Friday, May 25, 2007


Big teeth and small teeth. Yellow teeth and white teeth(and golden silver too!). Straight teeth and crooked teeth. Which one is yours??

Well, i am obsessed with my teeth!!

Now lets check out some teethy stories! For one, my denture is the type you wont find everywhere. Then why am i obssesed with it? Simple, they look different! When i was a kid, i was toooo scared to wear braces. When i was a teenager, for some silly reason my mom was petrified. And then when i was 20, well only behenjis wear braces when they r 20...or so I thought.(later whn one of my friends wore them while i was doing MBA, I thought she was brave, and well, they looked good on her. Plus i'm sure, she had no BF...if u know what I mean!)

Getting back to MY teeth. I have heard many comments. a friend of mine once commented that i might have been a witch in my previous life and so the teeth!some have hated them(to hell with them!). And well, most people find them toooo cute(nice, sweet, lovable people!).

The toughest part comes when I'm being clicked. Its mostly on the photographer's taste(people next to me cant see the teeth, so I'm saved of the comments.) One would say, show your teeth, they look nice. Some would ask me to give a simple smile(to save the friend next to me of a pic thats come out well, but spoilt due to my teeth.) And some would be so shocked to see the denture and how i show it off that they wont be able to comment!

And so the saga continues. Of good teeth and bad. Sometimes I wonder how would it look if I had nice, straight shiny teeth. Oops I forgot to mention their color...I'll save you some boredome! Yeah, when I am 70, and I have no teeth, I will get a fiiting that is as good as yours, and then I'll know what I missed by not wearing braces all my life. Till then... I'll say cheese with a crooked smile!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Veronika Decides to Die

Everyday our inbox is filled with forwards. Some asking us to ‘fwd’ a chain mail to save someone’s life, some with jokes, some with pretty pictures and some with beautiful thoughts. We read them and move on with life. How many times we would have read the line ‘we should all live like it was our last day on earth’? If not more, then at least 10 times.

And how many of us actually follow that? If I were to make a normal distribution curve, then most of us lie in the center, where we keep thinking and living in either our past or our future. The present normally is for the mad, who do no planning!

Veronika Decides to Die – a fabulous book by Paulo Coelho – gives a very important message through a very interesting story.

Veronika, the protagonist, is a beautiful girl with everything in her life. But suddenly she wants to take sleeping pills and commit suicide. She does that. But as fate had it, she survives and is taken to a mental asylum. There the doctors tell her that she has only a week left. During this week she will be given injections to ‘save’ her. But she would survive only a week. the hospital teaches her life’s most important lessons of living a life without guilt, doing what your heart desires, of living for others…

In this week she desires nothing but to follow her heart as she has nothing to lose. In the end we see that she survives a day more than a week. and her lover calls it a miracle. No one knows how long will Veronika survive, but the most important thing is that she will live each day as if it was a miracle and will follow her heart.

If only all of us could do that!

This book is a must read for anyone who has ever thought of committing a suicide, for anyone who thinks life is worthless, and for those who worry more and live less. That makes it the entire population of earth, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first...

I don't intend to write something that will ...well...create some interest even in one person. Yet i want to write something that will remain here forever and be remembered. My first blog!

First is always special. First birthday, first words, first school, first friend, first crush, first love, first kiss...the list is endless. And here I am writing my first blog. Will this also be in one of my 'firsts'? Are blogs that special? I will have to wait and watch!

I read this long time ago in one of the Reader's Digest issue...the time it used to be really interesting...that live your life so that you don't have to hide your diary. And I always wondered, can anyone really live like that? Better still, don't write a diary! And so, the idea of writing a blog still makes me think twice.

Before i get lost in words and thought, I should stop typing. And yes, I must have some guidelines before i really write a blog. 'Cause I really don't want to hide this!