Monday, June 30, 2014

When I'm feeling blah

Things have been weird lately. I am unable to write. I read blogs and I don’t feel like commenting. Even when I do, they are such half-hearted comments that I make spelling and grammatical errors.

I don’t know what it is. It maybe my tensed state of mind. Some tests didn’t come out well and I was brooding over them for a couple of days. But life goes on and we need to take everything that comes to us.
In times like this, it is very hard to stay positive. We will be going for a vacation soon. Even that is not getting me excited. In fact I am worried that it would be hard for me to manage all the walking and climbing. Health, really, is wealth..

In other news, we’ve been driving around town like crazy. In 20 days we’ve driven some 1400 kms in this smallest country that we call home. Luck has been by our side as well – one day we went to a Lebanese restaurant to have coffee. There were some 100 people. The football match was about to start. We were sleepy and so we thought we should leave. We were just about to go when they announced they will have a lucky draw. Now we’ve been so keen in participating in these that we thought we should stay and try our luck. Well, the first number they called out was ours and we won 6 cans of coke and a tee! Haha! Also, we went there again after 3 days. They had a lucky draw again. We won foldable sunglasses. I had such a laugh!

I know we are blessed in so many ways. I know small setbacks are just ways to remind us that we need to be careful. I know my problems are miniscule in this big universe of several billion problems. I know I should not be cribbing.

But well, this is one of those days and I am allowed to let it all out. I might not blog for sometime because I don’t think sad write-ups should be posted. Or, I might just post a lot because when I crib here, things suddenly start to look good.

Wish me luck in areas where I really need it. Right now I need to stay strong and positive.. yes.. wish me luck.

Monday, June 23, 2014

I Believe...

I believe
...that if you smile when no one’s looking then it's really happiness.

I believe
...when you work hard even when you know you won’t get rewarded then it’s really a job well-done.

I believe
....when you thank God for everything He has given you then it’s really a prayer.

I believe
....when you do your karma and don’t brag about it then it's really kindness.

I believe
....that when you care about someone even if he doesn’t then it’s really love.

I believe
...when you give without wanting anything in return then it’s really friendship.

I believe
...when you stand up even after falling down a hundred times then it’s really determination.

I believe
...when you forgive and forget even if it still hurts then it's really generosity.

I believe
...when you have your heart beating very fast but you still do it then it’s really courage.

I believe
...when you’ve done all of the above then you’re a hero and your life is worth living for.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Look what you missed

So well, I was online when Facebook went down today. It was like being part of an earthquake and knowing that yes, the earth really shook. Fortunately it lasted for only about 20 minutes and breathing was reported back to normal. If you missed the action because you were living your dumb life, here is what could have happened to you as well:

# I had tears for 20 whole minutes because Bee’s inspiring quotes were nowhere to uplift my mood.

# I didn’t go to the gym because, well, no point going if I could not check-in.

# I forgot how happy my globetrotting friend’s lives were. 

# I missed R’s mother’s birthday because he could not wish her on FB. For the first time in years he could not tell her how much he loved her. sob sob

# Poor J, she cursed herself for being born on 19th June. Her Birthday wish count came down drastically.

# L frantically banged doors in the neighbourhood for candy crush requests. At level 356, she could not lose 20 precious minutes.

# I could not decide what to eat for breakfast because I couldn’t see what K was eating today.

# When I looked out of my window to check what humans were doing, a man actually gave me thumbs up and I politely gave him one back. The building had to call security.

# I missed where P's father's sister was heading because she could not check-in at the airport. How could I live like this?

# I fell down and broke a nail because I did not hit the like button on I-Like-to-be-bribed Lord’s picture for the site went down exactly at that second. Talk about misfortune.

# I was disturbed because I was listening to the latest song on Youtube and I could not tell anyone about my superior discovery.

# S refused to deliver the baby until Facebook was back again. She didn’t want her child to be born in a world where she could not instantly inform everyone that her princess was here.

# I don’t know about my other friends because they pretend that they don’t use FB. I am sure they were sitting in one corner and sulking as usual for being so unpopular, anti-social, real...

So if you were slogging at your stupid workplace and didn't get to know what it means to lose this Social Network Messiah, I pity your state. Meanwhile, some places did report the 20 most productive minutes of work. Although I think those guys were silly. They should have refreshed the page over and over again if their love for FB was really true.

And oh, what a pity, people in the USA were sleeping when the world turned upside down!!!! I am sure they now wish that the FIFA 2014 was being played in the Eastern Hemisphere.You know, then the whole world would have been wide awake and mourned together.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'No Darling, You are not Fat.'

Married men, or rather men, who’ve had the privilege of being with a woman, know that the answer to ‘Am I looking fat’ is always ‘No, darling’. You might be looking at a hundred kg woman but the truth shall do you no good. 

It is not that we can’t take the truth. It is just that we want you to look at us with those puppy eyes of a tenth grader believing in the fact that we are perfect. Isn’t that why you fell in love with us in the first place? Then why not stick to believing that!

I know we are being hypocrites when we do that. We want you to treat us like we are perfect and yet we keep trying to change things about you. Like the other day I reminded my husband that he was still wearing the clothes that we had bought when he was going to meet my parents for the first time. And we’ve been married for 5.5. years! I told him that I will go to a mall and buy him some tees so that he can give his old wardrobe a makeover. He told me if I did that he will go ahead and buy me something that I don’t need (read: phone). His exact words were tum karke to dikhao. Now see what he did there: He tried to treat me perfectly while I tried to change his personality by making him look presentable. He also gave me a few laughs when I was in a mood for a fight.

Imagine what would have happened if he told me that I needed new clothes to look presentable?! All hell would have broken lose and the likes of Pizza Hut, Nandos and Subway would have taken advantage by providing us excellent delivery options for a month. Hypocrisy, I tell you. 

Now I am a dog when it comes to smells. Ok, bitch, but, whatever. So I told the Boy that he needs to have a good set of perfumes to keep me interested. He was glad to oblige. I wondered though, what actions I will take if he told me the same thing or even gave me subtle hints on the way I should smell. 

One day I told him that he never calls me from office. He has little work load so the fact that he doesn’t miss me when he is away is not good for my ego. He immediately put an alarm on his phone for the next few days. The phone would buzz at the exact same time every day and we would have a few laughs. Within a couple of days I told him to stop disturbing me and that I needed space. Yeah, I know, no woman would take those words lightly. And yeah, I know, this guy is a genius.

So you see we are brazen enough to tell you what we like about you and what we don’t. But if you dare to do the same, your future is doomed. You need to know the right answers(if there are any) to the questions we keep throwing at you. You need to know the right moves. Learn from the Boy. He told me I look good in whatever I wear when I asked him how a particular dress/top was looking. I told him he must love me more to say that because I tend to criticize a tad too much. Just then he remembered that I didn’t look good in pajamas and specs. I told him that men who really love their women, love them the most in pajamas. So he toned down his volume and said, ‘Ok, maybe just specs’.

Haha! So you see, even an expert can fail sometimes. There are really no right answers except the universal, ‘No, darling, you are not fat’!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lucky by deeds

Funny things happen every day. On Sunday, my cable network provider’s Facebook page was giving away some Bluetooth speakers for smartphones and tablets just for guessing the IPL winner. It was a day thing and the permitted time was over. I any way entered Kings XI Punjab from my name and Kolkata Knight Riders from the Boy’s. 

Next day, I cheekily edited my post and changed it to KKR. (So what!!??)

The winners were privately announced on the same day. We didn’t receive any mail. It was fine. Today I randomly checked my spam folder and guess what – I was one of the lucky winners. Yoohooo!!!

Super cool!!!


We were trying to sell our car because we’ve booked a new one and it comes on Monday. Our previous one is around 5 years old and so first we asked for a slightly higher price (around 40% less than the original). Unfortunately we didn’t get any call. It was my idea and so the Boy kept blaming me.

After two days we brought the price down by 10% more and started getting several calls. A couple of people came to check out the car. Since we were free over the weekend, we stuck ‘For Sale’ stickers and went for a drive. Basically we went to the used car showrooms to check for a buyer. On our way, we were honked and stopped by several potential buyers. Like gesturing 'How much', taking pictures, and calling on the displayed number! That was so much fun!! Actually the whole street is replete with car showrooms and so it was the best place to display a vehicle.

Nevertheless, our Hickey (LOL!) goes tomorrow morning and I am very, very sad. The new owner told the Boy that he has seen several cars in the last few days and thought this was actually very well taken care of. That felt good. I've told the Boy to give him the car with the tank full. He would feel so good by a small gesture on our part.

Anyway, I am hoping Rowdy (Double LOL!) will be as safe, pretty (or handsome) as its older sibling. Also, the Boy wanted to put the ‘Baby on Board’ sign on it. I asked for a ‘Princess on Board’ one! He has finally decided that he will put a Queen sign on my side and a Jack card on his. 

Yes, we amuse ourselves with these things!!

Say bye to my Sweetheart. I just hate to let go...


Yesterday I saw three labourers working downstairs in the sun. This Middle Eastern sun can be extremely trying. I felt very bad for them and wanted to give snacks and drinks. I kept thinking if they will feel bad that someone pities their state. I even took out a few cans of cola and 2 packets of namkeen but kept thinking.

After contemplating a tad too much I went down and gave the bag to the man at the reception to forward it to the labourers. I came back to see their reaction from my window. These men sat down and opened the stuff. It seemed like they started partying! I could see them smiling and chatting.

It was an awesome feeling. I even kept a big bottle of Pepsi in the fridge today for them. But before I could stop thinking and give them, their work finished and they left. 

Well, my laundry guy will be partying today.

Taking a break :)  I took this from my closed window, so, a tad hazy.


I think my smiles, my prizes, my luxuries are all a result of the good deeds that I sometimes do. And so, with selfish motives, I keep giving. Have you ever done anything without thinking what goes around comes around? Please teach me too.