Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin aalaa re...!!

I don't know anyone who isn't proud to be an Indian. Nevertheless, on a day like today, when the God of cricket, the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar hits the first ever double ton in an ODI, that chill runs down your spine.

Really, that hero gives us yet another reason to be proud, proud to be an Indian. More power to him :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some days are just bad.

You know you have to be positive, but it seems too hard.
You try to ignore the problem and focus on the good things, but the negativity finds it's way through.
You try to smile, but tears just come out from nowhere.
You know its nothing as compared to the lives of a million others, but you start comparing a few handfuls.
You know this too shall pass, but somehow it drags on.
You know shopping, eating, drinking, laughing can fight the blues, but all you want to do is be alone.
You know there's nothing that cannot be sorted, but the answers don't satisfy you.

Really, we know all the positive words, have all the possible answers, still, some days are just sad.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To gym or Not to gym!

Whenever I have to exercise/do yoga/go to the gym, there are always the two of me. One the stronger me who says you can do it girl, just 5 more minutes. And the other, a much stronger me who says, tomorrow I'll do 5 more minutes, today let me take a much deserving break!

I know for a fact that everyone takes the much-stronger person to the gym as well. So how does it go? Let's call the determined one Fatty and the less determined one Aalsi(Lazy in angrezi, oops, english)!

Fatty gets on the treadmill, after 2 minutes:
Fatty: Wow, it's been 2 minutes. Today I'll stretch the 20 minute run to 25.It's going pretty well, I feel so energetic.
Aalsi: Hahahaha, we shall see.

After 5 mins that seem like eternity
Fatty: I'm just feeling the heat, its good for me. The weekend's coming. Can make it to 25. Keep going girl. Starts to sing out loud.
Aalsi: Only 5 minutes. When I'm shopping time flies by, and here I am, 5 minutes seem to be like an hour.

After 10 mins that seem like a whole day
Fatty: (she's becoming weaker) Let me complete 20. then will see about the 25.
Aalsi: Cool hai, 700 metres. Thats a whole lot. I'll finish in 15 minutes.

Fatty: Trying not to look at the time. Determined not to look for the next 2 minutes.
Aalsi: Within 30 seconds she feels its been 2 minutes, looks at the screen, bangs a little, makes faces, wants to get down.

15 minutes pass. Fatty wants to make use of the time she's taken out for the gym. Aalsi wants to get down and chit chat with her friend.

On a good day Aalsi wins. But, ya, a girl gotto do what she gotto do, so I try to put Fatty in the lead. Anyway, it's time for me to hit the gym, Fatty is pressurizing. Aalsi is kinda sleeping. Hope she doesn't wake up till I really get on that treadmill!Wish me luck people :)

So who's awake at your place,hmm?

Monday, February 15, 2010

When I was His phone!

He loves it more than anything else and so I made a wish, a wish to be my husband’s cell phone. The next morning, magically, life changed, and I was ringing to wake S up.

My whole body was shaking. I was humming Winds of Change, S’s alarm tune. He loved to wake up to it. When I wasn’t a phone, I use to shake him up, lovingly stroke his hair or just ask him to wake up in a lifeless tone. And here I was, at 6 in the morning, singing and whistling.

I saw his hands come up to me. He opened his tired eyes and pressed my left foot. Oh wait, that was a snooze button. ‘C’mon’, I thought,’ get up and let me sleep a little more’. But he wouldn’t budge. He snoozed me 6 times! And me, like a loyal phone, sang his favourite tune till he woke up at 6:30.

While I lay there, I thought if he realised the human me wasn’t next to him. But he didn’t. It was as if he knew that I had transformed into something I had wished for. He loved it, I’m sure.

I feared the next few moments. S would wear his lenses and put me on charging. I had a clinging feeling on my right foot and I was being transferred energy. It was nice. Without any effort I could get food and water and a willingness to be active all day. I dozed off till I was woken up to a sick smell.

Ah, there it was. I hated it when he took his cell in the loo. Eww, it was smelly all around. The only solace was the touch of his fingers all over my body while he spent 15 mins on the pot. I was willingly showing him his new mails, Facebook updates and Tweets. He opened Google news and scrolled down to Entertainment. Really, reading an update on Angelina Jolie is not news hubby. So that’s what you called important. Ha, now I knew.

He charged me yet again and finished his morning chores by applying half a bottle of Armani Code. Today, I would know who smells it anyway.

He didn’t even miss me at breakfast. It was as if he loved cereals and milk to omellete, nuts and a very healthy glassful of juice! In between his spoonfuls, he kept touching the screen as if Angelina Jolie had another update.

It was fun being driven down to office. For a change he concentrated on the road more than me, his cell phone. It was 730, I dozed off as usual!

I was claustrophobic in his pocket. I wish he could take me out. But for over an hour, busy in some stupid meeting, he didn’t even look at me. I had to make a noise to get out of the darkness. And so I beeped without a reason. He took me out, looked for reasons and when he couldn’t find any, he just calmly put me on the table.
So my beeping made no difference to him? Men fail to understand our tears and ignore the whole thing. But c’mon I was the phone, you know, The phone whom he loved so much. He ought to pay more attention.

After he was done with his submission, he picked me up. Oh, so he was busy, now he would look into the unusual beeping. He didn’t! He wrote an sms to his friend for a booze party at night. Hey, that’s all men do when the wives are not around, right? Uh, I was the one who flashed the positive reply from the bugger who would dirty my house that night.

Work kept him busy. He didn’t need entertainment so I was ignored. I rang a few times during the day. It was weird how I was full of life when I had to hum his favourite caller tunes. I wondered if it was really me around him the whole day, would he ignore me in the same way. He dare not!

It was claustrophobic again while going back home. He hummed songs that were played on the radio. Doesn’t happen when I am in the front seat. Was I stopping him from being himself? Quite sure, I was!

He kept looking at me at home. From news to mails to an episode of ‘How I met your Mother’, I followed his command. He smiled at me, laughed quite a few times, it was all too good to be true! Then the friend came and the booze party began.

When that other guy asked my specifications, S proudly chattered all. He remembered evey bit about the phone. He wouldn’t know what color his wife likes, but the RAM in the phone was told even before it was asked.

He was reluctant to hand me to him. S was being possessive of me. Or, was it the phone? Ah, I guess that was one similarity I shared with his N900!

Next day, when it was me again, I tried to hum Winds of Change so that he would love me as much as he loves his phone. He looked at me with his cute sleepy eyes and asked me to stop singing . I hugged him and said nothing. He kissed on my cheek and went back to sleep. I scored over the phone!

Moral of the illogical story: It’s not that they loved their gadgets more, it’s just the way gadgets come with specifications, don’t fret when he doesn’t pay more attention to an unusual beep, never feel ignored and just be on their command all the time.
Oh, I learned a lot while I wrote this story. Why don’t you try a hand at being something that you aren’t for a day. It’s fun!

Bad Romance?

I don't know any girl who doesn't dream of her guy coming home with a bunch of flowers. Yeah, every girl wishes for surprise gifts, candle lit dinners, close dancing, isolated islands and all the stuff that Mills and Boons was made of. Our fascination for romance doesn't die even if the partner is not keen enough.

More often than not, he isn't! My Boy read somewhere a few months back that romantic novels and movies put wrong ideas in a girl's head. That statement has stuck with him. So whenever i am watching a chick flick with love blooming from all angles, the Boy makes a sick face! Why such a big gap in the XX and XY chromosomes? Why can't they be cute and romantic once in a while and fulfill all our expectations?!

My argument is, we have rather high expectations! If he buys me a gift, I expect another a few days later. If he buys me flowers, I tend to believe I will get them frequently!Most men understand this, give up and stop being romantic at all.

Another argument is that every guy has a different way of being romantic. Some may hold your hand while watching tv, kiss you every time the elevator door closes, make excuses to eat at your favorite eatery, you know, do things that are not usually depicted in books or movies.

So this Valentines Day, even though I nagged and got a very smart watch, I've decided to appreciate the smaller romantic gestures and not look for something that every Tom does! I don't think I'm compromising. Maybe I'm just growing up and looking at the menu has become more interesting than looking into the eyes at a candle lit dinner!

Spread love babes and make everyday a Valentines day :)