Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holiday Fever

I’ve been crazy during the last few months. Ever since we decided we’ll be taking a France – Switzerland trip this August, I’ve lost it! I’ve devoured Tripadvisor and as a result I’m seriously considering planning holidays for people now. I know what to do, where to stay, how to move, what to eat, where to shop, the list goes on and on.

Worse (or better), I’m taking French lessons and hope to master the language in a year or so! If this is not crazy then what is.

The boy is totally bugged. All he does is follow my instructions to get the print outs from office, exchange cash, make certain bookings and read his book while I stare at the screen. He's the bread earner (ahem!) and so he has the final word on everything. Or that's what other would see it as! All he wants to do is grab a bottle of beer and wander on the streets, something that we can’t do in the Middle East. I would love that too, but c’mon, not every day!

I’m really, really ,really excited and can’t wait to board the plane now! I've mastered quite a few Middle East destinations, have seen a bit of South East Asia but it's my first time outside Asia and so the thrill is expected. What is not normal is my days of planning! Hopefully, someday, life will teach me how to live more spontaneously. Till then, bear with my compulsive need to plan.

Au revoir people. Moi will be back in quinze days with Ile de France stories and breathtaking, ah, breathtaking pictures from the Swiss Alps! (I know, so far the French sucks!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Review - Aarakshan

I've never seen my watch so many times in a movie. And the only reason I finished it because I thought the subject was interesting. The movie - not so much.

Aarakshan begins with the expected fight between the SC/ST/OBC and general category students. In the background there is a love story happening between the Principal's (charitable, principled, admirable,for-reservation Amitabh) daughter (expressionless Deepika) and his fave teacher (OLD Saif - someone from the reserved category). After some 20-30 minutes the movie becomes a revolution against coaching centres. And it ends there after 3 hours.


The song and dance sequences that emerged from nowhere were absolutely abhor-able. The romance was dreary. The idea of Amitabh trying to prove his ideologies by beginning a free coaching centre in a cowshed was unimaginable. Students studying there and changing from losers to toppers in few weeks was miraculous. Last shot with Hema Malini emerging as a diety from Rishikesh to solve all problems was hilarious.

There were several scenes which could have been edited. We tried to laugh out loud but Uncle in the row beneath us got highly offended and so we couldn't get back every Fil of Dinar we spent.

The only highlight was Manoj Bajpai in his villainous character which too got bugging towards the end. Saif was selected in Cornell University but carried an Indian Sim card and we were on the edge of our seats to see the number correctly.

If that got us to the edge of our seats, you can imagine the boredom we went through. You can still go if all you've got at home is India-England match. Aarakshan scores above that, atleast!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friendship is Life

The Friendship that was

Rejoicing over each other’s good grades but secretively feeling jealous
Helping each other go on dates
Hearing love tales and giving a shoulder during a break up
Shopping together and fighting over the same top
Drinking coffee at Barista and talking for hours
Hogging at a favourite hangout
Watching movies and making memories that will be discussed extensively in the future
Clicking silly pictures together, giving each other cards, cutting cakes…

The Friendship that is

Helping each other get married
Hearing out marital problems
Laughing yet giving mature advice
Worrying about the future together
Discussing the pressure to get married, have kids, buy a property…
Sharing holiday/honeymoon/second honeymoon pictures over Picasa
Looking at each other on a web cam and wondering when we will get to see each other again
Planning a getaway someday

The Friendship that will be

Crying for a year on touching 30
Helping the last one get married
Calling Godmother to each other's children and fighting over ‘who gets whom’
Repeating koki, chowmien, peking soup moments in home town.
Keep the hunt on for the tape we made in the span of one year during our graduation. Keep the blame game on too.
Growing old together and telling the world that the concept of ‘forever friends’ exists :)

Happy Friendship Day my sweethearts!

P.S. And the excitement of F-Day continues. Signs that I'm still young... :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thought for today

Be the most enthusiastic person you know and your life will suddenly become the best.

I realised this when I saw two of my friends dead tired after 4 hours of shopping but I was ready for much more! I thought I was weak but didn't realise that enthusiasm can beat all odds :)
And yes, I even made dinner and lunch after reaching home before a fashion show for the Boy while one girl ate at Subway and the other took disprin!