Monday, November 29, 2010

Loneliness bluessss

Things Loneliness at night can do to you:

Eat a bar of chocolate and wake up with a hangover (you know, the headache of losing 2000 calories)

Write intelligent status messages: ‘I hate my new shampoo’, ‘I’m with my parents in chowk(in lucknow) and missing my jaanu(husband who’s like 3 kms away in Lucknow)’, ‘my head wants to forget him but my heart is screaming how can I’ … Oh they make me sick!!!!!!!!

Start watching You Tube with a news item and then moving on to several episodes of Ellen causing a sleepless night

Playing Bejewelled relentlessly

Analysing how God has been unfair and mourning over your friend’s success!

Oh, then there’s a lot of stuff you can do with yourself which would have been easy to explain if I were a guy!

Resisting going to the refrigerator, trying hard, but giving up resulting in another analysis of how you’ve been a failure

Moral of the Post – Get a partner/Never let your husband travel for work/Make friends who can chat with you all night/Start Blogging so that you can sulk in private thinking someone would read and sympathise!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is how you could have said...!!

No one will write a poem on my birthday for me
Not that I’m not special, He’s just not into expressing creatively.
So darling let me say, what you would have written
And since I’m penning this down, I’ll go overboard with how you are smitten!

You give me those cute names and I know you mean each of them
I know I’m a cutie, I know you’ve earned a gem!
It’s loving to have you around and how you constantly aim for my neck
I know it's sexy, just love your sweet!

It’s easy to be your strength, for you rarely let yourself fall
It’s easy to be around, since you are there at my beck and call!
Oh baby my perfection, comes from you and only you
If it wasn’t for you, my sunshine would have been so blue!

It would have been so much better if you were capable of compiling this too,
Next year if you try my patience, I’ll treat you in a way, that’s reserved for a lucky few!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Behind the scenes

My phase on this blog is getting so boringgggggg!!! I sound like Nisha devi!! Actually, people around me have been saying that I'm very good at inspiring. So, I thought I'll show off my talent here as well. But alas, I just cant stand myself doing this, readers or no readers!

I even thought of going a step further and writing a book. I thought I'll try to inspire through stories and blah. I don't have a problem with that. What I don't like is, being serious. Even if its motivating in the gravest of situations, if I can't laugh during my satsang/pravachan, I don't like it!

Having said that, what is this post really about? It's yet another satsang, but if I'm not funny, you'll not get to read it. So, let me give it a try!

Bhaiya, these pictures on FB. It seems like we live for them. I can't repeat my anniversary dress on my husband's birthday even if we are going out alone. Why? I'll put up the pics and people will see. Hawww!!
I can't even put my Karvachauth pics. Why? I don't want my reputation of a self-proclamed 'babe' stoop down to a behenji! Even though I loved the henna, the bangles, the tiny bindi, the chamko saree and everything associated with the beautiful festival. But well, I have to live upto a reputation.Yes, I do.
There are so many things I want to tell you about these pictures. But saying this out loud make me feel like the tiniest person on earth. Even though I'm cent percent sure you feel them too and you'll nod in agreement. Sadly, you'll only do that in your thoughts and so will I!

Don't get me started on pictures I see. Perfectly poised, newest attire, impeccable smile... makes you jealous, doesn't it? Pictures of parties which were claimed to be as perfect madness, romantic dinners that make you wonder if you're missing louve in your life and of'course those holiday shots...what can I say!?

Nothing wrong in showing off your best. And no, there's nothing wrong in feeling a wee bit jealous that your life is not as 'happening'. What is actually wrong is comparing your life with what you see and then sulking about it.

Because you actually have no idea about what's not captured through the lens. For starters, that perfect pose could be momentary, that rocking party would have gossip mongers, and that holiday you see, could have had several fights all along.
People with the worst profile picture could have the best of lives. People who don't really care about creating an album might be living in the moment and having the time of their life. These could be the most genuine people around.

There are people I know who look like they're happy, but I have proof that they're not quite there. I'm sure you know some of them too. So why sulk on seeing that attractive dress on that pretty girl? For all you know, she would never have the affection within the four walls like you do! And at the end of it all, that is what matters most.

This ain't funny. But it makes sense. Read it!Meanwhile, I'll put some nice October pics on Facebook. :D