Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm tipsy and I know it

What's the first thing you say when you are drunk - "I'm not drunk."

Half an hour back, I just had one Red wine, one red wine, and I'm tipsy. See, I'm different because I confess I am drunk. I came home and started reading blogs. Then I thought it's a good time to write a post.

Usually when I'm drunk I laugh a lot. A lot. If I'm out, I start dancing like a moron. My steps can give Madhuri Dixit a run for her money. Then I sing songs in the car. I also sing the tune. You know, dum dum da dum, la la la la. My 'melodious' voice makes it entertaining for the fellow passengers. Especially the Boy who has this constant grin on his face. How he loves to see me drunk!
After reaching home I walk to my bed like Johny Walker and go to sleep. I have the most amazing sleep when I get a little sloshed. It's so deep and peaceful. In my drinking career of about 4 years I've just had a hangover once. Like everyone I decided to quit. And then, like everyone I thought I hardly drink, I shouldn't quit.

I love how I'm typing with my eyes closed and a faint smile on my lips. I learned that from years of chatting over the Internet with random boys ... Oh, I miss that. Wonder what's going on in the chatting world. Do they still fall in love there? Wish to be 18 again.

Before I start blurting out more random thoughts in my tipsy mind, I should sign off. Thousand apologies for a curvy post. Hope to be concrete next time.

Going to a cards party, will I win? Song on my mind - When I walk in a spot, this is what I see.... Everyone stops and they staring at me... I'm sexy and I know it...
Ah, I'll surely win.


  1. First time I am reading a drunk post! ;-)
    Looks interesting! Even I am tempted to try it out! :-)

  2. Go ahead...we talk when we are drunk,dont we? then whats the harm in blogging? will b fun!

  3. when I drink,I tend to go quieter.. more philosophical.. but ya, definitely inhibitions are lowered too.

    As for hangovers, that happened once with tequila... otherwise, all good :) Anything in moderation, I guess.

  4. Frankly Doc, I hate the philosophical ones! It's more fun to let go of all the inhibitions and have all the fun you can.Then again, definition of fun varies. Maybe you enjoy getting real.
    And you're really a good boy to have had just one hangover. Mine here, is a regular!


Your sweetness makes my day. Gentle criticism will be taken in the right spirit too :)