Sunday, May 31, 2009


Much has been spoken about photos and Facebook on this blog. I came about something very interesting today which I just have to share. Its regarding, again, pictures.
So we all try to be our witty-best when adding a line or two with our mundane pics. And some people go an extra mile. The pics I saw today had intriguing captions like - Flower, Leaves, Tall tree, Road, Me, Me near a tree - below, what else, a flower, leaves, tall get the drift.


What's up with this 'How well do you know so-and-so quiz?
My husband scored a 60% after much deliberation. His answer to such disastrous result "Sweetheart there's mystery in our relationship. I want to know you more and more each day."
To state that he has learnt to handle me after all these years would be an understatement.


My visa delay has actually become a joke now.
A friend wanted me to get serious when I was actually laughing out loudly. I suggested her to say something like, 'Nisha, imagine if your visa gets more delayed.' She did as I said.
It didnt help at all.


There are several benefits of having a guy friend. On the other hand, he hardly has any if his female friends are devilish.
The other day we asked him to show us isolated lanes and by-lanes where he and his friends 'took' their girlfriends in a car which has window panes covered with sheets darker than a moonless night. After much coaxing, he showed us two of them. We were really impressed and thought we could help our nieces and nephews someday.
And ofcourse, we will tell our friend's wife (whoever she will be) how he took us to that lane too.


The other day I was listening to 'Tamma Tamma loge' on radio while driving. Somehow it's easier to remember the lyrics of old songs and so I wanted to sing along loudly. I wanted increase the volume and go dhinchak dhinchak in the car.
I was too afraid to ruin my reputation in the city and so I didnt. But really what's so wrong about it? Especially when songs back then had much better lyrics and tunes.
Barring Tamma Tamma, ofcourse. Bappi da is just another league altogether.


Ok, I gotto go now. Otherwise it will be waking up time for granny and she'll start her harangue on how its better to sleep early and get up early. I, on the other hand, think its actually practical. This way somebone or the other is always awake at our place 24 hours. We really don't need a watchman.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Feels like 16 again

Warning: Girlish post ahead

Remember when you were 14 and you had your first crush? I do! I could talk to my friend endlessly about how that guy looked, behaved, walked, stared, etc etc etc. We would give the guy a girl's name so that when we were talking on the only landline in the middle of our homes, mom wouldnt know we were talking about a boy!
There were days full of sunshine when He spoke a word or two with me. And then there were sad days when He was absent, from school of course!If he showed even minimalistic interest, life was complete!

Today when I look back, it sounds so funny. I dont even want to see the guys I was even remotely interested in! We were crazy. We shared every single detail. If the crush blossomed into love the chats were even longer. How he became friends, how he proposed, how he would propose, how he held your hand, how he kissed, when will you marry, what will you call your children...ah, the works! This was the best part of female bonding.

I know every girl goes through this. If she doesnt, I pity her. I thought this was kiddish and happened only when we were younger. And so, when a friend of mine who has recently started knowing a guy started sharing minute details, we laughed our hearts out.

She was telling me silly things about him over the phone. I didnt want to spoil it for her and so I smiled just to myself. I never thought that at 26, I will be hearing things like this again. But that's the beauty of falling in love. The initial part has so much to share. So much to know. And so much more to discover.

Yeah, it feels like 16 again. Or, maybe 20, when I saw someone blushing because she had fallen in love. Maybe its what teenagers do. Or maybe its what every girl does when she falls in love. I still do it but not with the same fervour. But today, it really does feel like 16 again :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Counting my blessings

I'm an optimist. Not the enthusiastic pain-in-the-neck chirpy type. But a normal thinking-positive-when-things-dont-go-well kinds. And so, in times like this, when I'm desperate to re-unite with my husband, for reasons more than the 'obvious' one, I count my blessings!

Yesterday i had a chatty day with this friend of mine who's getting married to her boyfriend from 9 years. It makes me proud when I see them together for I was among the first 2-3 people to 'know' about their affair in school. Anyway, so she told me, I'm going to name my first girl Nisha. There are no words to describe the feeling I had. Well, she has one more reason to name her daughter this, but I'm the reason too. Thank god for friends like these who make this world such a beautiful place.

And then, in the evening another friend called. She said, I was thinking who is the one friend whom I badly want in my wedding. And the answer is you.
I'm emotional like crazy and that made tiny water droplets fill my eyes!!If this is not a blessing, then what is.

Rest later, right now I'm just too happy to flaunt the halo around my head :)

Men can never win.

He: (while watching a match)I'll talk to you after the match.
She: Of course, the match is more important than me.
He: arre...


She: (while watching her favorite soap) I'll talk to you in half an hour
He: ok, cool.
She: See how happy you are, you really didnt want to talk to me.
He: arree...

Ah, women! And proudly so!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I dont blog these days...

...well, its a sad hopeless situation. My hubby works in this country where the dependent visa is complicated and seems to be in the hands of some morons. Not that this country is some London/U.S...just that they seem to think of themselves to be something...uhhh

And so, i'm stuck here.And its been 3 months...and I dont know how long will it take. I'm not as sad as it reads! Just that I cant think. I dont do anything that requires me to wreck my brains. I'm just lazying around and enjoying all the pampering...but its the first time I'm not enjoying it as I should.

I'll hit back...and when I do...there will be no turning back. Till then, I just hope someone is missing me.

***sympathy and encouragement is welcome :)