Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please hear what I’m not saying

I wear a dark mascara, I wear Jimmy Choos
I drool over Chanel, I have a collection of a million shoes
I wear a confidence that only a few can muster
If I have to get there, I tend to get there faster.
But try to see the lines embedded beneath that eye
The soreness that comes, when the heel gets high.
I don’t do it all for me, I am sometimes suffering
Will you please hear what I’m not saying?

I am ruthless, I have broken all rules
I am just perfect, never have those blues.
I eat mutton on Tuesday, Temples are not for me
Feminism, AIDS, oh, I care a damn about child literacy.
But did you hear I make kind gestures to the poorest stranger
I want to sponsor a girl child, want to help her like a mother
Every night before sleeping, you’ll see me praying
But you can’t for its silent…Please hear what I’m not saying.

If I crack silly jokes, it doesn’t mean I have a non-existent IQ
If I act like a teenager, it doesn’t mean I haven’t grown up like you.
No, I won't drop the act 'coz I like it that way
And I don't want your sympathy, don't think too much after this essay.
Just be aware of the mask, 'coz like you most of the time I’m playing
Like you, I need to be heard, but first, Please hear what I’m not saying.

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  1. Beautiful. People often judge you by the way you look and act around them. What they don't realize is that you are the real you when alone. I wrote a very similar poem once. Do read is you can. http://www.soulintoxicated.net/2009/03/tell-me.html

  2. Awesome! :)
    Co-existence of the two, at its best!

  3. @The Lover: It should not matter also when 'people' judge you wrongly. What hurts is when people whom you thought were close to you and understood you judge you that way.

    @Akansha: thanks :)

    @Prachi: So i'll see you active here? cribbing works :)

  4. Very beautiful poem. loved it!

  5. I heard what you didn't say - now can I 'not' say what you want to hear? :P

    (Kidding - lovely post this) Will hop around here for more...adieu!

  6. @Prathima: thanks :)

    @Phatichar: yess.. becoz i heard you.. didnt u mean u loved the poem!? lol

  7. Shocking as well as entertaining,it works so well basically coz it manages to shed pseudo inhibitions n pretense saying 'be what you are' minus the drama n songs n intervals:-)


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