Thursday, July 17, 2008

Down the memory lane

Continuing with the nostalgic trip...

If you are my age(yeah, 25 it is!) or somewhere near it, you would have definitely done the following things and you wish you could revisit 'the era'!

1. You remember the lyrics of 'tamma tamma loge' and 'ye kaali kaali aankhen' no matter how cheesy you think they sound now.

2.Lalita ji was your fave model.

3.You remember 'Tara' came on Tuesday, 'Antakshari' on Friday and the image of 'Junglee toofan tyre puncture' still haunts your memory. And how can I miss Small Wonder and I dream of Jeanie

4.You waited for your NRI relatives desperately just to get the heavenly taste of Kit Kat.

5.'Oonch Neech' and 'Chupan Chupai' were your favorite games.

6.You were always a little scared to call at the Pager centre to send a message to your dad. You know, since talking to strangers was such a tough job.

7.You almost everyday came back from your school with your lips red from the 'imli' or the orange bar.

8.Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander was maybe one of your first movie you saw in the theatre. And oh, Pooja Bedi's dress made you go 'hawww'

9.You always ordered Tomato soup when you went to a hotel. Yes, hotel, not restaurant.

10.You have black and white studio pics of you and your family from your childhood.

11.Your mom's pic in bell bottoms and big giant shades is her favorite and most stylish.

12.All your birthdays had all your neighbors and had chole bhature as the main dish.

13.Whenever your dad rented a VCR, everyone in the colony came and created a theatre like scene in your drawing room.

14.Most of your childhood pics were clicked on the same day since your dad had to rent a camera for it.

15.You were crazy about your Barbies, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Business...

16.You always had to wear a new lacy frock on your birthday.

17.Whenever you see a 'Pinki' or a 'Chacha Chowdhary' at a Wheeler store, you wonder whats new in it.

18.The news you remember involves Harshad Mehta, Ayodhya, Bombay Blasts, Iran/Iraq war

19.You also remember the news anchor for the deaf who came on Doordarshan.

20.You remember your first flight trip where your ears blasted from the roaring noise.

There are so many other things that were way cuter and interesting than what we have today. I'm sure after a few years I'll be posting a blog on mobile phones, our first blog, internet, the works and how we get nostalgic everytime we hear about them :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Old is Gold

Technology is luxury. But there are so many things I miss when technology was not really there. I remember running to the telephone as soon as it rang. There was a surprise everytime since there was no number/name blinking on it. And if we missed the ring, there was this mystery as to who called. The more number of blank calls I got, the prettier I felt!

I miss going to the park on a Sunday evening. Ok, maybe I'm a little old to go, but my niece can. She's missing all the fun we had riding the swings, lazying around, taking the toy train, filling our bag pack with sweets and chips and running around trees!

I miss fighting for the remote control. Maybe thats not technology for we had fewer TVs back then. Still, crying and pissing off my bro was fun.

I miss clicking pictures on a holiday, giving the film, waiting for it to be developed and then arranging it in an album. I was flipping through my childhood album day before and i had captured all my birthdays in it. With a camera phone in each hand these days, we hardly value pics that much.

I miss buying a tape and listening to it for over a year in the car! I still remember the lyrics of older songs 'coz we played it so many times. I don't think I've heard songs of one movie for more than a month or two post Lagaan.

I miss sending letters and cards. Sending and receiving cards on Diwali was a norm. Friends use to get emotional when we gave each other 'Between You and Me' cards. Then writing out your feelings with different sketch had a different charm.

Maybe we can still do these things. Have one TV at home, use a normal camera and not a digital one, keep cds of movies, go to parks in the evenings, just be like the 'olden' times and feel happy. Just like Samosa and chai still tastes like heaven on a breezy evening and is way better than any pizza and coke...