Monday, November 30, 2009

Teethy Times

So where should I start? A movie review? Well De Dana Dan was funny in parts. So I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Kurbaan was 2.5. What do they think, with just a steaming scene (which btw was censored in my Middle East :( ..) they would grab our attention. Plus, it was a repetition of New York which, I thought, was way better. That Ajab Gazab flick made me think how cutie Ranbir is losing/wasting his talent. Hopefully Rocket Singh would be fun. Infact out Bollywood is losing it. I haven't gone crazy about any movie after Jab We Met. Angrezi movies, well, I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan. First, I don't like a lot of sci-fi, action, drama etc. I just like romantic comedies! Second, I don't understand a lot of it, a lot of times. Period.

Political issues? That BJP Ayodhya thing is taking too much space. When will all the drama in this world end? Jail people and get over with it. I pity how Pakistan is seeing terrorism at its peak. This is what happens when you don't stop the wrong doers at the right time. Something happened to the Thackerey's recently. The kind of politics they are into, I really don't care.

Global issues? I'm deeply concerned about global warming. Everytime I buy a milk carton I think of the plastic I'll be throwing out. I don't know what to do. I live in a country where there is no public transport(and so we bought a HONDA CIVIC recently..!!it has nothing to do with the post but no harm in a little flauntingg :)), per capita pollution is one of the highest here, people use plastic like they use oxygen, trees are visible only if I attach binoculars to my window... I can go on and on. I feel the need to do something but I really dont know how, what, where...

The best topic...Entertainment! So Shilpa Shetty got married and her glow quotient was awesome!! I heard Kangana and Gauri Khan tripped and her saree in the reception was falling off all the time... or was it the shoulder-less blouse!? I'm a die-hard BIGG BOSS fan...I might not enjoy whatever is happening in that shitty house with a bunch of losers but I do watch it religiously every day. Double standards, huh? You bet!

Did I miss out on anything? Yeah, the emotional, psychological issues. I've been expecting way tooo much. So this best friend didn't call me on my birthday and I dished out anger like never before. She called me up and started shouting. I cried and felt guilty for getting angry! Expectations lead to anger and disappointment which leads to depression resulting in higher expectations from your loved ones to make/keep you happy. So did I learn not to expect? NO.

I've written on topics which should have taken atleast 10 posts. So does that mean I'll be back in a couple of months. Nah, I have to put my blog back on the block now. High time, really, high time!


In a week from now, it will be a year to my wedding. It will be a year to postponing writing and everything to do with it. During this period I've written many unfinished posts. But friendship, love and marriage have been the only topics and so I refrained from repetition by leaving the posts where they are.

I have a habit of writing a few pages in my diary whenever something important happens in my life. Like the first time I met The Pati(!), the first time he held my hand, first fights, new romance, meeting parents, long distance...sigh. But everytime I begin to write about the first few days of the marriage, i fall short of words. Is it me, is it the wedding or has marriage made me a different person?

I'm so into my new life that the past has faded. All I want to do is learn new dishes, look gorgeous, explore the city with him, make memories and create more love in our small world. His work keeps him away for a few days in a week and I feel the love growing! Distance never made my love grow fonder as it does now. We spend each day like there was no tomorrow! And I've understood that it's this way I want to spend the rest of my life.

That doesnt mean I'll forget my main aim. We've been apart for 4 months, still its been a year. It's time to hit back and get the rest of my life in place. In place it will be :)