Sunday, June 24, 2007

Understanding God

I'm not a very religious person. Nor am I forced to be one. And so, visiting a place of worship has never been a routine task.

But temples actually calm me down. They have this tranquility about them that's rare. I don't believe that God actually lives there or even God is in an idol thats kept. But I do believe that faith in every form helps and can be miraculous.

Everyone has their own idea about God. Some meditate, some see him in the idols they worship, some in their parents...a million other probably. I think I'm too young to know all the forms God exists for mankind.

For me, God exists in our soul. Or, our soul is our God. When we pray and wish for something, we pray to ourselves. And if we actually believe in God (read ourselves), the wish is granted.

Ever read the saying, God helps those who helps themselves? If we work towards what we wish for and work hard enough, the immense faith and trust reciprocates and we call it a miracle. Impossible is made possible not because there is a higher force looking after us, but because the force within is strong enough to face any adversity.

So who created the world? Where does this force come from? God resides in the soul. But who created the soul?

Some questions remain unanswered. Growing up may change beliefs and might answer my questions. I'm not rigid, anyway!

God what's happening to me. Becoming too philosophical, eh? God help me! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Life's Little Lessons

I remember I was in class VII, sitting alone on the last seat 'coz one of my friends had left for another school and the other was monitoring the class! Yeah she was a favorite with teachers! And suddenly i scribbled a poem called I Love, I love with birds, sweets and my school. 11 years and love has a changed meaning altogether! Well, that was my first poem.

Anyways, that time i thought I'd be a teacher. I guess every girl dreams of being one sometime or the other. While I was doing my graduation with absolutely no future plans, I was forced into an MBA coaching institute (thats because my friends were going, how could i miss the fun!). With no idea whatsoever, 2 years later I was doing MBA(all my friends who did join the coaching were not!), ready to rule the corporate world! Ah yes, between my grad and MBA i had a short stint of six months with Times of India as a freelancer. And I still wanted to do MBA! People told me why not Journalism, and i never even gave it a thought. And writer, I understood only one way of writing, and that was being a fiction writer. Height of ignorance!

While doing MBA I was the student co-ordinator of our newsletter and wrote for my college at times. I was pathetic at finance but good at marketing 'coz i could think creatively. Still, I wanted to get into finance!

I did extremely well and got a job in a bank with an awesome pay scale. But, circumstances and a few realizations made me never join that organization.

And here I am, writing a blog. Planning to start afresh and learn how to write. Write to use my talent and God's gift. I don't regret any decision that i made, if I made any that is. But strange isn't it, if I realised it 11 years back, i could have been someone else.


Friday, June 22, 2007


Now this is the usual man says woman says stuff...with a twist!

on phone - 22nd June, 2007
Man: (after talking for 1 hour or rather listening!) Ok sweetheart, I'll get back to work.
Woman: Huh! You never have time for me. We just spoke only for an hour. BYE

on phone - 15th May, 2007
W: (same - an hour) Ok honey, I have some work.
M: Ok sweety, Bye.
W: Huh! You never stop me. You've had enough, havent you? BYE

on phone - 17th April, 2007
M: (been an hour) Hmm and what else?
W: How come its been an hour and you have'nt hung up?
M: Oh, I'm free so no problems.
W: Do you think I'm your timepass. Whenever you are free you'll talk otherwise you'll hang up? BYE

on Phone - 14th Jan, 2007
W: yawnnnn...I'm feeling sleepy.
M: Then sleep no, sweety.
W: That's what you want. Me to stop blabbering. BYE

on phone - 5th Dec, 2006
M: yawnnn...I'm feeling sleepy.
W: You think I'm boring don't you?...BYE

Women, they always have the last word.
Men, call up again, the ring goes alll the way, she doesnt pick up. Second,,,third....depends on the ego of the lady...picks up...n Men, for no fault of their's coochie coo...reassure...apologize...
I'm so glad I'm a woman!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

5 ways to Inspire!

What do you do when your friend is sad? Cry along? Or be the friend in need? Well, with a lot of stress all around us, its tough to be a 'source of inspiration'! But if you try hard enough you really can and it does give a wholeee lot of satisfaction. Thats my mantra in life - inspire and feel inspired!

So what do i do when i see a friend feeling low? I'm that rude bud who doesn't console! I scold, I reason out and try to show the positive. How? Well, here's my 5 ways guide:

1. Show that it could have been worse. People like it when they see that their situation is atleast better than their distant cousin! Sadist? We all are.

2. Tell your personal experience and how you came out of it. Be short and snappy or else it feels like bragging. If you dont have any experience to share, be imaginative and come out with one!

3. Be confident and a little loud when you talk. You want your pal to listen to you, right? Use phrases - get up and get going sweetheart!

4. Gift him/her a book. No, not 5 ways to get inspired types! A story, a real life one maybe, as i said before, people like it when their situation is better. And this way they learn a thing or two how to get out of the worse. Chicken Soup series, Paulo Coelho(my fav), and a book by the name of The Power of the Subconcious mind are awesome.

5. Be frank, but don't be too harsh. After all, life sucks at times. Tell him that you're there, tell him this too shall pass, and yeah, show that there is a funny side to all of it. There always is. Trust me.

If all this doesn't work, clearly you suck at inspiring!Get some books, surf the net, and learn. It goes a long way.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - The movie!

If you like songs with abstract lyrics, if you like a movie without a script,if you like romance without emotions,if you want to watch Amitabh Bachchan - the legendary actor of bollywood - to just boogie for one song and laugh in the end for a stupid reason, then please go and watch this movie!

This movie also seems to be a reply to Ash by Abhishek 'coz he gets to kiss both the actresses! Girl meets boy, boy meets girl. They lie to each other and then try to undo it because they fall in love! Now there seems to be no real reason for the 'love' as well. But then thats justified in the end by a monologue that this generation doesn't believe in mushy love stories and is unconventional. Are we?

Two things that are good about the movie are - the beats that the songs have(spoilt due to the pathetic lyrics) and Abhishek Bachchan's cute and natural acting. He's an absolute darling in the film. Watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom for him if you want to, otherwise the movie really sucks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Like the Flowing River

As I read Paulo's books my regard for this writer increases manifold. Maybe i never read the way I do now, but this man is truly worth all the adulation he gets.

Like the flowing river is as sweet and simple as it can get. Any person on this earth can write such a book. It has reflections from the writer's mundane activities and thoughts that arise from each.

But what makes him Paulo Coelho is the way he describes smallest of incidents and provokes thoughts that never occur to us when we experience what he does. A simple outing with his wife, meeting strangers on the beach, understanding different ways to romance, marveling at the thoughts of spiritual gurus, and just learning from short experiences in life.

Very simple yet profound, this book is extremely calming. It inspires you to be happy and just let things be. It also inspires you to take pleasure in simple things in life 'coz they are what makes life acually what it is.

Just in case, you want to read him everyday, heres his link:

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