Saturday, January 31, 2015

10 GREAT lessons from a SIMPLE pimple!

Problem: PIMPLES
Effect: Irritable, insecure, irrational, depressed, locked inside the house.


Problem: PIMPLES
Effect: Learning life's most valuable lessons.

Yes, despite giving a hundred problems and creating a havoc in your everyday life, zits also give you valuable lessons - afterall, your enemies are your biggest teachers, right?

This post is just about those - the stories of my favorite pimples and those loving acne scars that taught me what nothing else could. Since knowledge increases by sharing, I'd impart my wisdom here:

Problem - The onset of pimples
Effect - LESSON 1 - they taught me to remain faithful and always be there for my close ones.

It all started when I was 15. I was a walking-talking witch in broad day light with my crooked teeth. One day I noticed a beauty spot go wrong on my face. I thought it would fade away. To my surprise it called its other friends and started a party.

That day and today, pimples come and go at will. They especially show their faithfulness on special occasions - birthday, anniversary, Diwali, Holi and, not to forget, Valentines Day. Your spouse can forget a date, but these tiny creatures are your true lovers, always there on time!

Problem - Going to school with a scarred face
Effect - LESSON 2 - They made me realise that time was NOW.

I was, sort of, a naive teenager. These zits needed professional help. I immediately went to my mother who looked at the dots and simply smiled. Her daughter was growing up - I get it. But there was no need to smile! She said they would fade away with time.

Ah, time. Time is what I didn't have. At that age, time was a few hours away! Every morning was a new day when we had to impress some special 'people'! A school function was also on the cards. I immediately Googled for things I could do, and I was served with various recipes that would apparently give diarrhea to the pimples and they would die.

I swear, I never said to anyone that they would rot in hell as much as I told those tiny dots on my face.

Problem - Grandma's remedies
Effect - LESSON 3 - If you can't eat it, apply it!

Like uninvited guests, these pimples made me spend the next few days in and out of the kitchen. My Maggi making skills had given way to mixing Multani Mitti with honey and what not.  They made me treat them like they were judges in a cookery show where I had to concoct dishes that would either delight them to take me to the next level, or impress me by eliminating my enemies.

Nothing helped. 'People' were left unimpressed and school functions were spent in despair. Mum hung on to the phrase ' they would go with time.'

Problem  - Asking for help
Effect - LESSON 4 - Google baba does not have sane answers to everything.

Like for all things in this world, I turned to Google devta again. I don't have words to tell you how he treated me. I'll let the picture do the talking:

Problem - The pills they give
Effect - LESSON 5 - Cute boys can lie through their Puppy Dog eyes.

When my blood came back to normal temperature after it rose above 100 degrees on seeing that picture, I spent the next few years giving it time. Friends were sympathetic because most of them were going through the same phase. We would try different doctors and pop in pills. We even tried a funny medicine mostly because it had a cute boy on the package cover. But the dude betrayed us. I told you, only and ONLY pimples were a faithful lot.

Problem  - Those Aunties
Effect - LESSON 6 - Always remember that you were in someone's shoes once.

When friends were cooperative, relatives were a nightmare. At every wedding an aunt would tsk and I would tsk tsk in my heart. She would point at me and remind me of how I was letting a world of villains inhabit my face. Yes dear, I had a mirror at home. I KNEW! Just as you did when you were younger which was like a hundred years ago.
Worse was when they suggested remedies - they did not know that I had enough products at home to start my very own spa!

Problem - Looking for answers 
Effect - LESSON 7 - All articles that start with '10 things...' are not necessarily comprehensive

Friends and family were not so important. College was a time to fall in love and I was looking for a clear skin so that a man can go ahead and fall head over heels in love with me! I kept telling myself that beauty was skin deep, that looks really didn't matter. But those obnoxious creatures, they were aliens on my body and they just needed to go.

So I looked up other ways to 'impress'!! I was betrayed yet again:

Problem: Seflies
Effect - LESSON 8 - Photo editing skills and make-up classes have more value in the real world than trigonometry. 

See, love happened. Mostly because beauty was indeed skin deep. But also because the zits played hide and seek with a few successful face wash and home remedies. I thought my ordeal had ended. Zits would come and go, but life will go on. That was till last year, when Ellen De'generes started the following rage:

Thankfully I am a grown up now and don’t believe that my life will come to an end with a simple pimple. But what should I do with that jealousy that comes when I see my friend posting 10 selfies a day religiously with a hashtag #nomakeup. Even I can use an application and clear my skin to look like Katrina Kaif (ahem!), but that makes me even more jealous. You know, since my photo self looks better than my real self.

To make matters worse, Selfie Queens go to restaurants and have that greasy, creamy food that lessor mortals like us cannot have. We have oily pores like we own the wells of Saudi Arabia. So these pictures with the hashtag #foodporn  make me feel like a cow surviving on ghaas phoos!

Problem - The temptation to prick pimples
Effect - LESSON # 9 - Conquer your enemies with love. 

Selfie rage will go one day, but these enemies are somewhat here to stay. Although we would like to grab a tool and be done with them in a minute, we all know that bloodshed has its own repercussions. Yes, been there done that!  So serve your acne with Garniers of the world that pluck fresh Neem leaves, mix them lovingly in a magical potion and develop miraculous face wash. that try to lift our self esteem. Love, indeed, conquers all.

Problem - Hopelessness
Effect - LESSON # 10 - Everything has a positive side.

Now this may not be solely credited to pimples (like all the above lessons!), but you can see how I do see a positive side to everything; including zits! They trouble us like nothing else would, yet they give us valuable insights on life.
That doesn't really mean you are missing out on something if you don't have them. Afterall, there are other ways to learn these lessons!!

And those, my friends, are 10 great lessons pimples taught me. If you're wondering what made me reflect on these, go to IndiBlogger and check out their contest. Last but not the least, treat your pimples with love. Only love, in this case, is  Garnier pure active Neem face wash!

No Firkar. Chat Quikr

The following post is a part of IndiBlogger Happy Hour contest sponsored by Quikr where bloggers are asked to reveal three reasons why they would prefer online chat over a phone call on a classifieds platform.

Online buying and selling is comparatively new in India. We hesitate to disclose too much information online. More than that, we find it very difficult to talk to strangers and make transactions with them. Also, sometimes, when you get a phone call, you are busy and fail to receive it. It leads to losing a good prospective buyer. Even when you do take phone calls, a lot of them are just enquiring about the item you want to sell and end up wasting your time.

So an option like the app Quikr NXT, where users can chat with each other before making a phone call,  is really convenient and user friendly. If I had to choose between a chat and a phone call, I would definitely use chat. Here are my 3 reasons:

Saving the conversation

When you make a phone call, there is nothing that can prove who said what. Sometimes a seller agrees to sell at a particular price and then refuses that he did say that. When you have a chat with someone, it is usually stored and you can go back to it and look what was said during a conversation. Also, there are things you would like to go back and read before making the final decision. That can certainly not happen over a phone call unless you keep a pad and keep scribbling in it.

Sharing instant photos

When you are on a phone call and you have to ask the seller for pictures of the product, you usually have to wait till he goes back, clicks and then mail them to you. When you’re chatting, the seller can immediately click and send pictures to you. You can then look at the pictures at your own convenience and make a decision. Phone calls are more verbal, chats can be more abiding since you have everything in black and white.

Saving time

Sometimes we are unable to take phone calls because we maybe busy with something. Plus phone calls do cost if you are calling long distance. With chat, you just need a good wi-fi connection and you can chat all you want. One party may not be able to respond immediately. But sooner or later you do get a reply and continue the conversation. Chats are definitely more time and cost saving.

When I read about Quikr NXT, I thought it was a brilliant idea to connect the buyer and seller. We do have online chats on e-commerce websites so why not on a classifieds platform where common people handle the transactions. Quikr makes sure your number is private till you finally want to reveal to the concerned party. Quikr saves chats and pictures on their portal for you to come back and check whenever you want. It is definitely revolutionary in the Indian market and would make a big change in buying and selling online.

Stupid Cupid!

Love makes us do all kinds of weird things. So when I told my boo about CloseUp's #cupidgames dare, he sort of made a plan in his head which he didn't tell me for days.

Then one day, he came up with something which caught me by surprise. I played along although I was utterly shocked. Do you want to see why I was shocked? Check out the BOLD gift in this video and know for yourself. Bold, is kind of an understatement here!!

And yes, I have his full permission to submit and broadcast this on my blog. Frankly, it is me who is looking like the silly one here. Why, oh why, can't I just stop smiling in life for a few minutes? Really, I should have been angry at this one!

This post is written for a contest on Indiblogger held by CloseUp. In this, bloggers have to pick a challenge and ask their special someone out on a date on Valentines day. The Boy took the dare that asked him to give his girl a bold, gobsmacking gift! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

An exchange of Letters

Mr. Pimple,

Do you remember the time we use to be together, everyday? I was touching sweet sixteen and a friend had made sure everyone knew my teeth were actually like a witch. Yeah, what are friends for! It was her who informed me that someone was becoming deeply interested in me as well – that was the first time I realised you were becoming a big part of my life. I still remember, it was my high school farewell day.

I didn’t know I’ll be learning a valuable lesson that day, that you were a faithful thing. You remember to come and wish me on my birthday, New Year’s eve, anniversaries, and Valentine’s day like no other boy ever did. That has been really sweet of you!

You were always my mother’s pet, you know why? Well, it was because of you I stepped into the kitchen for the first time. I searched the shelves for all kinds of ingredients that would make you run away. My mother was happy that atleast I was making something, even if it was tasteless, gooey stuff with honey.

Do you remember the day we had a big fight? It was my 21st birthday and we were going out to someplace nice. Like every special occasion you managed to be on time. It was really not done. I took out tweezers and hit you really hard. You started bleeding. I didn’t mean to do that, you know. We both know how terrible that day was. That time your shadow stayed the longest – could you be more kind? Your revenge was bitter indeed.

That day I decided I would never ever get violent. So I thought of doing that indirectly. I went to the neighbourhood dermatologist to tell on you. He gave some lotion and some blood purification tonic which I religiously used for a month. I could see the two things were irritating you, still, you were quite adamant. But for some time, you really did go.

Life was getting back to normal. A few years later I got married also. I had almost forgotten about you until some hormonal disturbance happened. You were like a true friend who came back into my life during crisis. I told you I was with someone now and he didn’t like it when you were with me. He knew it wasn’t my fault, but still, it’s not done.

You remember how you ruined all my holiday pictures with him? I was shattered. I tried every move in the book – harassing you, being rude, and ignoring you – but you just wouldn’t give up. My mother-in-law also went to this guruji to ask for help. Imagine! The whole world now knew you were obsessed with me. It wasn’t funny anymore. I mean it was okay till I was younger. But now I’m in my, mmm, thirties. I can’t stand you anymore.

Because of you I have to get up even before the sun rises. These neighbourhood aunties really freak me out and have asked me to come to the park for yoga. Imagine I sit with 15 fat ladies and fill my tummy with air just to get rid of you. They say that it’s good for my overall health also. But baby, imagine, 5 a.m.!

Anyway, this is my last request - if you truly love me, you will let me go. I’ll be asking Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash for some help. They’ve told me you are not very fond of it. I won’t mind if you wish to see me once or twice in a year – I’m kind that way. I would see you and simply ignore you those two times. But otherwise, I’m telling you once and for all, I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL.

Not yours,


 Mr. Pimple was kind enough to respond. Here's what he had to say:

To My Love,

Hey! I just popped out to tell you ‘Happy Valentine’s day’! I’m sorry for not calling up and taking an appointment. But you see, I am like that best friend who comes in unannounced and surprise you. Aren’t you thrilled?

Your letter means a lot to me. I see you have some troubles. But sweety, I’m just a reminder to let you know you have to take care of yourself. Had it not been for me, you would have been a Toast queen without knowing anything else in the cooking department.

See I taught you to be rebellious – you fought with me like you did with no one else. Those tools that you have dear, they just show how strong you are and that no one can take you for granted.

Remember when I was there for you on your first date? I was just being protective. You said mean things to me but I didn’t give up on us. Where else would you find such unconditional love?

I’ve been around to tell you that stress isn’t good for you. But you don’t listen do you? I hate being a stalker, someone who’s always under the surface ready to sprout and let you know your faults. But I love you, and I want you to grow.

You’re growing old now and I am sort of losing interest in you. Plus, this Garnier thingy that you are blabbering about, it’s not what I need right now. You see, I’m going through a rough patch myself since winters are in their full glory. And now this.

Before you give me any warning, I’ll throw one at you – if you don’t stop trying these products, I’ll leave you forever. Then who will give you such love and valuable insights on life?

Think about it and quit trying.

Trying to be yours forever,
Mr. Pimple

This post if for a contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I am very fashionable, wear the latest attire
I don’t buy from sales, I’m a smart online buyer.
I sometimes look at you from head to toe
If you go wrong with the heels, I say ‘I told you so’.
But have you seen the casual me curled up on my sofa?
I wear torn pyjamas too, which I don’t think is a faux pas.
You can’t put me in a bag, you can’t label me as a brand
I am simple when I’m not stylish, and this is my AND STAND.

I eat chicken on Tuesday, I don’t know any temples near my house
I believe in no particular God, don’t worship my spouse.
I’m rude enough to not give even a penny to any particular saint
If you ask about my religion, I’d probably faint.
But have you noticed my kind gestures to the people I don’t know?
I celebrate Eid, Christmas, Diwali and just go with the flow.
You can’t say I’m just a sceptic, I love what God has planned
I am a believer of goodness when I’m not debating, and this is my AND STAND.

I don’t have any kids, probably won’t have them ever
You call me a child-hater – how very clever.
You think I am selfish because I want to fulfil my each and every dream
You can call me a rebel – I won’t blow off any steam.
But have you been around when I dote on my nephews and nieces?
Did you see me when they were small and I cleaned their faeces?
The mother in me was born when I held their hand
I am many things besides childless, and this is my AND STAND.

I boss around a lot, seem to have everything in my control
When I have to get things done my way, I’m usually on a roll.
You pity my partner; he seems to be extremely dominated
He’s a poor soul, appears kind of obligated!
But did you give me a hand when I was cooking sumptuous meals only for him,
When I was throwing surprises simply based on a whim?
I adjust with his needs too, shower lots of love in my land
I am many things besides decisive, and this is my AND STAND.

Pretty – ugly, short – tall, thin – fat; they’ve been calling us many things
We may be those and much more, but unfortunately ONE label clings.
I’ve been weak since childhood, but I didn’t want to be known by that
I’ve made efforts and successfully tried to display my many a hat.
If you let them put you in a bottle, they will label you accordingly
You HAVE to make your choices; it’s all up to you really.
It’s time to shed inhibitions, make a statement that’s grand
Don’t be shy to show the world who you are – take the AND STAND.

When I read about this topic on Blogadda, I just knew I had to write for it. Winning in this contest is not important - shedding labels is. Please #UseYourAnd
This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yes, This Happened To Me

The following poem is a part of  IndiBlogger's Happy Hour contest sponsored by CloseUp. In this contest, the website has asked bloggers to pen down how they would propose to their love on Valentine’s Day. 
I would certainly do it with a few verses that rhyme!

This particular poem is very dear to me since I wrote it on a piece of paper (which is still there, folded in my diary of poems.) when I was very young, around 14 or 15 years old. The meaning of love might have changed since, but the feelings remain the same. It’s weird how these lines can bring back the exact emotion one felt at that moment. Poems have this special quality – to hold the emotions within a few words. They are like a bottle which can really capture a moment for the writer. I’m so glad I can pen down these and relive those emotions.

Yes, This Happened To Me

When you looked at me and smiled
When your eyes and my eyes met
When you seemed so different, so special from others to me
I fell in love, yes this happened to me

 I have read in books, I have seen in movies
 Love is life, love is everything
 It never seemed so meaningful to me
 But I believed it when I fell in love, yes this happened to me.

 Love made me feel it’s the only happiness
 It became my incentive to enjoy life as much as I could
You were then the person most valuable to me
You gave a new meaning to my life, yes this happened to me.

Your mischiefs, your attitude, your... everything
Suddenly became so intimate, suddenly so dear
Your every step, every moment became so important to me
I just loved you the way you were, yes this happened to me.

 I always wanted to know is it true love, or is it just infatuation
The answer always was - whatever it is, it has changed me, in a good
I took you and took life as it came to me
I loved the feeling of being in love, yes this happened to me.

I was afraid that one day our paths may change directions
I was afraid that I could lose you very soon
But that didn’t stop me from letting you know how much you meant to me
I just wanted to live in the moment, yes this happened to  me.

For the first time in my life I loved and cared for a stranger
For the first time I felt a part of a stranger
This wonderful stranger, who is now so dear to me
I'm immensely in love with you, yes this happened to me...

Asus - Go Sleek!

The following post is a part of IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest where Bloggers have to answer the following question - Based on the needs of your lifestyle, which of these gadgets would you prefer? The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA or the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040? Or does your lifestyle demand them both? Tell us which features of these products influenced your choice and why.

My laptop is getting old. It has been with me since 5 years now. Although it works fine, but the battery life, and obviously the specs are getting obsolete. With the amount of time I spend with it, I think I should consider a new one.

So what are my requirements? Well, they are very simple and straightforward –

-  A light model so that I don’t feel the brunt of carrying it with me all the time.

-  A good battery life so that I can read and write anywhere an idea clicks without worrying about it conking off at the last minute

-  A machine with a fast processor so that it makes my browsing quicker and hassle free

-  A good screen so that I can watch videos in my free time

Sleek, fast, great battery life, and a high resolution screen – with those humble needs I am set to buy my newest gadget! Considering the choices from Asus, I think the EeeBook X205TA would be a great pick for me. This Notebook has the following features that suit me just fine –

-  It’s compact since it weighs less than 1 Kg.

-  It comes with a 2-cell battery which can work upto 12 hours without interruption.

-  The EeeBook comes with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and a one-year free subscription of Office 360. That means I don’t have to worry about my Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and OneNote needs. What’s more – it also has 1 TB of cloud storage. Asus also gives us a 500 GB of web storage. This is free for 2 years. This could be extremely handy.

-  The internal storage seems sufficient as well -  32 GB EMMC and a micro SD card slot expandable upto 128 GB.

- 1.33 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz and the 2 GB DDR3 system memory makes this device very fast and efficient.

-  As far as viewing experience goes, the Eeebook has 11.6 inch display bordered by a very narrow bezel of 1.45cm.

Those are enough specifications for a simple girl like me who needs a laptop for writing and basic everyday needs. What’s more, it comes in the color Red as well!! Sleek, stylish and fitting all the requirements – I think I’d definitely consider it for my next purchase.