Thursday, February 11, 2016

Of Love, Laughter and a Letter

Lucky are those who become friends first, lovers later. That happened in our case as well. After pouring my heart out to the Boy for 1.5 years and chatting with him incessantly on the Internet, we met in real and became full-time lovers. The fact that he knew every single detail about me and my life made our relationship strong. And hilarious.

You see, when you reach THAT level of comfort with someone, romance is a combination of #LoveAndLaughter. If we were having a ‘Look into my eyes’ moment, it would be followed by ‘You know he looked into my eyes’! It was like sharing your love story with your best friend.

Anyhow, after a series of failed attempt at romance, I asked him for a love letter. I had told him to buy me a card before. On our first Valentine’s Day, the dude got me a card. It was absolutely adorable of him to buy me what I had trained him to. I happily opened the card. It was a floral thing. I thought it was fine since it was his first attempt. I opened it. I flicked over. There was nothing. I had told him to buy me a card but I had forgotten to mention that he needs to write something inside the card.

Yes. My mistake.

So next time I asked him for a love-letter. Now a letter cannot be empty. I had learnt my lesson well from my goof-up before. Since I knew my best friend too well by now, I also added that the love letter needs to be atleast 500 words. He was a man of few words, so I gave him the leverage of it being ONLY 500 words.

I was getting smarter, or so I thought.

I did receive my first love-letter from him. I opened it with a smile and was fluttering with joy. Finally I would hear some praises, some compliments, some mushy stuff from him…

The letter was to the point – he wrote he got up at 7 a.m. , did nothing, took a bath, went to class (he was doing his Masters in engineering), etc etc etc.

It was still ok. Atleast he was making an attempt. 

However, every word had a number beneath it. He had clearly mentioned that since he was suppose to write a letter for 500 words, it would be easier for me check that if he numbered it.

There. I had it in my face. A love letter of 500 words that mentioned his daily routine. And numbers from 1 to 500. I didn’t know then whether to laugh or cry or shoot him.

But today, I laugh my heart out when I think of that moment. Several lovers may have written several letters but none would have written a letter like this one. And since I am a Scorpion who likes her revenge, here is a tiny bit from the letter. It is 12 years old but it still manages to make me smile like never before. Needless to say, I love my husband, who was my boyfriend and who will always remain my best friend. I love him despite him being such a jerk!

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  1. hahaha.. this is so awesome. First of all, a card with no words inside! Seriously :D I used to draw cartoons and add mushy words on the inner left side of the card all the time.

    As for the "numbered love letter" - *SLOW CLAP* Genius :D
    Have a lovely Valentines' both of you :)

    1. You two are poles apart. He would let his actions speak, writing on a card is something he can never do.
      And genius to hai! :)

  2. Awww how cute is that letter! :)

    And he numbered it? Hahaha, you both are too damn awesome!

    Here's wishing you more love this Valentines :)

    1. Haha yes.. we are weird like that! I am sure it is a good thing 'coz otherwise life would be boring!
      Thankyou for the loveee!!

  3. Wow! First of all, the fact that u have preserved the letter after 12 years shows the love for your boy. I enjoyed reading every bit. The letter is just hilarious!

  4. LOL ! This was awesome! Men will be men :D

  5. This is aww-dorable! Cutest letter I have seen! :)

  6. Oh!! Wow!! An endearing love story cum love letters like the good ole days. That's what love is. Engrossing post:)


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