Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Scent of Bliss

We wandered happily in a picturesque meadow
Treading the wooden bridges over the water
A waterfall splashed creating an echo
A Buddha, some candles - all standing in a perfect order.
Surrounding the area was this scent of Bliss
I looked up and saw numerous trees of Eucalyptus.

Dancing magnolias welcome you inside
Koi fish in the pond show you their style
Your senses are overpowered, you cannot help but abide
You suddenly feel alive, you suddenly feel agile.
You wish to breathe and breathe and never stop
The crisp fragrance that you inhale, I have never found it in any shop.

This Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Is a little bit of heaven on Earth
The landscaping, the meditative state, the whole show
Makes your worries melt, brings an unusual mirth.
But one thing that you are constantly drawn to is a comforting perfume
You keep hunting for that one thing that is taking away your gloom.

Maybe it was the smell of numerous flowering shrubs standing in a line
It could have been the bonsai or simply the lush green grass.
Was it the redwood? Or, was it the pine?
My senses didn’t want to think and so I gave it a pass.
I just inhaled, inhaled this perfume of Bliss
I looked up again, oh yes; it had to be the Eucalyptus.

The hidden surprises there make you want to carry on
The wisteria and azalea inspire the poet in you
All your senses are awakened, you feel like a mere pawn  The crisp air, the fresh trees, they all make you feel so new.
The Zen garden encourages you to give
But it’s the smell, the fragrance of Eucalyptus that makes you want to live.

This was a year ago
But the perfume is still fresh in my mind
Whenever I’m in a pensive mood and my mind wanders to and fro
I think of that garden to move away from the grind.
And then my heart feels a sense of Bliss
And somehow smells that Eucalyptus.

I was reminded of my trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco last year when I came across this contest on Indiblogger. The contest asks Bloggers to write about their evocative travel experience to help Godrej aer create the first crowd-inspired fragrance.
This was indeed a divine experience and I just loved sharing it like this!


  1. my turn to say - this is a winner. Mark the date and time when I said it.
    - Budding astrologer Roshan.
    (P.S. Will wash cars for food too!)

    1. Lets see how it goes - this one was one of those rare topics for which I knew exactly what to write when I read the contest requirements :)

      P.S. What if I don't win?? Will you give me your last prize?? bahahaha!!

    2. do u ask astrologers for ur money back if their predictions go "slightly wrong" ? no na!! then why this discrimination against poor bloggers! why this kolaveri di!!! :p

    3. Haha! Ok ok! You said I will win is enough.
      Although if more say the same it would be better :p

  2. Even the word Eucalyptus has got a scent of its own :D
    This is a winner post...admire you for this Nisha!

    1. You're so sweet, Anita! This comment brought a smile even hours after I read it for the first time!

  3. wowow I would love to have a garden like that .. indeed BLISS..

    All the best for the contest .. awesome entry...


    1. I know! Who wouldn't!! Thankyou, Birkam :)

  4. The smell of Eucalyptus gives me a buzz in my head! Kinda allergic to it, thanks to an over sensitive nose that triggers migraine at the hint of various smells :/

    But I see a lot of people loving it. I see you too.

    All the best for the contest Nisha, you have worded it beautifully!

    1. Well, that's the difference between a big bottle of Eucalyptus oil and the gentle fragrance of the real tree. Those who know how to extract the exact amount and make a freshener out of it should get credit.

      Thankyou for your wishes!

  5. I need to go to this japanese tea NOW!!
    Sigh!!!! good luck with the contest!

    1. Haha!! One day you will. You will!

  6. This is a beautiful poem .... loved the description of scent. All the best for the contest :-)

    1. Thanks.I tried to describe it in the most unconventional way possible. Glad you liked it.

  7. Nature always gets me high :)
    Its beautiful the way you described it :)

    1. I know. I can lay in the wet grass for days and not complain. I miss greenery :(

  8. I prefer the smell of the Bay, the Marina, the Ocean, or the thousands of restaurants. However, Eucalyptus leaves are another good choice.

  9. Wonderfully written, Nisha.
    For me, this is a Winner Post.
    I had the same feelings while visiting our very own Blue Mountains- the Nilgiris.
    Ah! Eucalyptus in the air!


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