Monday, September 24, 2007

Way to go India!

Rare moments need to be captured...and so I'll pen down this!

I was a huge cricket fan some years back. Remember the fervor that gripped India when the world cup was held here? Yeah, I was a part of it. I made posters at home, wore India's t-shirt(still!) and was always glued to the tv set when our matches were on.

And slowly the charm faded due to the disgraceful performances. After World cup 2007, I can't even remember when I saw a match.

But there's something about 20-20 that calls out for your attention. The pace, the pressure, the nerve wrenching phases...that's what a game is all about. Cricket is normally so slow that it's easy to get distracted when your team isn't doing well. With 20-20, you watch, you experience and you forget. Now I understand why faster games are more popular.

The matches against Pakistan, England, South Africa and Australia were all awesome.And the finale today...a roller coaster ride as always. I wonder what Paki did wrong to deserve this!And I seriously think what did we do right to beat every country thats worth its money!

So 20-20 for me is all about the fun. I don't think Dhoni really means it when he says 'I dont really care what happens in the end...' coz of course it matters. But I love the guy. He's sweet and positive. The way Sreesanth looks at the players; it makes you laugh out loud but then, other players do it too...way to go! I loved the dance by Bhajji...the bowl out by India was fun...Yuvi's sixes were a delight...and so was R.P Singh's bowling(he's from!)

So I'm a fair weather friend...I'm a cricket fan again! Way to go India...after all, we've won the first Gen Nextt cricket tournament. Don't count on it as such...come Saturday and we're meeting Australia. That will tell how big a fan I am...or the Indian population is!

You gave us some super cool moments and for that we grant you a celebrity status for 5 big days...And you're welcome!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Live it up

Today is special. Today will never come back tomorrow, right?

And we spend it thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. We waste it by brooding over things we never had or things we can never have. We shed tears over those who would prefer not to be with us. We see our grass colorless in comparison to our friend/neighbor/just about everyone. We gossip and hurt ourselves in the process. We scream in anger then regret it but never apologize.

And we do a whole lot of things that we should not be doing. Everyone knows what's bad for them, still we indulge in all the unnecessary rancor. Sometimes we make conscious efforts to avoid all this for we know it's bad for us. But mostly, we end up being what we are - Humans. "I think and I act the way I do because I am just a human," defends We.

We are just humans. And the fact we can blog, make us among those who can read, write, make money and live life up to a certain level of luxury, make us privileged humans. We worry about our next promotion and thankfully not where our next meal will come from. There are several examples like this that we know. Still, we are just humans.

And not animals. We have a fairly easy life as compared to them, right? Oh yes, we know. But we are just humans.

Most of us can see, smell, taste, feel, walk, talk, type and live a 'normal' life. But we prefer to raise our blood pressure and mourn over trivial things that leave us paralyzed - in the heart and mind. Trivial it may not be, but we blow it further without concentrating more on the solution. That's in our blood, that's in our genes, that's in our category for we are just humans.

The WORST excuse ever. Stand up and get going. Challenges, heart breaks, diseases, failure...are a part of this beautiful carnival called LIFE. Today you maybe 25. Tomorrow you will be 26. The fun you can have at 25 can never be repeated at 26. Don't spend it just like that. Let your hair down, 'paint the town red', laugh-out-loud today, make someone feel special, sing loudly in the shower, give a compliment to a co-worker, call your mom, pull someone's leg, dance like no one is watching and away from those who fret too away from the present you.

For you never know, tomorrow maybe tougher. For you never know, next life you may not be 'just a human'.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Rajeev tagged me.Thank you so much...I had a writers bloc!

Here are the rules:
* Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
* When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
* At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Now for a middle name, I wish it was RUKH (you know, of the Shah Rukh Khan fame! okie I guess the not-so-funny mania continues even after the break up quiz.) Hmmm...I choose 'witch' ...adds to the insanity of my name...nisha witch it goes with my teeth. Yeah I know, I've used my teeth far too many times now to let them just be!

As for the facts, lets see how they go:

W : (how i wish i could use witch again for my teeth...duh...cant think of anything!) Here's one...I wish for things a whole lot. And then i work for them. Yep, I'm the take action types...not relying in Tarot/destiny/janam patri/mistletoe (!!??*naughtyy*)

I: Impatient, Intolerable, Insane, Indirect, Innocent... I'm none of these. Infact, I'm Interesting(yea thats narcissist spelt with an i!) And to elaborate on that, you would have to meet me. (So, you'll never find out the truth...yippee!)

T: (gawd...i could use a teeth joke here too!) I love to tease my friends! I can rip them apart at any fav being in front of their moms! And then I love it when their mom takes their case at home...what happens next is they trying the same at my place...and well...they hardly succeed. Yep, I'm lucky to have 'innocent' friends and not 'witchy' like me!

C: I'm cute! (yeah thats narcissist spelt with a C!) well, I've been hearing this ever since I was a kid. C'mon people, I'm 24, its gotto change to sexy now.

H: (I wish i could say I'm hot!!!!!!!!!!!) Honesty is the best policy...i follow that. Frankly, I have to. My face says it if I'm lying. My friends tell me secrets of other friends asking me to keep them. No, I don't spill them in front of others, but when the other friend asks me if I know, I can't lie! This being a small example is one of many cases were I have been forced to be honest!

You know, I hate tags. They make me feel my life is DULL!
I hate them again 'coz somehow I don't get any comments on my tags.Maybe becoz of the my-life-is- dull-crib!
I hate them more because I don't want to burden anyone with 'You are Tagged!'
I hate them all the more 'coz no one, absolutely no one on my blogroll has a name starting with W-I-T-C-H!!!

I tag wonderful, interesting, tooo sweet, cute and huggable people! So, you know, if you are one of these, you'll take this tag...and u will enjoy! A few middle names that I can suggest are: Devil, fatty, bubbly, clever, disgusting, sloshed...