Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Coming out of the cocoon

How does it feel to come out of a cocoon?

Like a moth, you build a protective layer around something special. The layer apparently isn't strong enough and requires care that's hard at times. You nurture it, keep it safe and try shielding it from every rough stage. Sometimes you're not strong enough and your something special spills out. It's adventurous yet scary. It's fun yet requires all your energy to make sure it's safe.

That's how love is. At least in small towns in India. Boy meets girl, become friends, fall in love and wish to share a lifetime together. They keep their story a secret. No matter how committed they are, no matter how strong their bond is, for their own respective reasons they're always scared of the world not accepting their bond. And the journey isn't easy either. Keeping it under a hard shell requires patience, understanding and a whole lot of love. It's romantic as hell, its adventurous as nothing else in the world, but like everything else, it has a grey shade as well.

And how does it feel to come out in the open?

Well, at first when you speak about it, you're scared of the consequences. All the reasons why you hid it in the first place are tested. When the new born insect comes out of the cocoon, the mother is apprehensive. But it has to let the baby grow in natural circumstances. Lets face it - a cocoon does no good to something after a certain period of time. If it survives - you're lucky. If it doesn't - you fight for it. Sometimes the fight is unending...

And sometimes everyone accepts it. The feeling is brand new. It's like building a new story altogether - and a love story at that. The smiles don't stop. The heart feels lighter. Something that you built all by yourself and kept away from the world grows into something so beautiful - the feeling is unexplainable.

How do I know? Well, something very special just came out of its cocoon and soon the whole world will celebrate it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'll be away from blogging for about 10 days now.. although thats nothing new..the addiction has gone!

And when I'm back...I just might write something totally opposite the last post!

Happy writing everyone :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

24 till i marry!

Don’t ask my age. For when you’ll do, you’ll think:

Why isn’t she married yet? Is there something wrong? Did she have an affair and it didn’t work out and so she’s decided to remain single? Or, is it a health issue? Is she sane?

Duh! If you are a girl (I won’t speak for men!), and you have completed your studies (read graduation) you ought to be engaged. If for any matter, you’ve decided to study further, people think it’s because you don’t want to get married right now. To tell you the truth, it’s true a lot of times. But give us a break; we do have a career to build!

I love pandits of today. They understand our psychology and know we don’t want to marry early. Most girls I know have met pandits who tell their parents your daughter won’t get married before 27+. My friend’s parents were after her life to get her married till their pandit told them it would kill the mother if it’s before 28! Now who would like to take the chance??? (seriously, what kind of a pandit predicts that?) She’s happy that her parents are calm now. Although 28 seems a little too late and she’s worried about the frustration. So I suggested, that maybe, it’s the beginning of 28. That means she can get married after 2 years flat. And that too just the day after her birthday!

Come birthdays people ask your age. And if you’re single, they worry about your marriage more than your neighbor’s daughter’s mother-in-law. They give sleepless nights to your parents who were happy thinking their daughter is still a kid. Only those who have a daughter of ‘marriageable age’ are compassionate and say, “It’s best to leave it to God.” Thank you for you sympathy!!! (And by the way, why isn’t your daughter engaged yet?)

You know, sometimes the other person may not be thinking all this. But we just read it in their eyes and their tone seriously suggests how ‘worried’ they are! (Oh, whom are we kidding? We’ve been dreaming to get married since our first crush in grade 3. Subconsciously, we think about marriage almost all the time!)

Leave marriage, even the actors who are being launched seem older than us. Now look at Ranbir Kapoor. I wanna drool over him. But it makes me think he’s younger to me. Age no bar – agreed – but it does give me the creeps!

Even the ‘kids’ doing grad make me feel jealous. I may be much smarter in everyyyyy way (and I am confident I am. And not mature, I hate the word!), yet they make me feel like a behenji.

And it’s all till I get married. Once that is done, I’ll be an ‘aunty’ anyway (why do kids call a married woman aunty I never understood) and I’ll accept the fact that I can’t drool over younger men (openly that is!).

Today is one of my best friends birthday and I just spoke to her. We laughed our hearts out over pandits, desperation, career and boyfriends and decided that we will never reveal our true age till we get married. So, I am 24 till I marry. And that’s my humble suggestion to everyone here – just to make sure your birthday is a happy day and your parents sleep well at night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random Thought

When life gives you lemons, what do you give back? (pleeeease don't say make lemonade!)

Moreover, whom do you give back to?

Sigh...I wanna be 're-high' on life. Hmm, can you please pass me that Mojito?