Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ring Ceremony

I've been living a very busy life in the last few days...thanks to the wedding to be. On Sunday, me and the Boy exchanged rings to live happily ever after! here are a few interesting things about the day:

1. I dont know if I was nervous or happy, but I just laughed all through it!! I was on this stage with some 350 people looking at me and I couldnt help giggling. Someone adviced me to behave like a bride...but did i care...NAH!!! I hope I wasnt looking like a joker!hehe

2.The ring didnt fit him!!Although I had taken proper measurement, something went wrong. I tried hard to fit it in, but left it in between for people were watching. Anyway, he's ready to gift it to me since he doesnt like any jewels!

3.My 50 year old uncle danced on Pappu cant dance with my 7 year old cousin. It's the best dance I've seen till today! All my cousins, brother & bhabhi and friends put in a lot of effort to prepare a veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice skit...It made me feel so special!

4.The theme was purple. It made all the pics look sooooo pretty.

There are loads of pointers, lots of funny moments and loads of sweetness attached to this day. You really wont be interested so I'll leave it at that. Life has changed in some way. I cant help looking at my ring 50 times a day! I dont want to leave my home, my city and my family, yet I cant wait to start a new life.

Ah, its a beautiful feeling. And I've promised myself to enjoy every bit of it. It helps me not to be nervous about the new family, new city and a new life. I hope I'm giggling on my wedding day too! :)