Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Blessed

I'm all smiles and life's a bliss
After long, I can feel the calmness
A lot of satisfaction, a whole lot of love
God just handed me, one of his turtle dove...

I realize the price that I have to pay for this
I realize the things that I had to miss
Is it enough? No, I'd say
I would give anything, for such a peaceful day

They would call it a lull before the storm
It could be a devil, in another form
Do I care? No, I'd say
I would postpone the thought, for a rainy day

Oh, they call me blessed - a lucky one
Will this last in the long run?
Yes it will, I would say
For when things change, I'll ask God for an action replay!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak de India!

Just when I thought Bollywood directors had lost it, they hit back. Chak de India is a must watch for every Indian. Not only because its patriotic, gripping, entertaining and inspiring, but also because its revolutionary in many ways!

From the moment I grabbed my seat till the screen was jet black and they wanted us out, I was zapped! Kabir Khan is coach India...and he does a splendid job. Shahrukh's acting is remarkable in this movie. His dialogues have finesse that not many movies have.

A bunch of girls whom you never knew take your heart away. The tom boy from Haryana is an absolute entertainer. The damsel from Chandigarh speaks with her eyes! Punjabi girl shows way to every Indian girl - of how to fight your own battles. And the most experienced player of the team - Bindya has a role in the movie whom you hate initially but ultimately fall in love with!

The movie inspires patriotism when you watch your flag rise high, it weaves the path for Indian woman to come out of her cocoon(if she still haven't), it shows everything is possible if you have the talent, and it touches male chauvinism from time to time and subtly every girl defends herself from it. My favorite scene in the movie is when these girls fight guys teasing them. Thrill to watch!

The movie could have easily become boring with all the hockey matches. But full points to the script, they never let it lose. They could have easily shown a lot of unrealistic scenes, but they did not. And that makes the movie special.

I generally don't do such a lot of tareef! So get your ticket and be ready to cheer for team India. Anyway, we get rare moments like this these days!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friends Forever

Friendship day...reminds me of unnecessary expenditure on bands that we never wore for more than a day and Joey & Chandler's ultimate women repel'lor' - a gold band! And man, until a few years use to be like an occasion...parties, cakes, cards...cute kiddie fun! Although most of my friends are out, its one of those few days, that I really like to celebrate. When it comes to friends, any amount of celebration is less I guess.

I've fought with my friends..physically...i know all guys would love to see girls just tearing each other apart.Unfortunately, we do it indoors! I've hated my friends..yeah when someone has a better feel happy, alright...but somewhere its all about ...oh i wish i had someone like him! I've been jealous like crazy...good marks, good clothes, better city, freedom...whatever...if you say you've never been jealous of a friend coz thats not true friendship..I declare you a liar!

And I've laughed with my friends. Over jokes no one would ever understand. Over stories and future plans no one would ever care to even listen. Over past, over other friends, over movies, and yeah FRIENDS the series! I've cried for lost love, for trouble with closed ones, for just any reason a girl would need to you need one!!

So what will i do tomorrow? Call up all my friends and say in an embarrassing tone 'happy friendship's day'! For me, its like saying, that I love them. Saying these 3 words to anyone other than a boyfriend(oh, i detest that word!) is hard for me. Why? Maybe because I express little. Thats sad actually. I wish I could say everything that I felt for everyone important in my life. Thats why i like internet...somehow it has made me open up. Its easier to say what you feel when you write it. So here it goes, to all my friends...

To saKshi...20 years and still rock absolute selfless friend..thats what u've taught me. And now that you are married, I wish you shared more!!!!!!!

To shAkti...I learnt sharing from you. From tiffin, secrets to crushes...So the little bit that I share(Oh, I'm very possessive about my stuff!) is to this cutie!

To prAchi...tears, laughter, anger, hatred, jealousy, love...we've been through it all. I really cant imagine what I would have done without you . NOR CAN YOU IMAGINE what you would have done without me...yeah i know!!

To yoSha...To stick for your friends, that's what you taught me. And how to be absolutely possessive for love ;)

To rucHika...your aims inspire me to use my talent. And sometimes it annoys me how you're always in your own sweet world...perhaps it comes with the talent thing! It's all that make u so adorable in the end.

To suMit...words fall short when I have to say something for you. Can't imagine how life would be if you weren't there. Yeah, I know, you say the same :)..and yeah its different than prachi's!

To nOOrien...I never imagined I could be best friends with you! Absolutely different from how 'my friend' would be...but while i got to know you...things changed. You've been the only one(apart from one more!) whose been able to let me be me...and I love you for that.

To nikHil...i absolutely hate you! How can you love all of us so much and how can you be there for everyone all the time...I'm still learning that from you...I know I would never succeed for you are absolutely the best friend anyone can ever have

To of my newest best friend yet it feels we've been together since ages...i cant learn to be emotionally strong from you...but i've learned how to watch from a distance...and come running if someone needs you. I love the fun times i've shared with u...and yeah...we'll plan everything together, right? And i think this is an appropriate time for me to ask u for a testimonial!haha

So these are my friends forever, love for a lifetime and rescuers in trouble! I will love them - make them like me anyway, hate them for useless reasons - wont tolerate any hatred, make them angry- get very angry, make them jealous - be jealous, will laugh - and crack them up with my fatal humor, cry with them...but never make them sad 'cause they mean the world to me...

Happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy friendshipppp dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!