Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Present

Memories. They bring back smiles, they remind you of the tears, and if you have a happy present, they all add up to the best you could have ever had.

There was a time I use to love thinking about the past and the future. I cherished small memories and use to relive them each day. I use to wonder about the future and think if it would be happy. There were things I never imagined I could ever have. There were things I never imagined I could ever lose. Things fell into place only for the better, and I thank God for that.

I realised early in life that no matter how much I think about the past or future, it would not change my present. ‘Whatever will be, will be’ became my motto in life. And that made me a very happy person.

I was going through some diary notes and old poems today. Every word had a reflection of my state of mind in that year. I smiled at some amazing memories that flashed and had a strange feeling about the sad ones. And then, like time had stopped, there were no entries after a while.

And I realised that it was the time when I stopped worrying about past and future. That was the time I started living my life. Does this mean, we write more only when we want to capture the moment and want to relive it in the future? Really, words are all I have of my past. I’m not even 30, but my memory has had a serious loss! And when I read those words, they bring back a clear picture.

I guess I’m trying to say that it’s best to save our thoughts in our heads. Scratch your brains if you want to relive a special occasion. If you pen down every incident in your life, it will surely bring back some sad moments back in your present. Life is too short to think about them. Today is the best day of your life. Live it!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do you agree!?

So you know, I gave that crap again. Some inspiring lines about life in general. Oh, and I said it on Facebook. So there were bound to be comments. Ofcourse, why else would I post something if I didn't want some attention!! Ok, that deserves another post. Anyway, like always, there was someone who thought the statement wasn't true.

Now, I don't know that person well to make a judgment. And it's not really important if that statement/quote/saying holds true or not. What's important is that if someone is trying to infuse some positive energy into your stressful life, you embrace it or try to rationalize it?

If I say, "with all the drudgery, its still a beautiful life", you can either say if there's drudgery how can life be beautiful. Or, you can sigh and agree with me. If you disagree you're just looking at the negative aspects and creating further stress. Isn't it better to go with a positive person than trying to prove how she is over-the-top optimistic!?

Really, I don't know how such people will survives years of agony at home and stress at work. Believe it or not, being positive is not an easy job. It requires years of conditioning. You might be so engrossed in your rational world, that this might be of little significance to you. But someday, when you will reflect upon your life and think of the bad times, you will realise how different things would have been had you been more agreeable with people who tried to bring a smile on your face!