Sunday, June 26, 2016

I wish to –

Start a travel blog.
Get on that plane to a new destination.
Eat chatpati chaat.
Dark chocolate cake.
Read more.
Have intelligent discussions. Only.
Laugh till a little pee comes out.
Make someone smile.
Finish that conversation.
Write more often.
Believe I can.
Win that story writing contest.
Have simple wish lists like this one. Always.

See you on the other side of wish no. 2.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On International Yoga Day

Every morning, 4 a.m. onwards, you can hear ‘Om’ chanting in my house by various people at various intervals. No, we are not a religious lot, we just do a lot of Yoga!

My dad, much to my mom’s fury, wakes up at 3 a.m. and does Yoga. He says he goes back to sleep at 4. His skin sclerosis has had a miraculous effect ever since Baba Ramdev entered our abode.

My mom, she wakes up at 6, has her tea and twists and turns on the floor for more than half an hour. At 62, she is a hero of sorts and the most agile person I know at that age. She devours atleast one mithai a day.

My brother starts his day with a morning run. He then goes to have samosa and chai after which he comes home and does his Yoga routine. His sinusitis has been kept in check for years due to this. His late night partying, atleast twice a week, has also been regular.

Me, well, I’ve had a love and hate relationship with mudras. I was introduced to Yoga at the age of 13 at a private class by this yoga teacher who taught me a lot of exercises. Being a young girl, I absolutely hated going for the session. Teenage was definitely not the time when I took my health seriously.

It did not help me much and so we stopped after a few months. Now when I think about it, if the teacher knew more about the benefits, he could have helped me.

I learnt Sudarshan Kriya when Art of Living was quite new. It came into my life at a tough time and did make me a new person. We learnt quite a few Yoga exercises there as well.

Over the years I have learnt breathing exercises and a number of stretches and poses. For optimal benefit, I combine principles of Yoga and exercises taught by various physiotherapists. When I tell my physiotherapist about a particular Yoga pose, she immediately tells me how it will hurt my back. When I tell my mom that Yoga can be harmful, she shuns science. You can’t win with fanatics, can you?

From experience, however, even I feel there are a number of exercises that can cause harm, especially to the back. Unless you are not careful, Yoga does make you stretch beyond your limits and can lead to injuries. For that, it is important to listen to your body before getting completely immersed into a program.

While no exercise regime can guarantee you a healthy life, combining various forms can keep you interested. Not many people enjoy getting out of their comfort zone and pushing themselves beyond limits. But if you keep your routine flexible, much can be achieved in a fun way.

Pledge to change and keep your exercise interesting. Working out is as necessary as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. On this International Yoga Day, make sure people are twisting and turning in your home too. Not at 4 a.m. though; that is torture!

Monday, June 13, 2016



Long and meaningful
Short and sweet 
Between the said and unsaid
Lie words so deep.


Me and you
You and them, them and me
Between the exchanges
Lie changes which you hurt to see.


I mince my words
I turn and twist
Between the truth and acceptable 
Lies the being we detest.


Some never meant to end
Some you will always regret
Between desired and imposed
Lie memories you can't forget.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

In Sync (not)

Thoughts, actions, words - these are all three different things. What we think, what we say and how we react may all be totally out of sync. Why do we not tell people we love them? Why, even though we are kind-hearted, fear to offer a helping hand? What stops us from being who we are?

I have a big mouth. I can talk endlessly and sometimes talk crap. Sometimes people get offended with what I have to say. I don’t make up stories, I just tell them what is in my head. I believe if I don’t speak my mind, I’m not being true to the person. If that makes someone feel bad, it could be their problem. However, the guilt inside me makes me learn and I try not to repeat my mistake.

It is making me less me and more what others want me to be. But I can live with it, not the guilt. Never the guilt.

Speaking your mind also opens up other people. There are some who think more and speak less. But when they are with people like me, they feel they are more free. Sometimes they crack jokes which could be offensive, for you see, speaking your mind is also an art. I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt. Life becomes fun that way.

Thoughts and actions? – well, I consider myself a very caring person. Bad health makes you extra sensitive to things. It makes you a better and kinder person. These are the perks that we enjoy. If I feel like helping someone, I go out of my way to do that. I’ve also learnt how never to expect anything in return. I shut my brain when it comes to someone doing something for me. As long as I am hale and hearty, I don’t need anyone! After that? -  we will see!

I’ve cooked for people endlessly even without going to their home. I’ve been in hospitals for others even though I know I will never need it (Oh yeah, I’m sick positive!). I’ve bought umpteen gifts for people while I have not received many. I’ve loved and cared without, probably, being loved back..

I want to sync my thoughts, actions and words. I want to be who I am – always. If that makes people uncomfortable, they can find a way out. It doesn’t guarantee I would stop feeling the way I feel for them – ‘cause my feelings are never based on someone’s reaction, they are for me to feel.  We ignore, but we don’t stop feeling, do we? 

Then why do our thoughts, words and actions don’t sync?

P.S. This seems like a perfect example of Sunday musings gone awry!