Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yak, yak, yak...

The weather today was comparable to Zurich. Thankyou Global warming. And weather apps on smart phones.

People are falling in love on Indian television. Sex is no longer a taboo in TV serials. If you were one of the millions who saw Bade Ache Lagte Hain ‘that’ night and found it gross, you are not alone. Ekta Kapoor, please bring back the saree and heavy jewellery to the bedroom. We’ll watch the likes of Vicky Donor, laugh and learn about the birds and bees. Watching stout men pulling sarees and ugly women breathing heavily is simply distasteful.

On a slightly similar note, not showing Dirty Picture was a stupid decision. When will we grow up? Kids are smart these days, they need to watch everything. Everything.

How smart are tracing widgets? Will it be better if you knew who visited you? Facebook will face a run for its money if it showed who spied on whom. Orkut had an app before which was used only by a handful. I removed the widget from my blog as well. Now you can come and go, no one will know. Although, it would have been nice if I could visit you somewhere as well.
Sometimes technology can drive you insane!

S & P might downgrade India. The rupee will weaken. We will get a better rate if we want to transfer money to India. The land we’ve bought might slightly lose its current value. Skyrocketing petrol prices will reach newer heights. Inflation will increase further. Yet, we are happy that we will get a better rate.
Being happy about this is just as naïve as thanking global warming for the awesome weather. What else can we do?

Keep yakking!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 of the million reasons I Love my India

I’m in India for yet another vacation. Every day there are numerous household chores that I crib about. You know, you buy the milk, boil it, take out the malai at night, store it, and God knows what all needs to be done next. Laundry is worst. Washing, hanging, folding and ironing takes 2 days. It’s simpler at home – milk comes out of the can and clothes come out clean from the machine and ironed from the dryer in 1.5 hours flat.

Anyway, the luxuries make Middle East our haven but in India, it’s the things money can’t buy that take our breath away.

Take cold coffee for example. Nowhere in the world has it tasted better. Costa’s Coffee Cooler was the first thing I had on landing at Delhi’s T3. It’s another thing that I rechecked twice with the cashier when he told me that the bill for two coffees was Rs. 480. Nevertheless I relished every drop of it!

I went to watch Vicky Donor today. It was a laugh riot. The theatre was abuzz with whistles and applause whenever the word ‘sperm’ or ‘fuddu’ came up. Can you bring people throwing coins at the screen to any other part of the world?

I’ve already mentioned one food item. It would be unfair if I don’t talk about desi chilli chicken, kachoris, chola bhatura, kulfi, gulab jamun, kebabs, biryani and what I drink twice a day these days – mango shake! We have Mac Donalds, Pizza hut and Dominoes in Bahrain, still, the menu tastes so much better here. Maybe it’s in the air.

I love it when you know someone in just about every field. The Boy underwent a surgery this week. We knew the orthopaedic surgeon. He performed the surgery and called us at night to ask about the Boy. What else do you want? Yes, we got a hefty discount as well! In Bahrain, you pay at every step and not even in your dreams can you expect a doctor to call you!

The welcome we receive from friends and family is super cool. I think that is one advantage of being an NRI – you get special attention! Stupid Airtel has disconnected my 7-year old India number because it wasn’t used for 3 months. All my loved ones have tried that number and said some gawar guy picks it up! They’ve all tried to connect with me in different ways which makes me feel so loved.
You can go around the world but the way your family and old friends treat you makes India most special.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nine... is it?

It's always a pleasure to count the number of years you've been together with your partner. It's fun when the person in front of you feels jealous and secretively counts the number of years he's been with his love!

It's been 9 for me. He caught me with a cheesy line and I gave in. He asked me if I was committed, and I told him it was on the rocks. Can't believe I said that. He fell in love with me soon after, and I ignored him. That day and today, I'm still running after him!

We never fight. When I confess this in front of someone, they make me think it’s a bad thing. I love him and he loves me. If there is something he's not comfortable with, I don't go ahead. And he, he always puts my comfort first. Neither of us has ever compromised. We just adjust to make each other happy. Probably it’s a good thing that he hardly ever says no! I feel guilty if I dominate him too much like all doting wives. When I apologise for the same, the guilt transfers!

Is it bad that there is too much understanding and warmth? It’s been nine years and we know each other through and through. The surprises that come our way amuse us rather than make us want to kill each other. Are we missing on the thrill of make-up sex!?

I guess not. I hate the sulking and brooding that goes into a fight. I wouldn’t want to trade my smiles with anything else! If the world is jealous with our 9 years, let them be. Some people call us role models. I’d try to live with just that!