Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jai Ho!

First things first, it’s great that a movie that’s Indian in a large way has won 10 Oscar nominations. Yeah, Slumdog Millionaire has done us proud.

But the debate that’s doing its rounds in India is whether the movie is putting up a wrong picture in front of the whole world about India being a land of the poor.

Well, I am yet to see and form an opinion on the movie since it is releasing tomorrow. Nor have I traveled the world as such to know what the present opinion of the world about India is. From what we hear and read, India is known as the land of many cultures, traditions, festivals, and diversity in various forms. I guess it’s a widely known fact that India has one of the largest populations with masses living in utmost poverty.

Unless someone knows an Indian abroad he will not know the true picture of the country from outside. When Aishwarya was on Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah was shocked to know that Indian kids live with their parents even after they graduate. She didn’t know that virginity was considered a Big issue in our country. She was somewhat unaware of the Saree as well. If she didn’t know much about our value and family system, it’s very difficult to expect it from an ordinary American citizen.

That’s just one very different example that I know of. What I'm trying to ask is that what is the true picture anyway? Isn’t poverty a major part about our country? If someone was watching CNN a month back, wouldn’t he know about the terror attacks? Will he conclude that India is always under terrorists?

I hope not. Sure it would evoke some thoughts, but an intelligent person would not generalize the whole thing. And for those who want the world to paint only the rosy picture(read : all of us), lets hope after this movie loads of film makers will throng India and someone would definitely show the India that we dream about.

Lastly, I’ll watch this movie and hope it’s as good as our expectations. Hopefully it will make lots of money and it will do nothing to our ‘image’ abroad!I've also heard that the producers might share the monetary success of the movie with the Indian slums.So, all is well. Why the fuss?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Happy Begining

I dont know from where to start - the wedding, the honeymoon, the vacations, the present or the future. It all seems like one big dream. I have forgotten my life before 7th dec 2008. No, its not Ghajini fever. Its just, Im living in a different era from the last one which, surprisingly, seems like someone else's life.

So like all annoying baraats, this one arrived late as well. Like always I was at the venue even before the guests! My parlour had some 20 brides getting dressed. That made me feel like someone not-so-special. And it assured me that I need not worry for there are loads of people who go through the same nervousness. Yeah, I was all chirpy thereafter.

While waiting I had the yummy grub and chatted with all my friends who had taken efforts to come from various places. I met friends and cousins whom I had not met in ages. I agree that Indian weddings are a big waste of money. But the kind of emotional bonding it brings about is worth admiring. Anyway, I had lost track of time and had a gala time. After all, it was my BIG day!

And then the Dulha arrived. I could see his sweet smile under the sehra that really bugged him. I had heard somewhere that one of the best moments in a wedding is when the groom and the bride look at each other. Oh, I saw a lot of love :)

Picutres with friends and family followed and then the wedding ceremony started. I love it when the pandit explains each and everything thats being done. Our pandit was nice too. Although he got me really emotional! Then came the toughest part - saying goodbye. I cried like a baby and the Boy counted how many else were crying!

It's strange with us girls. The moment I said goodbye and went to His house, I was like I belonged there. Sometimes I feel guilty of not missing my house, family and friends. At the same time I feel proud to have found a husband, a family, a house that doesnt make me miss my past. My new parents are one of the best in-laws I have seen in my lifetime. The Boy has been a sweetheart. He's getting use to a responsibility and he doesnt seem to mind it. Guess he's growing up!!

What should I say about our honeymoon. I'm sure I will never have a vacation as beautiful as that one. Everything in Goa was perfect. The hotel, the beach, the weather, the cruise, the food,the beer and everything else you can associate with Goa and a honeymoon ;)

We also took a short Jaipur-Ajmer trip. And now we are planning to temporarily settle down. I dont look like a new bride at all except for the red bangles in my hand. I'm still the same pyjama t-shirt girl I use to be. I help my mom-in-law in the kitchen, take care of the house, wait for my hubby and touch feet of loads of people. But that doesnt make me feel any different.

Thats how happy I am after a month of my wedding. And I really cant believe my luck... :)

Hope to be back soon. Till then, Happy writing!