Saturday, April 26, 2008

Social me!

For the uninitiated, 'Social me' is an application on Facebook. Anyone who is low on self esteem should try it and you are sure to change your mind about yourself.

Nah, I'm not doing any promotion for the website (If I did, will they pay me?I'm ready to ramble on my blog if they would!). Some of the applications suck (ya, now they wont pay me for sure) for they take away the whole essence of a social networking website. I would definitely like to stay in touch with my friends but I just cant open my homepage and see a plethora of invitations to "What kind of Bride will you be?" or "What song are you?" or "What kind of date are you?".

Anyway, coming back to Social Me. This application has kept me entertained for the past two days. I've come across a super hot guy(ya, I told the BOY that and he's fine with it. Bet he's found a super hot girl too.I need to keep checking his account more often now!) and I've also met a very talented person.

More than that, I've received compliments like XYZ think you are "awesome", "sexy", "hot", "cute" *100, "great hairstyle", "smart", "stylish", and the works! Yeah, it seems to me that my degree of narcissism is increasing day by day. But after such compliments can you help it? :)

I know most of these people are faking it just to get my attention (lol!talk about increasing degree of narcissism!) but I would also like to believe that some of them are genuine. I've been faking it too...just to add points to my scorecard. Why I'm doing it I have no clue, it's just a lot of fun.

It's funny how we dig compliments. It's funnier how some people can fake it so easily and take some of the 'innocent' ones like me for a ride. I'm a miser when it comes to saying good things to people but here I've realized that if I'm getting a few in return, I can be pretty generous. Yup, a person with such traits is called 'Mean'!

Nevertheless, the application is a good stress buster. Plus, you get to comment on pics of ugly/cute/silly/hot/sexy guys/girls that you might never be able to do in person. You also get to slap people who offend you in any way. Again, something you might never do face to face.

So way to go people, socialize, entertain yourself, and just in case you see my pic don't forget to tag 'one of the most talented people you've known' :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loyalty Divided!

I watch cricket as much as an average Indian girl (yeah, I still hate the game when I get less attention that 11 men running after the 'ball'!!!) And like a patriotic Indian, I support my team even when they are not doing well (also, I know very little about other teams, just like an average Indian female cricket fan...phew!)

So come tomorrow, I'm in a confused state of mind. Should I support Bangalore that features my teenage heart throb Rahul dravid, has a better advertisement for their team (!!!), has Katrina Kaif and Vijay Mallaya cheering for them or should I support Dhoni who's done pretty well for our team in the past few months?

Or, for that matter, should i support the Hyderabad team thats supposedly very strong and has good chances of winning (remember, I just HATE to lose?!). I'll leave out the Jaipur team for they don't look interesting and anyway, a desert is not my type of destination as well!!I'll leave out Delhi as well and I really have no reason which makes it mediocre and I have no time supporting mediocrity!

Mumbai and Kolkata team looks very glamorous with Hrithik and Shahrukh boogieing for them respectively! Plus they have the likes of Sachin and Ganguly who have been in and out but are the strength of our team anyway.

Hmm, last but not the least is the team of Punjabis with Preity Zinta backing it up. Now I have three reasons to support it - One, my surname is Punjabi and soon it will also mean that I am actually a Punjabi! Two, its supported by the only female behind the IPL. Plus it has Yuvraj Singh and I really like the way he plays. Now those are three very, very strong reasons!

Ah, I hope this tournament is really good and doesnt do any harm to our 'secular' nation. Cricket unites us, and here it might just do the opposite. Apparently IPL says these are "Eight teams, without any players, only warriors" and the ad (I love the ad with the song) says its a Karmayudh. Just hope that every Indian takes it in that spirit and enjoys it 'ball by ball'!!!

Also, lets hope everyone picks their favorite team just the way I did. That way, we'll actually enjoy the series in the spirit its meant to be!

So Kings XI...Chak de phatte!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dimple chin, rosy lips...

I love kids.

I adore the shiver when we hold them when they are just born. Just love the way they hold our fingers when they are a few days old. It's amazing the way they smile when we make funny faces, the way they have that out-of-the-world baby smell, the way they take our name when they have just learnt how to utter mumma,papa and paani, how their little peck on the cheek feels better than a million dollars and how a little hug from them changes entire day.

And I hate kids when they just wont eat, sleep or call out for their mother incessantly! It's surprising how this brings out the most creative side to your personality. Like day before yesterday, I sang nani teri morni ko mor le gaye for more than an hour just so my two-year-old niece could sleep! I am no singer, but boy, I didn't stop till she closed her eyes and started to sing this song in her sleep!!! And you should see our entire family making stories to make her eat - I always thought writers are gifted, but then, it seems to me, everyone is gifted - you just need a kid for inspiration!

It's crazy how these sweethearts laugh on anything and everything. Like when you rub your nose on their stomach! Like when you make silly awkward noises that you wouldn't dare to make in a public place! The best one is peekaboo - they(and you) never get enough of it!

Oh,I just love these small wonders. Especially for the way we are when we are with them, especially the way they change our entire world.