Saturday, December 29, 2012

Whisker Woes!

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

Stubble, Stubble go away,
Come again the next day.
How to keep these evening whiskers at bay,
This is what my years of experience has to say:

If you drool at other men, it will never work,
Forget about a clean shaven kiss, you’ll get his smirk.
If you tell him he looks old, it won’t hurt his pride,
For Darling, he thinks it’s not how you look, it’s what you feel inside!

‘I won’t wax if you don’t shave’ will defeat your cause,
You love your little black dress – he knows that Boss.
Try comparing him with Santa, a furry animal or a woodsy guy,
He’ll wait till you start PMS’ing and give you an apt reply.

Hypnotherapy tape that repeats ‘I will shave every evening’ can have repercussions,
Once in a while you will hate these daily compulsions.
Trading with a massage or a pedicure won’t force him to shave,
He’ll avail his special offers smartly, all you will do is Crave!

Use your brains, play with his mind,
Don’t hurt his ego, be extra kind.
Psychology works wonders, do what Pavlov did,
Be patient with Conditioning, I do not kid.

Pavlov who? To cut the useful Psychology lesson short -
If he shaves in the evening, show Him your full support.
Even if it means his favourite meal, a boy’s night, some passionate kissing,
Or an extra peg, a neck massage, a good loving.

Keep your goodies ready whenever he shaves in the evening,
Don’t mention your plan, just keep him guessing.
After a while he will notice a behavioral pattern in you,
That is, Evening shave = fun, Stubble = nothing new!

Keep the goodies coming as you see the stubble fade away,
How long will this take? Depends on you Babay!
Mutual love and affection doesn’t hurt anyone,
When you do things for each other – the fun has just begun!

How can I be so sure? - you may ask,
I've been doing this for a while and it's hardly a task.
I crave for the smoothness, he loves to feel special,
Simply being nice is what makes this life Magical! 


  1. I actually loved this... was fun and the kind of poetry I wish I could write ... good chance for a trip to Paris if u ask me...

    1. If it were to me, I'll write everything in the form of rhyming poetry!
      And I have only one comment on this one.. not sure how good it is. Or maybe I'm networking less these days!
      Thanks anyway, hope you are in the judging committee!

  2. Quite amusing.. Good luck.. :-)

    1. Thankyou so much. I like the name of your blog... will be visiting!

  3. Entertaining it it :) Good luck Nisha.

    1. With the risk of sounding incredibly dumb - it it?
      Thanks and good luck to you too!

  4. Awesome!! A poem to convey the message! Damn cool! :)
    All the best for the contest, Nisha :)

    1. I just love to rhyme words!! Thanks and all the best to you too :)

  5. hahaha, that was a fun read!! all the best for the contest! and yes - simply being nice is what makes life magical

    1. Yes, sweetness lasts forever! Thanks a ton :)

  6. Good one there! All the best for the contest :)
    If you make friends with the stubble, maybe he doesn't have to let it go ;-)

    1. Oh, we are opposing evening stubble. Didn't you hear - Shave or Crave! So there is no question of making friends with the stubble :)


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