Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post Wedding Woes

A wee bit late for the post wedding woes.But that's how it is, finally I feel married! People use to ask me if it has changed. And I use to wonder what changes. I'm still the same, he's still the same...just that we are having so much more fun. Yup, thats changed.

And then it all changed! The most bugging thing after a marriage are the babies. C'mon people give us a break. Grown ups make babies. I'm not one. My hubby is still in his diapers!! Isn't it enough that we got married! We didnt plan it 5 years in happened when it was suppose to happen. So when I touch feet of this aunt she tells me, 'Putravati bhav' (may you be blessed with a baby boy.), another tells me you guys should have one right now, a third tells me to start eating right, a fourth...ah, I have plenty of them! Incidently I live in a building where almost every couple has a new born. All they talk about is how the baby keeps them awake all night. Babies, babies, babies!! I use to like kids earlier, I dont hate them now, I just dont feel like being around them so much. Am I over-reacting?

Socialising is such a problem after marriage. You like someone, your partner doesnt like the spouse. What do you do? Now my hubby is a special case. He only likes being around his bachelor friends! I dont mind those guys either 'coz they are fun and atleast they dont talk about babies and discuss recipes! But then I feel weird when one of them accidently comes up with a swear or when they all put their glasses together and expect me to say cheers too! The Indian girl in me is absolutely uncomfortable.

The worst is when we wives become our husband's moms. Poor guy, he married his girlfriend and ended up being tortured with healthy food,juice, milk and gallons of water! Its now that I understand how my mom use to be after my life. And I hated it. He hates it too, but like my mom, I'm adamant!

And then I have an identity crisis. In no way do I want to lose my identity and just hang around with my husband's. I'm a sindhi, he's a punjabi. When people question me, what should my reply be? My surname is Punjabi, his is takkar. I'm cetainly not making it Punjabi Takkar!!!! What should I say? I'm from Lucknow, he's from Haryana. Where am I from? It leaves me confused. For the first time I'm unable to solve a problem!

Lastly, I've become a full time housewife. I'm loving it so far. I have a few other duties too that I'm fulfilling with complete devotion. Somehow it leaves me with no time to blog, write or read. I have no complains with my life and everything is just perfect, yup, the woes too! Oh, and I'm going to India again for Diwali. And I'm looking forward to it sooo much :)

If anyone is keeping score, I'll see you soon!