her to writing cards to sharing her stress to the farewell, this wedding was more memorable than my own!

Will be posting regularly from now on, and not just random news like this, much more sweet n sensible stuff! And now, I hope you type 'sweet n sensible blogger' and find me there. Ah, I just won't get over this, will I?