Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thinking about you and me...

Thinking about you and me
It’s as crazy as it can be
Looking into the future and making plans
Little fights and lots of romance
Right now that’s all I want to do
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s like painting pretty scenery
Making a home for the two of us
Lots of happiness in our love bus
It’s full of pinks and has no blue
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s as naughty as it can be
Holding hands sealed with a kiss
It’s really meant to go like this
Dancing together and hugs too
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thinking about you and me
It’s like solving a sweet mystery
What’s coming next, we don’t know
It’s just beautiful to go with the flow
Creating our own music and lyrics too
Oh, baby, I love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I got tagged by
D... and I have to reveal 10 secrets here. This is going to be tough I'm sure.

1.I'm not a very big secret keeper!Somehow, I feel nothing is BIG enough to be kept to oneself!Anyway, I do keep the ones I promise to keep a secret.

2.I'm a very, very, very jealous person. And thats the only thing I hate about myself.

3.Like all the fellow bloggers, I have a secret wish to write a book. I guess one day it wont be such a secret considering some people ask me to write one everyday!!

4.I had amazing memory. I remembered dates, telephone numbers and names. Since the last few years it has deteriorated. No, I've not grown old. Just that a depressing phase in your life can be life-changing.

5.I type real fast.Thats one great thing when you chat a lot with strangers!!Plus, you can meet your soul mate too :)

6.I love my friends, family and a lot of other people whom I've never told I love them. I wish I was more vocal about my feelings.

7.I can be a big miser and a big spendthrift at the same time.

8.Talking about money, I can get nothing free. If I use a buy 1 get 1 opportunity, chances are, I'll go home and think one of them is not nice. Or maybe, one of them will fade or something. And it happens with just about everything.

9.I can't sleep without hearing the BOY's voice :)

10.My life is an open book. What's on my face is in my heart. I laugh on just about everything and can cry on just about anything!I secretly wish I had more 'attitude'!hehe

Now thats that. I really don't know why anyone would be interested in reading these secrets, but nevertheless this tag makes you think. Although I don't feel lighter. These secrets are not really secrets. Well, if I told you, they wont be secret, right? If you knew me inside out, then whats the fun!
So take this tag, reveal a few secrets here and there. Let your readers read between the lines and add that mystery.