Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Teeth!

Whatever we do, we aim for happiness. Whether it’s cooking a meal for family, going to office, calling friends, heck, brushing our teeth! I’ve never seen someone do something to become sad. The end result is not in our hands, but our endeavors always seek a state of complete bliss. 

What are the things that made you happy recently? I picked up this idea from here, and completely loved thinking about the stuff that made me glad: 

1. The two short story ideas were selected by Indiblogger and Harper Collins. There are 250 contestants. The competition is fierce. Each blogger is better than the other. My friend R encouraged me by saying that whatever happens, in the end there will be two stories. Yes, the journey could be more important than the destination. I love it so far. 

2. One day I woke up and pledged to go to the gym for 4 continuous weeks, including weekends. Today is day 12. I haven’t missed a single day and I just love the feeling. Now I’m not some idiot obsessed with 26-34-26. I have peculiar health issues for which I keep trying new things. What may seem like a bed of roses to some is a tough journey. I love the way I’m fighting it. If I were you, I would call me a hero of sorts! (I have a short-term, secret agenda as well. If I achieve my targets, we plan to make a big trip this year. That can change the 28-day plan to a 50-day plan. Talk about finding ways to motivate yourself!)

3. I realised that some conversations are better left halfway. There may be a million questions in your head, but it’s not important to ask everything. The most essential part of it is happiness. When you achieve that, let it go. The smile will stay with you for a long time.

4. Jeffrey Archer is my new, rediscovered love. I had read his short stories ages back. And I have this weird thing about forgetting stories. Does that happen with you? I can’t seem to remember Paan Singh Tomar as well. Anyway, every short story by Archer makes me smile. Now that’s a big deal, isn’t it?

5. I posted a picture on FB and an uncle who rarely comments said that I looked like a doll. Ageing gracefully, eh? Wouldn’t that make you glad?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The After effects

It was 11:55 p.m. on 14th February 2013. We were at a restaurant having sumptuous dinner. Wine was on the house. We were with a few friends laughing out loud and listening to the band that was playing romantic numbers.

M, a Valentine Day fan, mentioned that the day of love was about to get over.

The Boy got excited, pointed at me and exclaimed, "Ab jaa Chudail!"

Men really are dogs!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phases in Love II

Four and a half years back, I did a post called ‘Phases in love’. I was about to get married that time. To keep my sanity, I had kept my mind blank. I conditioned myself not to think about anything that will happen after the wedding. How love will proceed was not on my mind as well. I tried to live each day as it came. Like every individual, I was scared and had my own reasons.

Anyway, it’s time for phases in love after marriage. Except missing my family and my city, I don’t have anything to crib about. So, this is love after marriage as seen from my non-hazel colored eyes!

Phase One – Just married – It’s like cupid striking all over again. The guy will try to do everything possible to make the girl happy (including remembering dates!). The new bride blushes at every given opportunity (and the recent attack of facials give an extra glow. Not to forget, the shiny hormones give an added lift *winks*). Everything glitters, from new clothes to new jewelery to new home. The guy licks his fingers whenever the girl cooks anything. Anything. The girl puts on make-up whenever the guy is around. It’s one of the best and most romantic phase of life.

Phase two – a few months into the marriage – issues start cropping up. This phase is very difficult since the couple starts to see negative qualities in each other. The lover turns into a husband/wife and the seriousness of living together dawns on you. The guy broods over the map shaped chapati and the girl starts to dislike the guy’s friends. Let’s-go-wherever-you-want-honey transforms into I-don’t-like-sushi-I-want-my-tandoori-chicken-bi*&^. The story with in-laws needs another post altogether! If both are working, the once lovey dovey couple who did things for each other complains about dividing chores and how the other never helps.

Phase three – a year into the marriageafter the roller coaster ride, the couple feels a sense of accomplishment. They celebrate their love and togetherness and come in terms with the good and the bad(read: compromise). They form their own rules and learn to live in harmony (read: adjustment). They feel proud of the bond they have created and talk about how time flies. They forget how they thought about walking out of that door a couple of times during the year. 

Phase four – ab to ek saal ho gaya this is an unending phase till you have two children. People from all quarters advice you to have kids. There are subtle hints from all and sundry, ‘enjoy your time, when you have kids you won’t party like this’. There are obvious hints from relatives, ‘next time when you meet us, we want to see three not two of you’. There are over-the-top hints from a neighbour whom you’ve never met and bump into in a supermarket, ‘not planning? Need time’? (This was meant for another post but I just couldn’t come in terms with it!!!)

Anyway, the way a couple decides about having a baby takes their relationship to another level. This is a difficult topic of discussion. And if you can bring up the subject every weekend without any tiffs, you’ve reached a level of understanding that’s rare. Congratulate yourself on building a strong foundation in the earlier phases.

Phase five – after a couple of years – If all has gone well, you become best friends in real sense of the word. The companionship is like no other. You want to explore the world with each other and grow old together. Mostly there are no banned topics. You know each other’s likes and dislikes and work on your relationship accordingly. You pick up the towel from the bed without any anger. He plays angry birds patiently when you're shopping. Minor spats on the way don’t dishearten you but make your friendship stronger. Sometimes the monotony bores you, but the warmth and togetherness steps in to ease all confusions. 

The initial phase of all love stories is the best. But when you get out of that phase and still want to be around each other – that’s real love. I’m glad I found it. I hope you did too. And if not, it’s just waiting to happen.  

Oh, the mushy mushy week!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Movie Review – Special 26

Before entering the theatre, I had no idea about the movie. I had not seen the trailer, I didn’t know who was in the movie and I had no clue what was it about. We just saw that people were rating it 4/5 and thought what the heck - if we can get through Race 2 and Jab Tak hai Jaan, we would get through this as well.

But Special 26 is one of the best movies we have seen in a long-long time. It is an intricately crafted drama based on real life heist in 1987 by a gang of con artists who portrayed themselves as the CBI and performed raids at huge business houses and homes of rich politicians. The script writer has done an amazing job weaving the story around these real life incidents. The narration is flawless and racy, the acting is superb and the dialogues are succinct. Things could have easily become Bollywood, but the director Neeraj Pandey of A Wednesday fame did a splendid job for second time in a row.

Also, since it's suppose to be 1987 in the movie, they have taken a lot of care to show old Fiat cars, Lijjat Papad ad in the background and empty Delhi streets. The movie has an air of nostalgia which is quite over-whelming.

I don’t want to say anything else about the story because I want you to watch it just the way I did. It’s a fast paced, no-nonsense film. I kept waiting for a moral because, well, we always have one! Watch the movie to find out if it has one or not.  

I give this awesome movie 4/5 as well. Minus one because they had a romance angle that sucked! Maybe the director was looking for commercial success which he should get anyway. Watch this one if you are a sucker for good movies.