Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Incredible India?

The Commonwealth Games is the hottest topic on every Indian's mind. When I went to Delhi last month, I was stunned by the Domestic and International Terminal. Delhi roads and the idea of re-designing Connaught place impressed me too. It all looked pretty neat from the outside.

And then the scams hit the headlines. The treadmill and the toilet paper made more noise than anything else. Forging documents, teams walking out and leaking rooftops were breaking the news.

The inquiries will set in, there will be questioning and eventually things will die out. Even if there is a leak and spectators experience discomfort, the nation will forget after a while.

Only the tourist will remember each and every detail. They will take back memories of Incredible India as Disturbing India. If the babu's up there can be corrupt, do you think the taxi wala's will listen to Amir Khan? Do you really think Khan power is more encouraging than our 'exemplary' leaders?

The recent floods at Leh have been devastating. I was there just 10 days before the calamity and the place was full of foreign tourists perhaps more foreigners than Goa. There are thousands stranded at the Leh airport even after 12 days. Shouldn't the government be responsible to bring them back? The image has been shattered. Those outside who have been watching the news would think every tourist destination in India is incapable of doing anything for the visitors. The result is not difficult to imagine.

It won't be a surprise if CWG is a failure and if India's image is worsened. I just hope we, as citizens, fare better than our leaders in what we do best - being hospitable. I hope, if nothing else, the Khan power works and people take warm memories from the games.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sheddin' a tear or two..

- So I cry everytime I leave my parents house. I hate parting. Even if I know I'll be back in no time, bidding adieu is the toughest thing to do for me.

This time I was strong. I smiled all through. Just as the car moved, my four year old niece said 'come back soon'. Hearing something like that from her made me bawl like a baby!!

- My mother-in-law is the sweetest person on earth. When she asked me to do something only a mother would, I spared no time and shed a tear or two!

- It's amazing. Even when I know there is 'something' I can never have and I've made up my mind that its no big deal, every time someone mentions things related to 'it', I have eyes full of tears. Why do we want everything in life? And why are 'somethings' so important?

When someone says something nice, when someone mentions a short coming, I get emotional. Is it a sign of immaturity?

My problem is why do we need to control our emotions when emotions are all we live for?

Someday I'll start a blog with only answers to these super-tough questions. Till then, I'll jump like a moron with happiness and cry like a baby when sad, what is life otherwise.