Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Women Want

From time immemorial you’ve been guessing what women want,
Is it what you are or is it what you flaunt?
Let me clear the air and spill a few beans for you,
You can breathe a sigh of relief and thank me too!

Like the King of the Jungle you have a Mane going on,
You think, like him, your beard makes you look strong?
You think it defines your manhood...masculinity, you say,
No! No! No! For us, a clean shaven look is more manly any day!

You want to look wise, so you flaunt a new Goatee,
It makes you look mature, you say it’s classy.
We’re no facial hair police and want you to be free,
But since you asked, please reserve this look for when you are eighty!

There is something about a Stubble that makes you look lazy,
It’s not only about hygiene; it can also give us a rash that can sometimes be crazy.
It makes you look like someone who really doesn’t care,
Of all the things in a man, Insensitivity is something women really can’t bear.

Sideburns make you look confused, like a hippie out of school,
A Chinstrap is pointless – like an attention seeking fool.
You think a Moustache makes you look brave because you flaunt the hardest challenge in a beard,
Believe you me, just like the Soul Patch it only makes you look boring and weird.

If you don't want us to chant 'I hate that unclean stubble', SIMPLY strut a Clean Shaven look,
For the Ladies it means, you’d do anything for us by hook or by crook.
It means you’re an Unpretentious Gentleman and you love your Gal,
That’s ALL women want, it’s that simple, my Pal!


  1. Hahaha this was super creative an definitely a perfect guide for men :P

    But I think the posts need to include the lines 'His clean shaven look bowled me over' and some line about the stubble too! Please check!

  2. Wow! That's so creative...I like the rhyming...:)

  3. Thanks! Although I included the required words mentioned, I didn't put them in one single line. Now I have; just in case.

  4. Ha ha! point taken.. noted somewhere in the brain :P

    1. Haha! You can thank me when it comes handy :)

  5. This needs to be printed out and be personally delivered to people.
    You'd be surprised at the aberrations guys think look cool.
    But then that's what we're here for!

    1. Haha! It's our fault.. we confuse them so much! Such clear messages are rare :)

  6. haha its more like a song!
    :D Personally I like stubbles and goatees and beard/mustache also ! Somehow the clean shaven look never appeals to me !

    1. Well, lets just say the sponsors of this contest love the clean shaven look. And so do the contestants. :D

  7. hahhaahah good post, personally i luv the rugged stubble and the not so clean shaven look ... surprising taht a number of women are up for it too :) like you mentioned i guess the contest did have its effect :)

    1. Yeah, suddenly all women are drawn towards a clean shaven stud! Lets see how long it lasts ;)

  8. HAHAHAHAH yours was the most creative post for this contest!!!
    But i still prefer the rugged yet clean stubble!

    1. We should open a Mutual Admiration Club, Red!!!
      A stubble looks clean only when it is a little grown and trimmed regularly. I don't think many men have that much time and patience. Hence, shave-everything-off-and-chill will keep all of us happy!


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