Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Drinking Game

I started drinking alcohol at the age of six. My dad is a regular whiskey consumer; I distinctively remember taking a sip from his glass and going eww. After that, I took a break for 10 years or so.


My next rendezvous was with a screwdriver from my brother's glass. This must be when I was 17. We were on the dance floor with a few of his friends and he offered me to drink. It is the coolest thing to have an older brother. And some cute guys for his friends whom I refused to call bhaiya!

He then offered me to buy my own whenever we went out dining sans the parents. I was not a fan and this use to be a half yearly occasion which really didn't worry an elder brother.

I made my friends have their first drink from my kitchen when we were 19 maybe. Mom was watching and it wasn't a big deal.I just knew how to mix Vodka with orange juice or Sprite. I did just that and we all had a ball in my pink room. Yes, it was always pink even till when I was 26.  The bravest thing I did was to make myself a drink once while chatting online with the Boy. I can't remember what got into me; I tiptoed into the kitchen at 1 in the night and made myself a Vodka and something. I remember washing the glass nicely before sleeping and feeling super grown-up.

On my last birthday before I got married, I got sloshed with my bestie and saw a movie. It was a laugh riot and the memory of it is still clear in my head. Oh, I think I have a blog post as well - the perks of blogging and documenting my life here since 10 years!

After marriage, drinking became a norm. It was the start of hostel life for me which I never experienced before the age of 26. I was starting to live alone with a boy and with that came weekends, clubbing, bar hopping, exploring the best pubs in town and socializing with his bachelor friends. I got drunk numerous times and had a lot of fun. Why is life more fun after a couple of drinks, I'll never understand. And yes, I never got out of control or lost my mind.

I wrote another drunk post here. Well, ummm, meh.

I am not addicted, but I also don't believe in drinking carbonated drinks without adding a certain rum/vodka in them. If I am with friends, I don't mind beer or wine. I absolutely love to drink with girls because we end up laughing so hard. This brings me to the second part of this post..

To be cont.


  1. Aha! It's so much fun to drink and once I was very young...must be 11 stole a peg from my Dad's bottle and mom caught me. I was roughed up. We used to buy quarter Imperial Blue whisky and sneak in the bag at the hostel in Mumbai. I've tripped and had a Vodka mess with orange juice at our end of year party with our entire class mate on new year eve. It was in 2004. I love the taste of Vodka with orange juice. I still enjoy my whisky. My stock is empty and need to buy :)

    1. I'm a Cuban Libre girl. And our stock is always chockful because we always go out and drink!!! Love daaru stories :)

  2. You wont believe this but I read this post and I am commenting while my bottle of BIRA sits bubbling on my desk. The odds!!

  3. wow that's good to know ! My grandmother made wines and we had a wine business with license and all long time back! Wines have been a part of our food and culture and it still is :-)

  4. I am not too much of a drinker. Can't manage more than a glass or two. My favourites are wine and drinks like margarita, sangria and so on.


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