Monday, December 26, 2011

Miracles and Memories – Part Deux

Do you like your name? Have you always wondered how your parents finally decided to name you what they eventually did? What’s going on in my house right now is hilarious, and I wonder if every family goes through the same nightmare.

Apparently it’s not so common to use common names now. Rohit, Rahul, Karan are a strict no- no. After a few years, a school register will get a complete makeover and read names like Angad, Shlok, Vidit, Rajveer, and names that make you go back centuries. Some people have even resorted to the likes of Amelia and Alyssa because, you know, Indian names are so common in India!

Now when you are looking at uncommon names, you need approval. Everyone has their own point of view. Vivaan, to some, sounds like Vimaan. That ‘someone’ is called Indrani! So would you go by her views? Our maid laughed at the name Vedant saying it sounds like a book. She named her daughter Prateeksha. Should we take into account her opinion? Every name that me and my Bhabhi come up with is rejected by my brother and father. What do people who work with embroidery karigars like Miraj and Shadab know about uncommon names!?

To look for rare names we spoke to our younger cousins in Mumbai, you know, it’s a happp city! A 17-year old and his friends insisted on the name Yudi! They too had an opinion on every name. Virat and Samrat and Ranvir were blatantly rejected. The best was when they said that the kid will eventually grow up and Vivaan won’t suit him.

Oh yes, the ordeal doesn’t end at family, friends and maids. The astrologer has to approve the name. He has already rejected one name saying the kid would be authoritative if we name him ‘xyzee’!

It’s an awesome experience and I’m lovin’ it. I hope I remember this and be able to tell my nephew how many con-calls we had to make to name him what we eventually do. All suggestions from the blog world are welcome. And oh, I forgot to tell you, we’ve even read what celebrities are naming their kids. I’m glad we didn’t like Czar, Diva and Anya (Farah Khan’s triplets), Zen (Tara Sharma’s son) and many more in the name of uncommon names!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miracles and Memories - Part 1

The last few weeks have been extremely busy. My brother had the cutest little baby boy. In the entire extended family he is the first boy of his generation, ah, what pressure! My 5-year old niece use to sing songs for him when he was in the tummy. Now whenever he cries, she starts humming “Doe a deer…” loudly and if he stops she considers it an achievement! When she saw him for the first time her hands trembled on touching him. She softly mumbled “God bless you”. The cuteness in the house is unbeatable. I see their pictures numerous times everyday and just want to be with them. How can we love our nieces and nephews so much!?

When my sister-in-law was in the hospital my niece use to sleep with me. Since she is very close to me she had no issues. Fortunately her school had holidays during that time and I didn’t need to help her with that. The only day she had school we thought we would let her bunk. She woke up at 6 a.m. asking is it morning, and that she needed to go to school! She went and told all her friends how she had a baby brother now. A friend of hers asked “Why are you telling us!” Really, I haven’t seen anything more innocent! The niece also wanted to know the procedure of feeding the baby. Do you know why? She said when she had her own baby; she should know how she would feed him!

Such things make me want to be close to my hometown. I’m fortunate that I get to meet most of my family members and friends every time I go. But then there are some whom I’ve not seen for a long time and long for a glimpse.

Such is life. We meet, make sweet memories, laugh with each other and go on our respective ways. If we meet the one's we want to, it’s a blessing. If we can't, memories don’t help much! Do they?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bachchan baby is stealing my thunder!

11/11/11 came and went. Millions made crappy pictures and displayed it on Twitter, Facebook, where else? An ex-neighbour captured the moment with candles and put it on Facebook. Some people had a baby ‘by chance’ at the 11th hour of 11th day of 11th month of 11th year of this century and put a status message at the 11th minute of it. Really, it happened on my wall! But sadly, no Ab’s baby popped out and thousands lost millions of rupees.

And now, according to the ‘latest’ reports our Bollywood damsel is all set to deliver on 17th November. Media will unnecessarily create another Gandhi Jayanti out of it and MY birth date will lose its importance. People will remember me not because I was born, but because a great man had a good-looking son, married a Miss World and delivered a future star.

Yes, Bachchan baby you are stealing my thunder. But I will still give you and your family good wishes. You know why, because people born on this date have a BIG heart, you will see!

P.S. Did you know pregnant Aishwarya is having spicy cravings?And, that there are pictures of her today entering a hospital? And you could watch those pictures with or without music? Aah, could the media be more irritating!? Leave the woman alone!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Movie Review: Rockstar

Impeccable direction by Imitiaz Ali and flawless acting by Ranbir Kapoor makes Rockstar one of my favourite movies of 2011. Nargis Fakri’s lips stood out in the entire movie, but one really wished she didn’t speak through them. And the music, I thought it could be better.

The movie starts with Ranbir wanting to become a Jim Morrison. He is advised to have a heartbreak so that the true artist in him can come out. Ranbir is both dumb and cute in his approach. So, what begins with an act of falling in love with the hottest girl in the college progresses to be a passionate love story and ends in a tragedy. It rightfully transforms Janardhan into Jordan and brings out the Rockstar in Ranbir who gains all the appreciation in the world but remains a heart broken, gloomy man.

I kept waiting to get bored and things to go wrong. But Ranbir surprised everyone with all his avatars. And Imitiaz kept you interested in knowing what will happen next.The background scores were decent but a couple of songs could have been avoided. And yeah, the supporting cast did a real bad job!

But Rockstar proves that if the script is good and the lead actor does his job well, the movie can be a stunner. For me, Rockstar really is one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Arab world

The Arab world is a mystery to me. What goes under black veils and white chongas is such a puzzle. You can read the likes of The Princess, Girls of Riyadh and Daughters of Arabia but still remain unsure about the authenticity of what has been said. You hear such incredulous stories that you wonder if it’s all true. One blog that leaves you shocked and looks a little genuine is Read it and feel happy about your freedom. Sadist? Yes, we all are.

I’ve been reading here and there and thought I’ll share a few astonishing snippets.

The founder of Saudi Arabia had numerous kids (the exact number is unknown, 37 were boys). According to Wikipedia, the first was born in 1900 when he was around 24, and the last was born in 1952 before the king died in 1953. Yes, wow! And then we say our last generation in India had too many kids.

Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the Middle East where covering your face with a veil is compulsory for every woman (Maybe Iran also, I’m not sure). Even if me and you go there, we’ll have to wear a burkha with our faces covered. I have seen Saudi women in restaurants having such a tough time eating with their face covered with a long cloth. This is small in comparison to the death of 15 schoolgirls on March 15, 2002 because religious police refused to let them exit a burning building since they were not properly dressed. I wish they were called ‘The Cultural Police’ instead of putting this disgrace on religion.

Women are not allowed to drive a car/ride a bicycle or move around in Saudi Arabia without their brother/father or husband. Yes, even if there is a man with you, he has to be a close relative. Oh, and by the way, there are no movie halls in the Kingdom since entertainment is such a crime.

Having said that, it’s just Saudi that has such strict rules. In other Gulf countries, I’ve seen women in everything from a Bikini to a halter at public places. Dubai is so fashionable that it would make you look at your wardrobe and cry. People in Qatar and Kuwait are so rich that you feel like a pauper and wish to marry a rich Sheikh! You can wander on Bahrain streets at 12 a.m. on a weekend, and easily find someone who suits your budget. Yeah, when you are not allowed to do something, your craving increases manifold.

Living in the Middle East is an experience. Most(most, not all) citizens here are extremely lazy and full of themselves since they have oil and therefore a lot of money. It’s frustrating for a lot of people who have subordinates who just refuse to work and are only employed because of a certain quota. Anyway, as long as we are hired and paid enormously to do their work, we are not complaining!

On that note I’ll leave you with a joke that’s been doing rounds lately:
Japanese attitude for work: "If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it."
Arabic attitude for work: "Wallahi if one can do it, let him do it. If no one can do it, ya-habibi how can I do it ?"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The kind of people I love

The one’s who accept the fact that they can be extremely silly!

The one’s who can feed you anytime of the day.

The one’s who’s compliments are genuine and can make your day.

The one’s who’ll call you to inform about an ongoing sale!

The one’s who ask you for a particular recipe suggesting how much they love what you cook.

The one’s who will dress up not because there’s a crowd but because they felt like it.

The one’s who will bring you a cake on your birthday.

The one’s who call/text you even if you forget to call/text them like always.

The one’s who don’t mind you pulling their leg.

The one’s who love food as much as you do!

The one's who act funny just after one drink. And the one's who sing and laugh out loud with you after several shots!

The one’s who are regular at reading your blog :)

I could go on and on suggesting that I love a lot of people!!! Yeah, I could think of atleast one person I know for every line I wrote. So, who are the kind of people you love?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Reveiw - Ra.One

I’m not a Shahrukh fan. I’m not a superhero fan. I’m just a Bollywood fan but from now on, I’ll neither trust Mr. Khan nor any superhero made in India. is a complete disaster. Nothing, absolutely nothing in the movie is worth praising. After a while even Kareena’s glowing skin couldn’t make up for the damage.

I went with another couple with a five year old kid. The kid was crying the entire time seeing the horrific and hearing the blaring sound. The movie is not for adults and from the little girl's reaction, certainly not for kids!

I don’t have the patience to recollect the torture and write here. Please don’t waste your time and energy. Go to a restaurant, sit outside, enjoy the lovely weather, have tea/beer/sheesha, and thank God for being spared!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thought for the Day

Facebook and Blogging give us a star status. People lurk, read posts, see pictures, know about my life, but divulge nothing about themselves.

Do I want to talk to my ‘fans’ and find out what's going on in their lives too?

Yes, I do!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Best Quarter of the Year

I don’t live in India, but I can still hear the dandiya sticks and picture the vibrant ghagharas. That’s the effect October has on you. Navratri, Dussehra, Karwachauth, Diwali, and plenty of birthdays add to probably the best month of the year. Really, how do we have maximum birthdays in October? (Is it something to do with February and Fertility!?)

October marks the Boy’s birthday as well. He’s never enthusiastic about it, but I am! It marks our first meeting anniversary when the Boy, after chatting online for 1.5 years, came down to my hometown by train for 2 days just to meet me. It marks our love anniversary when he went back home and finally proposed (because before that I acted like a total bitch!). For the Boy, it’s probably the worst quarter of the year since he has to remember so many dates (which, he never does!).

That's the Rangoli I made last year :)

November brings with it the best weather, when it’s neither too cold nor too hot. It brings with it bajre ki roti and sarson ka saag, gajar ka halwa, sweet rabdi, and an urge to eat lots without any guilt. It brings with it a whole new wardrobe and cosy blankets. Everything that makes you look oh-so-cute!

November is about my birthday and I’m always very excited. I hate the fact that I’m growing up, but I love the fact that I have loved each year of my life. November gives me a sense of contentment and gratefulness.
This year November will also bring the much awaited India trip. It will be 7 months to our last visit home and I'm dying to see my family. My brother will have a second baby and I can’t wait to see him smile with his eyes closed (people say they dream about their past life and smile. Yeah, LOL moment!). After my niece, this one will be the second love of my life and so the excitement is expected.

Yeah, will be turning 29, for the first time!

December makes you nostalgic about the year gone by. I always end up thinking how I should have utilised my time more efficiently and therefore, resolve to make the next one more productive. But like all resolutions, this one has no future as well.

December will bring us our wedding anniversary, third one this year. Everyone will want a chubby baby now, you know, kab kar rahi ho?! Such discussions make me most uncomfortable and I feel like running away. It’s supposed to be a happy occasion, but the pressure makes it a difficult one. Why can't some people have kids and others just have a happy life!? The only reason I would want one is to see how the baby will look like, since both of us are so cute looking!
And that’s how the year would end, with Narcissism spelt with a capital N!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Movie Review - Mausam

Ok, so I haven’t reviewed Bodyguard and Mausam yet. Not that anybody cares, but I consider this my duty as a die-hard Bollywood masala flick fan!

For starters, I haven’t seen Bodyguard. After 15 minutes of the torture called Ready, I didn’t have the guts. I went to watch Mausam on the first day, but the show got cancelled (Yes, stroke of luck!!). The next day some morons entered the mall here and started their protests. That resulted in a lot of chaos. Thankfully they have not resorted to any form of violence as yet. Let’s pray for the best.

Anyway, I love Shahid Kapoor just for his cuteness. So I can watch Dil Bole Hadippa and not feel let down (you have to watch DBH to know the heights of stupidity!). Mausam is lovable for only one reason – the impractical love between Harry and Aayat.

Yes, impractical. How can a boy and a girl remain in love for 10 years just by being together for about 2 months in totality? You can be in love for maximum 2-3 years, be practical and then find someone else. How can they meet in remotest of places (Mallukot[!!], Soctland, Switzerland, Ahemdabad)? How can they not have flings in between? How can they post letters, wait for a response after changing locations and not know about EMAIL in the 21st century?

Bollywood ignores all practical aspects to show how love is above it all and true love conquers everything. While watching the movie I asked the Boy what is true love anyway!? And he just laughed it off probably because he knew I would shower a million questions if he answers that one (which, he has no ability to answer anyway!).

So, if you can ignore Sonam Kapoor and her irritating voice, the not-so romantic songs, all the travelling that they do, you can watch Mausam. Watch it at home for Shahid Kapoor and that sweet thing called love. Watch it for sweet moments that make you want to feel them in real. Watch it for the smiles it will bring on your face.

Friday, September 16, 2011

That Does Impress Me Much!

Sometimes nostalgia strikes and we remember the times when we flipped pages of a real book. We remember those sweet kisses on paper that could only be sent through a letter box. We miss getting blank calls and not knowing who the admirer is. We think about the last time we printed pictures and placed them in a photo album. We hum ek titli anek titlian and instantly remember Doordarshan schedule as if memorized by heart!

But that’s as good as it gets, in nostalgia. Would I want to go back to those times? Not at all. I remember spending Rs. 4.5 for a 1 minute STD call from a PCO and it blew my meager pocket money in minutes. It created such a distance between people. The smell of cards and letters aside, there was nothing good about not having webcams, skype and smartphones that could store locked videos!

I take so many videos of my niece and nephew which they would definitely relish when they grow up. All I have from my childhood is an audio tape which doesn’t even work properly. Pictures are okay, nobody needs pictures of how I looked every second of every day! But videos, I definitely wish I had a few.

Yesterday I was reading a book on iPad. I suddenly discovered that with the help of an application I can just point at a word and it would display its meaning. Remember underlying/jotting down words and never looking them up? This was like a dream come true. So now I can read a book, play ludo/scrabble/chess, take pictures, make free calls, etc etc etc from just one device.

Sigh. Where was technology when I had Rs. 500 as pocket money and wanted to make loads of long distance calls?????

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank your parents for giving you a nice name.

I love to look up baby names whenever someone close is about to have a baby. I just love the idea that someone would actually use a name suggested by me.

Now that I’m about to become a bua for the second time, I looked up names again. In FRIENDS, Joey suggested to name Phoebe’s brothers son 'The Hulk'! To save the kid from eternal humiliation, it's not a bad idea to know all the crazy names before you finalise on the perfect one.

Before I share some of the funniest names I came across, let me tell you the names of some people I’ve know or would love to know:

Captain Batra (a surd classmate from school. Poor Captain!!)
Rhythm (A distant niece. Really, why Rhythm!?)
Ghamandi Lal Meena (A fellow collegemate of the Boy with the best name ever. Google him!)
Leeba Baby (A fellow classmate. Why Baby, I don’t know!)

I’m unfortunate to know only these four names in person. So I hunted for some more kids who would be abusing their parents for torturing them for life. And this is what made me Laugh Out Loud:

Moe Lester (OMG!!!!!!!!! Just say it out loud "Hi, I am Moe Lester.")
Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo (brother and sister probably!)
April May (!!!)
Bud Wieser (Now that’s a cool name to have!)
Dick Hunter (and so many more names beginning with the dreaded D!)
Crystal Ware (apparently a girl who was nicknamed tupperwear, silver ware, underwear!!)
Terry (who became Terry Terry after she married a guy with his last name Terry!!)

I wish there were funny Indian names on the internet. If you do happen to find any let me know. And if you want to read more, go here.

And I though Punjabi was a funny surname!

Musings from the Holiday

When a villager goes to a city, I bet he has similar experiences like me! When I first went to meet the Boy at IIM from my low rated college, I was awestruck. Even the water from the water cooler tasted yum, leave alone my excitement in their colossal library! The Boy still teases me about my enthusiasm.

Anyway, so when I went to France, I was obviously dazzled by a number of things. It’s such a lovey-dovey country. At every metro station, bus stop, restaurant, square, boat, you name it, you would see couples kissing. It seemed like it was their last kiss, so passionate! Wherever I went, I looked with the corner of my Indian eye and aww’ed! It’s ok when young kids were kissing, you know, naya naya pyaar, but the best was when two oldies would lip lock, maybe there too, naya naya pyaar. You never know with these firangs!

I told you how we saw numerous topless babes. We also saw hordes of topless grannies. Ah, how the Boy made faces then! What was more amusing was how these moms would lay bare in front of their kids, not small kids, but grown up teenage boys. I was shocked, to say the least.

Eiffel Tower is world renowned and so is Mona Lisa. It’s virtually impossible to answer the reason why. They both look so ordinary! But when you go to the Eiffel tower and see the atmosphere, you fall in love with it. Maybe not with the structure but the power it has on people. Oh, there were so many kisses all around it as well!

The fitness of the people in both France and Switzerland was worth admiring. It was hard not to compare their dynamism with our desis. Even a 60 year old had such vitality that it left us feeling ashamed. I was inspired and now go for a walk when the Boy leaves home at 7 a.m(yes, that early!). I hope I keep thinking about the energy levels of the oldies and be determined to enhance my own!

I actually said the words that I’m proud of the Swiss government. Their main source of income comes from tourism and boy, you can see why. For every destination there is a bus/boat/train/cable car. The roads are smooth and the technology is unsurpassed. I went to Ladakh last year and had terrible experiences when it came to their roads. Agreed that Ladakh is admired for its raw beauty, but considering the amount of tourists that throng that place, it should be a doted child of the tourism ministry.
We went to a Gorge in Switzerland. While coming back we were directed to a train station. When we reached the point we didn’t understand where the station was. There was a small, lift-like door in a cave. We tried to open it but it won’t budge. A train was scheduled after 20 minutes. We waited only because a small group was waiting as well. When the train came, the engine driver adjusted the door of the train to the station door and opened it. We were blown, literally blown at their innovation.

There will be many more stories that will come till I go to a newer destination. And that won’t happen until the next year atleast. Till then, don’t get bugged!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Review - Mere Brother ki Dulhan

If anyone ever follows my Hindi movie reviews on this blog he would know I'm a fan of nonsensical entertaining love stories! I hate the ones which try too hard to create humour (Ready, Houseful, etc etc), but if it's a decent film, with naturally funny situations, a good cast and light entertainment, I recommend it.

And so I recommend Mere Brother ki Dulhan. It's a cute movie with a love story with a twist. The actors are quite charming (I'm beginning to like Imran Khan!) Most of the situations don't make sense to a normal person, but then in Bollywood, who cares! (Like how wedding cards are published after the bride and groom have reached the guest house!!!Like how Katreena manages to kidnap a sleeping Imran and drag him around town for a whole night!!! Like how everything falls in place to suit the love birds!)

You know who will marry whom from the very beginning. But still the movie is racy and keeps you gripped. I remember laughing really hard atleast twice in the movie and I smiled quite a bit (but then I'm always smiling :P)

Ah, the review is slightly confusing so you'll need to judge the movie yourself. I would definitely want you to go though :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Holiday Ever

Holidays are fun. You can go to Nainital, hog, play cards late into the night, take innumerable boat rides, walk on the mall road and call it your best holiday ever. More than the place, its how you feel on a trip that matters most.

I stepped out of Asia for the first time. Paris was a big city for me. Riding the metro, taking buses, walking lots, saying Bonjour/Merci/Au revoir just to make the French happy, living on sandwiches and basin water was new to me. I had heard stories and read reviews of places, but the feeling was fresh.

My fave moments were the romantic ones. We took the Seine river cruise and kissed under every bridge. There were 7-8 bridges, so to and fro, in front of people, on a chilly night, I loved those moments.

From the Seine river cruise

We went to the Eiffel at 10 in the night when it begins to twinkle for 5 minutes. The square we saw it from was lively buzzing with people. We found a corner and sat close for more than an hour and saw it twinkle twice. Priceless. We took an uncovered bus tour and it started to drizzle. Getting wet in the rain with your partner and riding through picturesque Paris – unbeatable.

A pebbly village in Paris.

We went to an ‘artistic’ strip club. The show wasn’t that great but much better than a Lido or Moulin Rouge. Later during the trip, we went to a shady strip club in Switzerland also. We were the only audience and the ‘show’ will remain the funniest and yuckiest for the rest of our lives.

After seeing all the touristy places we went to Nice, South of France. The place was a party. People would start singing, playing music and dancing just about anywhere. The beaches were pebbly but that didn’t stop the women to lay topless. For the Boy it was a real treat! We went to near-by Antibes in search of sandy beaches and fell in love again in the shallow of the ocean. Oh, and I also wore a bikini for the first time in my life and felt the need to lose some weight!

And then I fell on the road. It was horrible. Both my knees were badly scratched and I felt like crying like a little girl. The Boy clicked many pictures to distract me. And I would go ‘ooohh…aahh’ in search of some sympathy! The pain was there for a week, but that didn’t stop me from having the best holiday ever.

We went to Monaco and saw how the rich lived there. The F1 streets were amazing. So were the yachts and the cars. In the evening we walked into the liveliest place in Nice, a square with plain cafes with outside seating, buzzing with men, women and wonderful music. Leaving Nice was the saddest thing.

Switzerland was scenic and very expensive. Yes, that’s no news! Two happy meals that cost Rs. 700 in France, cost Rs. 1200 in Switzerland, a plain chapatti costs Rs. 200 and a chicken curry costs approximately Rs. 1600! We are foodies and this was a huge disappointment. Another couple friend joined us from Bahrain, and we would hunt for the cheapest beer so that we can afford good food!

Thanks to them, we enjoyed Switzerland. Otherwise me, the Boy and the scenery wouldn’t have lasted long! We love nature and the greenery and the lakes, but not for eight days and certainly not with such expensive meals!

View from a swiss train.

We went to Aare Gorge. The caves and the water gushing through it sent a chill through the spine. The mountain rides were beautiful and the weather was a delight. Again, my fave moment was sitting beside the lake with the Boy and discussing life. Another fave was singing over a 100 hindi songs at the top of our voices on a lake cruise. We rode an Ice flyer over Mt. Titlis, the joy that it brings you is heavenly.
We plucked apples from roadside trees and loved them. We had chocolates, cheese and fondue. And we rode innumerable trains. The views were breathtaking.

After day 12(of 16!) my muscles gave up. I couldn’t deal with all the walking and wanted to come back home. I love the Boy for his patience and support without which I wouldn’t be living the life I have. I love him for giving me the best holiday ever :)

When we hired a car and walked into a scenery...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holiday Fever

I’ve been crazy during the last few months. Ever since we decided we’ll be taking a France – Switzerland trip this August, I’ve lost it! I’ve devoured Tripadvisor and as a result I’m seriously considering planning holidays for people now. I know what to do, where to stay, how to move, what to eat, where to shop, the list goes on and on.

Worse (or better), I’m taking French lessons and hope to master the language in a year or so! If this is not crazy then what is.

The boy is totally bugged. All he does is follow my instructions to get the print outs from office, exchange cash, make certain bookings and read his book while I stare at the screen. He's the bread earner (ahem!) and so he has the final word on everything. Or that's what other would see it as! All he wants to do is grab a bottle of beer and wander on the streets, something that we can’t do in the Middle East. I would love that too, but c’mon, not every day!

I’m really, really ,really excited and can’t wait to board the plane now! I've mastered quite a few Middle East destinations, have seen a bit of South East Asia but it's my first time outside Asia and so the thrill is expected. What is not normal is my days of planning! Hopefully, someday, life will teach me how to live more spontaneously. Till then, bear with my compulsive need to plan.

Au revoir people. Moi will be back in quinze days with Ile de France stories and breathtaking, ah, breathtaking pictures from the Swiss Alps! (I know, so far the French sucks!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Review - Aarakshan

I've never seen my watch so many times in a movie. And the only reason I finished it because I thought the subject was interesting. The movie - not so much.

Aarakshan begins with the expected fight between the SC/ST/OBC and general category students. In the background there is a love story happening between the Principal's (charitable, principled, admirable,for-reservation Amitabh) daughter (expressionless Deepika) and his fave teacher (OLD Saif - someone from the reserved category). After some 20-30 minutes the movie becomes a revolution against coaching centres. And it ends there after 3 hours.


The song and dance sequences that emerged from nowhere were absolutely abhor-able. The romance was dreary. The idea of Amitabh trying to prove his ideologies by beginning a free coaching centre in a cowshed was unimaginable. Students studying there and changing from losers to toppers in few weeks was miraculous. Last shot with Hema Malini emerging as a diety from Rishikesh to solve all problems was hilarious.

There were several scenes which could have been edited. We tried to laugh out loud but Uncle in the row beneath us got highly offended and so we couldn't get back every Fil of Dinar we spent.

The only highlight was Manoj Bajpai in his villainous character which too got bugging towards the end. Saif was selected in Cornell University but carried an Indian Sim card and we were on the edge of our seats to see the number correctly.

If that got us to the edge of our seats, you can imagine the boredom we went through. You can still go if all you've got at home is India-England match. Aarakshan scores above that, atleast!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friendship is Life

The Friendship that was

Rejoicing over each other’s good grades but secretively feeling jealous
Helping each other go on dates
Hearing love tales and giving a shoulder during a break up
Shopping together and fighting over the same top
Drinking coffee at Barista and talking for hours
Hogging at a favourite hangout
Watching movies and making memories that will be discussed extensively in the future
Clicking silly pictures together, giving each other cards, cutting cakes…

The Friendship that is

Helping each other get married
Hearing out marital problems
Laughing yet giving mature advice
Worrying about the future together
Discussing the pressure to get married, have kids, buy a property…
Sharing holiday/honeymoon/second honeymoon pictures over Picasa
Looking at each other on a web cam and wondering when we will get to see each other again
Planning a getaway someday

The Friendship that will be

Crying for a year on touching 30
Helping the last one get married
Calling Godmother to each other's children and fighting over ‘who gets whom’
Repeating koki, chowmien, peking soup moments in home town.
Keep the hunt on for the tape we made in the span of one year during our graduation. Keep the blame game on too.
Growing old together and telling the world that the concept of ‘forever friends’ exists :)

Happy Friendship Day my sweethearts!

P.S. And the excitement of F-Day continues. Signs that I'm still young... :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thought for today

Be the most enthusiastic person you know and your life will suddenly become the best.

I realised this when I saw two of my friends dead tired after 4 hours of shopping but I was ready for much more! I thought I was weak but didn't realise that enthusiasm can beat all odds :)
And yes, I even made dinner and lunch after reaching home before a fashion show for the Boy while one girl ate at Subway and the other took disprin!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Women Wear

We love to look good. There’s no doubt about that. We dig compliments. Even if we’re at our worst, we would want someone to come up and say how cute we look.

But we don’t necessarily like the process of looking good. At least I don’t. Most of the time I want to wear my jeans and tee… the most comfy tee… but nooo… that’s not the norm!
Imagine who would want to wear a Jumpsuit when you know you are going to be sloshed at the end of the party? The garment is cute alright, but when you do have to relieve yourself, you need to take it all off! And the high heels that you have to – have to wear with them, just don’t get me started on them.

When I bought my first short dress I was dying to show it off. After wearing it I was not thrilled. I had to climb an SUV and there is no way I could climb with one leg up and the other down. Yes, yes there is a technique to it. But wouldn’t it be easier to wear jeans and apply no new technique to something as simple as climbing a car!

I’m planning a trip to Paris this August. When I check the forums on ‘what to wear’, the locals seem to believe that tourists in shorts look funny. Now, I would want to be my comfy best in shorts or jeans when I go for a holiday. My husband doesn’t even wear his leather shoes on weekends ‘coz he considers them ‘work’! How can you expect us to wear an evening gown and a formal jacket for a Moulin Rouge in Paris? Should we change our destination?

Well, that’s another topic altogether. Imagine the torture women have to go through when they have to put on make-up. First consider the hour given to the right base, shadow, rouge, mascara, kohl, liner, lipstic, powder, and blah. Then consider a slight smudge and the process of rubbing it off. After that comes the constant going to the washroom to keep it nice and shiny! Women in the Middle East literally live in the washroom of public places just to brush up their eye-shadow constantly.

And it doesn’t end with that. We need to remove it before we sleep and apply proper moisturizer so that our skin is soft and smooth for its next trip to the vanity box. We do all that and then you forget to compliment us, how could you?

If it were to me, I would have only jeans and tees in my cupboard, walking shoes in my drawer and a gloss in my purse. And if you didn’t compliment me how cute I looked just in that, you know the drill I’ll have to go through. Just remember your kindest words even when you see me with yoghurt on my hair and besan on my face, would you?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Review - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Three childhood friends. Guys. A road trip. Hilarious. Absolutely stunning chick as a diving instructor. Romance depicted as never before. Lessons from life explained in the form of beautiful Shayari. Breathtaking views. Powerful perfomances. Emotional sequences shown but not stretched. Love, Life and Friendship.

While Delhi Belly was great off-beat cinema, ZNMD is good old Bollywood movie with all the ingredients perfectly blended to cater the intelligent audience.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a must, must watch. Loved it :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

At the Battleground

Everyone is fighting a harder battle, I know. Maybe thats what keeps me going on. I see others having issues which are more difficult to handle. Sometimes, I see people handling those issues like they were the worst ones. The latter is a sad case.

But what do you do when you try, fall. You try again, you fall. You try once more, you fall yet again? What choice do you have than to try again? Either you crib, cry and say that you are God's step child. Or you cry, get up and say, God is testing you. If you just keep crying you are giving yourself no other choice but to fail. If you try again, there is a slight chance that you will win this time around.

What if you convince yourself to try for the last time and you fail? Do you blame it on destiny or do you go hiding till you are ready to come out again?

Well, I've tried. I've tried several times. Not because I love to try and fail. But because I have no choice. I try with 100% enthusiasm. So far, I've always failed.

And to be frank, I have no hopes of succeeding. Yet I try hoping to succeed. All I hope sometimes is He is watching and would never let me fail completely. And with that hope, I try yet again.

Day before yesterday I met failure for the 1000th time. I cried. But I got up next morning with a plan to restart. And restart I will. If for nothing more, I thank God everyday for giving me a fighter's spirit.

Way to go, me! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Bollywood...

...I humbly request you to not to come up with songs like 'Ban gaya Kutta, Lag gaya patta...' and 'Jaa chudail, ja ja ja, go to hell..'.

It is creating havoc in my married life. My husband keeps humming these songs at every given opportunity. You can imagine my trauma.

Thanking you in advance.
Yours Faithfully,
A kind wife.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Delhi Belly - Movie Review

So far Indian movies had cheap humour from the Govinda era.I never liked that as such. Now the humour is closer to reality and it's so much better.

Like Tanu weds Manu portrayed the unabashed Indian woman, Pyar ka Punchnama hovered around the young and the restless, Delhi Belly revolves around 3 men and the bold new era.

I still can't say much about the story of Delhi Belly because there was hardly any(I kept waiting for 'moral of the story'!!). But the screenplay is racy and does make you laugh out lots. The three main characters swear more and talk less. That's a novelty for us and so we laugh! You wouldn't have seen a more straightforward movie than this in India. Hopefully they won't overdo this either.

Tashi is not sure if he wants to marry his girlfriend. Arup is dumped by his 'chudail' girlfriend who apparently gave him blowjob which the family discovers during the pheras. And Nitin has a belly that gets upset easily. Gross and upfront, that's how these men are, reflecting the new generation who would do something only if they believe in it not because they were told a lifetime ago that it is right.

And then the crime that they mistakingly commit. They have diamonds which are passed on as Nitin's stool sample and the whole thing gets complicated. He's a smart ass and finds an easy path between right and wrong taking it as a sign from God. Again, practical with their values intact, reflecting a generation that has a viewpoint on everything. (Nitin blackmails his landlord with pictures of him with a prostitute because he doesn't have money to pay the rent. Later on when he does have money, he mails him the reel telling him to relax in life!)

Like Arup confronts the girl who dumps him, Tashi doesn't hide from his girlfriend that he kissed another girl. Don't get him wrong, he risks his life to save this girlfriend because that's the right thing to do. And when it comes to come out clean, he does. Fearless and honest.

Loved the movie for its content and boldness and ofcourse the SONGS! We need this to bring us closer to reality as much as we need Dabang to take us away from it! And please take Ready and Buddha away from the screens. We are much more creative than this.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luxury v/s things money can't buy

My husband changed his job recently and owing to a mammoth HRA, we moved into a bigger, better house. The apartment is complete bliss with huge rooms, kitchen, and the works. (My friends saw the pictures and called it a fancy hotel lookalike but whatever!)

My last apartment was very small and the furniture was not done very tastefully (it was a fully-furnished apartment). But that didn’t seem to matter. I had very loving neighbours, some 40 places to eat downstairs, a grocery store in the building and a supermarket across the street. The place was transformed into a party on weekends with the street full with tourists (read: Saudi’s who don’t get to do ‘stuff’ in their own country!)

So here I am, wondering if life is better now or its was happier then? The last house was cozy and comfortable and I had no issues. Except when the guests pondered why we chose to live in it! You know, until you don’t live in that house you won’t understand the importance of a good neighbourhood and a lively street.

I didn’t choose this house for the guests either. I love it. But I don’t know the neighbours and there is no place to eat downstairs. Although my old house is only half a mile from here, but in the desert heat and Bahrain roads which are not meant for pedestrians, it’s impossible to meet my friends every day.

When life gives you luxury, you miss the smaller things in the world. When luxury doesn’t come easy, you wish for the moon! Will we ever be happy?

P.S. I’m showing off a part of the house because that’s the only thing that’s making me happy these days!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Please hear what I’m not saying

I wear a dark mascara, I wear Jimmy Choos
I drool over Chanel, I have a collection of a million shoes
I wear a confidence that only a few can muster
If I have to get there, I tend to get there faster.
But try to see the lines embedded beneath that eye
The soreness that comes, when the heel gets high.
I don’t do it all for me, I am sometimes suffering
Will you please hear what I’m not saying?

I am ruthless, I have broken all rules
I am just perfect, never have those blues.
I eat mutton on Tuesday, Temples are not for me
Feminism, AIDS, oh, I care a damn about child literacy.
But did you hear I make kind gestures to the poorest stranger
I want to sponsor a girl child, want to help her like a mother
Every night before sleeping, you’ll see me praying
But you can’t for its silent…Please hear what I’m not saying.

If I crack silly jokes, it doesn’t mean I have a non-existent IQ
If I act like a teenager, it doesn’t mean I haven’t grown up like you.
No, I won't drop the act 'coz I like it that way
And I don't want your sympathy, don't think too much after this essay.
Just be aware of the mask, 'coz like you most of the time I’m playing
Like you, I need to be heard, but first, Please hear what I’m not saying.

Inspired by this

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dogs and Bitches

Warning: Teenage girly post ahead!

If I act like a bitch and pull my friends leg, does that mean I'm watching too many sitcoms? I mean, it was my friend who called another friend a damp squib, I just agreed, so it wasn't really me!

Like I have mentioned before, me and 3 of my other school/college/forever/best friends write mails to each other every few days. We might not speak on phone for weeks, but we sure know how long our flicks are.
So one of them recently had a break-up (yes we were over this phase eons ago but some girls are still in the process, sorry RC!). And this break-up kid has been all over our mails recently showing more signs of PMS than ever before. So she just cried a bit over one mail and YS asked her to take a ‘deep breath’. I just generally asked if she did ‘take a deep breath, relaxed, and spent time with herself because she deserved it’. Why the hell I become a bitch when I just repeat what YS says!?

Then there is PS. She's missing attention. You know, for a long time we were hunting guys for her. Yes, WE! She use to tell us a name that her mother use to hunt from millions of 'suitable' bachelors, we use to google him, check his salary status on LinkedIN and his social status on Facebook. Most guys have their walls out in the open. Some even have their tattoo studded photo albums. Yes, we chose the tattoo guy. We ‘eewed’ initially, enjoyed the way he interacted over his status messages, thought he looked cute in his profile pics and finally we were content. (Wow, love the way arrange marriages are fixed these days!) But for a long time PS use to date random people, exchange mails, talk on phone and then reject or get rejected.
When she got married we thought we were over her, but she's back with her new job, her marital problems and how her hubby keeps getting foreign trips from office. Now I don’t know of any company that sends their kids to Spain and Mauritius just within a span of 3 months, but whatever! So RC snatched attention, didn’t acknowledge her smallish pain(as compared to a break-up) and called PS a damp squib who needed to get off her husband's case, bitch! WHO WATCHES MORE SITCOMS AND SPENDS MORE TIME ON REDDIT NOW!?

And then there is our adorable housewife YS. Her problems start from food and end at lingerie! There are many more problems, but I would keep them for a more serious day. Her hubby also gets a lot of foreign trips, but sadly she cannot accompany him on all. Damn you, visa and allowance.
She’s a sweetheart; I can’t accuse her for being a bitch. Hmmm!

After all the mess men create in our lives, there comes Pyar ka Punchnama and songs like ‘Ban gaya kutta…’. We are nice girls who just want some love and warmth. And then they say ‘The dog in the hutch ad has to be a Bitch, you know, wherever you go we follow…’. We do leave you alone and cry on our friends virtual shoulders through such mails! Imagine the pettiness. We don’t deserve movies like that.

Seriously, after watching PKP, the moment I order, oops, request, my husband to even move a glass, he starts humming ‘ban gaya kutta..’. We lived with ‘Men are dogs’ for our entire lives, but we didn’t expect them to become so offended suddenly! C’mon Boy, stop this song NOW!
Girls, never watch this movie with your GUY, you’ll be a bitch for the rest of your life and he won’t be a dog anymore!

Watch 5 minutes of it here and you will be assured of this!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

When all you know about...

...F1 is Michael Schumacher and Grand Prix is pronounced in a very complex manner.

...Tennis is something called 'love', Sania and her wedding, Nadal, Federer, a few other names.

...Football is Barcelona.

...Hockey is the national game of India.

...Basketball is Michael Jordan (right? Makes me wonder people with the name Michael can make it big? Schumacher, Jordan, Jackson,...)

...Baseball is home run. (I'm reminded of some nintendo game, was fun!)

...Golf is Tiger Woods and his affairs!

...Boxing is Mike Tyson (that's also because of Hangover 2.)

...Rugby. (just remember Ross playing it for his Brit girlfriend in FRIENDS!).

I feel like a dumbass while reading about these online. Cricket is a religion but the other games...Ah, I don't even want to make an effort!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diminishing Creativity

I was looking at my old email accounts after ages. Those were the days of hotmail, yahoo and rediffmail. Since this gmail has overtaken, all my old accounts are just filled with spam.

What's more amusing is the fact that the older I have grown, the less creative I have become. All my latest accounts have my name in them! The older email read "cute_enigma"! Imagine the hardwork that must have gone into creating that email account. The next one was "nisha_scorpion". I should have guessed that I would be moving to "nisha.punjabi" very soon.
Oh, and I totally forgot about the deleted email id's I had - "theme_for_a_dream" and "rhythm divine"!

Where are the creative names dude? I miss "dollface_xyz", "sugarspice1984", "crazygal4u", "dolly2cool", "coolnutcase"...

Maybe the fun names have already been taken and only the boring real names are left now. Lets get creative... what do you think about... hmm... man.. I can't think beyond "heroine.housewife".


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Mommies!

No, this isn't about teen pregnancy or anything close to it. It's about my friends embracing motherhood.

It is surreal, hard to believe that people I grew up with have little people growing inside them! The little girls in pony-tails and short skirts who worried about grades and were teachers pet now worry about diapers and future of their kids. When and how did we grow so old!?

My mom once said that once you have kids your life is totally dedicated to them. First you worry about their school, then teenage, career, wedding, then grand kids... phew! Yet when a child is born, the happiness that surrounds him doesn't reflect even a hint of fear that the kid brings with him. The parents just fall immensely in love with the baby and life goes on. I'm sure they have their moments of anxiety and doubt, but it really doesn't over-power the insane love towards the baby.

Yes, insane! I've seen young mothers run after their kids for hours. One meal takes about 2 hours. So you can imagine the kind of time 3-4 meals a day take. Yet beyond everyday frustration, love glows brighter! And it is hard to believe.

Maybe till you don't have a kid you won't understand the feeling. I'm glad my little girls have been blessed with such a divine feeling. As for me, I call Godmother!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The last few weeks have been big for the world. In one part of the universe, there was a fairytale wedding that wasted millions of tax-payers money. In another part, a bad guy was murdered(or not) resulting in varied reactions. And while all this was happening, a few brave citizens held their ground and challenged their national leaders to give them well-deserved freedom.

In other news, gold and silver prices went soaring. Right from the daughter to the mother-in-law calculated their net assets! Another website was able to lure the middle class into investing their hard earned money into a ponsy scheme that promises some 400% return in a year. Yes, speakasia. Again, right from the daughter to the mother-in-law was fascinated.

A friend was asked to take a 2-month unpaid leave that left her devastated. Another friend at a much higher level was sacked. The middle eastern crisis has left many with unknown future.

Some normal people discussed these latest happenings, ate, drank and had a good sleep. They planned about the next weekend, spent some moolah at the newest sale and vowed to lose some weight.

I admire these people. Infact I'm one of them. As the world becomes a more challenging place to live in, it's important to take these events by your stride and move on. Be it the job market, the political conditions across the globe, even the air we breathe, everything is becoming a challenge. If you watch the news regularly, the euphoric world cup triumph is a once in a blue moon phenomenon.

Watch the legendary Barney Stinson, try to develop some interest in the boring IPL this year, celebrate mothers day and plan a good vacation, those are four ways to get out of these difficult times. Go figure some other ways and let me know!

Hmmm, I miss the 20th century when life was easier and we found happiness in simpler things.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For the Love of God -

- Sachin Tendulkar!

I tried to blow a whistle for about half an hour but failed! I wanted to do it for Him, for Dhoni, Yuvraj, Zaheer, Gambhir, everyone. I made silly posters with Indian flag, 4 runs, 6 runs, the works. I hosted 12 hour parties at my place and jumped like a little girl. I danced after we beat the hostile neighbours. I went crazy.

I know you did it too! How does it happen? Why do we love cricket so much? How the hell do we unite like one loving nation when only 11 men dressed in blue jerseys lift the cup?

It's overwhelming. It's the proudest moment of being an Indian. It makes me love my country and it's people. It makes me want to come back.

How and when did this develop? We are 1.2 billion people (Yes, facebook has helped me become better with my stats!). Keralites in Bahrain say they are from Kerela, not India, Kerela, when asked about their home country. Shiv sainiks try to divide us every few months. The Kashmiri's want a seperate state. Delhites hate Mumbai and vice-versa. If you are from UP - Bihar, you are 'down-market'. I can state multiple examples here.

Yet when we win, we gather at a roundabout, shout, scream, dance, wave, honk with each other despite the differences. It can happen only in India. We've had a major over-dose of cricket lately. But it deserves all the attention.

Sachin - you should be a proud man. The entire nation has dedicated this trophy to you. The entire nation has dedicated this moment of unity to you. And that includes me - thankyou for bringing joy to each and every Indian face.

We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Sachinnnnnnn!!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovey dovey poetry!

He loves me, he loves me not
He's in your mind, he's in your thought
He looks at you and your day is made
That's how love felt in 8th grade!

I missed him, he never knew
It was a crush and time flew
What a silly love story it could have been
Oh, it was all for fun at Eighteen!

And then came first love, the movie style
Love blossomed cutely for a while
A peck here and a hug there
I dreamt quite a bit, I dreamt everywhere!

Love happened again and again
We can't get enough of it, you think we can?
And then He came like a prince on a horse
To give infinite love, like a fairytale, ofcourse!

The 8th grader in me loves to believe in romance
Like Eighteen year olds, love puts me in a trance
I love to look into the eyes just like when I was Twenty
With a kiss here and a squeeze there, love will now grow till eternity!

Monday, February 28, 2011

35 years of 'love'!

We always blame our parents for our shortcomings. If you are a cleanliness freak, it’s because of your mom. If you have travel anxiety, it’s because your dad would have acidity 2 hours before every train/flight!

It’s only in moments of pride you think about the good things that you may have inherited. Like my mom’s an environmentalist who would carry plastic bags so that she doesn’t get an additional one. And now, I have the same habit as well. My dad is extremely punctual and so am I. I’ve always thought of myself as a mix of both my parents, you know, taken all the good points of both! Probably that’s why I’m perfect!

But one thing that I don’t like about my parents and myself is the inability to express love. Most parents in Indian families never even hold hands in front of their kids, atleast the generation I come from. Hugging and kissing is a taboo. I may have never told my parents or any family member if I like something about them or not. Even today if I want to go and tell them I love them, I don’t think I can.

Is this because they never expressed anything in front of us? Or is it just a personal characteristic? Well, it’s a shortcoming, let me just blame it on them and move on!

Nevertheless, tomorrow my mum and dad will be celebrating their 35th anniversary. And I want to wish them all the happiness in the world! That I can do :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A revolution has begun...

It has been two years since me and my husband moved to Bahrain. Bahrain is a small island nation in the Middle East known for its oil refineries, US navy’s fleet and a thriving night life. No one knows this Arab nation so whenever I told anyone that I live in Bahrain, it was followed by ‘near Dubai’! And now that this nation is making its place in Google news, I think some curious looks will stop.

Anyway, it has been sad two days. And I don’t know for how long this ‘revolt' go on. As an expatriate, I have my bag ready with important documents and valuables so that we are not stranded in a worst case scenario. It disheartens me to be prepared for such a situation for I love this country and it really feels like home.

To give you a lowdown, Bahrain is a very small city-country with a population of about 1.3 million. Half of these are like us, from various parts of the world to work here. This country is one of the most cosmopolitan places I know of and Hindi is actually a second language after Arabic.

I’ve met all kinds of people here. From the simple Jain who wouldn’t even smell onions to hard core non-vegetarians who can’t differentiate their spinach from their fenugreek. I’ve partied with couples who wouldn’t touch a bottle of Rum and couples whose thirst doesn’t quench at even 5 a.m. in the morning! People here dance on the streets, at the pubs and on the beach defying all facts that Arab countries are conservative.

The main problem of this country has been the conflict between the Sunni and Shia population. The king who is a Sunni has supposedly given more privileges to his own sect. The Shia, who are in majority are angered every now and then because of this. The Egypt revolution has given a ray of hope to them and therefore a revolution has begun.

It really makes the future of this country bleak. The King has been moderate in his policies and so the country has been liberal in various aspects as well. If his regime is thrown out and the conservatives take charge, I’m not sure if I will be living here.

Bahrain has really been an ideal foreign location for us. It has the luxury of being abroad and the comfort of being at home. It’s just a 4 hour flight from Delhi and keeps us closer to our folks. But we are fair weather friends. I hope we don’t have to prove it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is...

... when you know you've cooked a bad meal but he makes yummy noises while having it.

... when you know he doesn't like the kohl in your eyes yet he praises how pretty you look.

... when he will eat at a restaurant just because you like it so much.

... when he will not drink so that you can to your hearts content.

... when he seems to have a constant guilt that he doesn't buy you enough gifts.

... when he says 'chanel' is next!

... when he will wake up without letting you know and go to the office without breakfast and lunch so that you can chill in life.

... when he will shift himself so that you can sit on your spot on the sofa.

... when he will constantly look out for steps so that you can comfortably climb them.

... when he will support you even though his arms are dead tired.

... when he holds your hair back while you are coping with a hangover.

... when he stands with his eyes down after committing a mistake.

... when he pulls your leg in public and then hug you cutely in private for the same thing!

You might not hear him say it enough but it's there. True love is not expressed in words or on Valentines day, it's around you all the time and you can really feel it till your toes! Nevertheless, celebrate it today like never before :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Sweet n Sensible!!!!!!!!!

If you type 'sweet n sensible blogger' on google, what do you get? My blog! Now that google has also acknowledged that those are my blog's (and therefore mine!) prime qualities, who can stop me from flaunting it!?

In other news, I've been hearing such a lot of gossip that it makes me think twice before making a friend. How can you say that the new people you meet won't be talking shit behind your back. Now you maybe sweet n sensible, but noooo, people wont acknowledge that(thats why google is my best friend now!).

Yesterday night we all got crazy drunk and my husband sang two poems full of hindi swears. I've never heard him swear except once when he met with an accident. And yesterday we all blasted. One was a namaz kind of a poem... I wish I had the courage to recite it or post a video! I just don't like people swearing. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Last but not the least, my best friends wedding was THE event of the year. And boy, was I proud to be THE friend who came from 'abroad' especially to attend the wedding! Everything from shopping with her to writing cards to sharing her stress to the farewell, this wedding was more memorable than my own!

Will be posting regularly from now on, and not just random news like this, much more sweet n sensible stuff! And now, I hope you type 'sweet n sensible blogger' and find me there. Ah, I just won't get over this, will I?

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding - emotions!

I've grown up with my friends. I mean cousins were there, but cities apart. And so, friends were the extended family. The bond I share with them can only be understood by people who remain life long best friends with their school friends.

When you see these friends get married you feel insecure about the future of your relationship with them. You feel disheartened that you wont be the first one to know all the secrets! And if her spouse is better, which is always the case initially, you feel a wee bit jealous too!

But all this is only till the d-day. The bond is so strong that you feel nothing but emotional. It's like someone your own is stepping into a whole new world. All you want is the most beautiful life for your friend at that moment.

Thats exactly how I feel right now. I've known P for 14 years now. We've shared everytging in life. Distance made no difference to our relationship. Love just grew stronger and stronger. And now when she's making a new best friend, I only wish her life is better than the best..

And N, I can't belive he's getting married also! He was the best driver I had and now we won't be able to dominate him! He has been the sweetest friend but somehow losing him to another girl only makes me happy.

It's rare to feel unconditional love for someone. It's rare to wish a better life for others. I like weddings because they bring out these feelings in me, especially when its my best friend's wedding. Do you feel the same too?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Best Friends Wedding - prologue

This is my first post of 2011. And the first post from my Samsung Galaxy S!! I will just write two lines since I have been up fror almosr 24hrs now and my typing on this phone sucks!

I just want to post here that this month is totally dedicated to my two best friends for whos respective weddings Ive left my husband alone for 25 whole day(and nights!). But i just love them too much to miss the happiest day of their lives :)

The rest about them deserves a whole new post. Im so excited right now that I just had to write it here!