Thursday, May 31, 2018

Movie Review: Veere di Wedding

When the trailer of Veere di Wedding came out, I immediately knew it was one to watch with my girl friends. With work, kids and home, these chickas have a tough time coming out of the house alone - but they managed and I am so glad.

In one word, we absolutely LOVED the movie!

From the first scene to the last, the movie had us hooked. Since I don't intend to give out the story, I will not write the narrative here. And since I am no expert on screenplay, editing, lyrics, dialogues - I will not write about that either.

But whatever all that means - I LOVED it!!

You see the movie has certain punches that make you roll on the floor. I don't care about girls saying the cuss-words, and frankly they don't make me laugh. I am so glad the movie was much more than that.

Veere di Wedding is about the modern Indian girl and all that goes in her mind. Yes, they could have gone to Goa instead of Phuket to make it more relatable to the middle-class us, but then how would they show us the amazing clothes and interiors that left us all drooling throughout.

There was never a dull moment in the movie, no melodrama, no putting the men down or anything - it was about human relationships and the women actually made us laugh throughout. SO rare in Indian cinema where men get all the humourous quotes.

As for female bonding - ah, there are so many scenes that made me wish I could go for a holiday with my girl friends. The bond we share as girls is incomparable and it is shown so beautifully in the film. Like they have a fight in one scene and they just go on a holiday in the next - no offense taken by any of them. They stand up for each other, pull each other's leg, share secrets, bitch about each other, fight and make up - all signs of incredible female bonding.

Yes, this is a chick film. But men may enjoy it as well. For a change they will get to see our side of the story. Go for it peeps, and see the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Tansania take you in the world of female friendship which is a laugh riot.

The Punjabi tadka in the movie is hilarious. And the songs - oh Tareefan and Bhangra Ta Sajda are just my favourite. There is another song - Pappi - the choreography for which is so funny!

There is one thing though which I did not like - they have given out almost all the punch lines in the trailer. That reduced the fun I had... anyway! I hope some people don't reject the movie just because the women in it are not typical of majority of us, or they abuse in the movie, or the movie reminds them of Sex and The City. I hope they take it as how it is - a fun film showing female bonding, strong women who can stand up for themselves and, just, cheap thrills!

Go watch it with your veeras.


  1. WOW! That was quick. I somehow felt that this movie will not do justice to what it claims to do, but now that you have certified it, I'll go watch it this weekend.

    The movie looks so glamorous and beautiful that I worried that the story might be bleak. But listening to what you say, I guess it does deserve a watch.

    1. I am afraid I have praised it so much that my friends/readers would go with very high expectations and won't enjoy it as much!!!

      As for the story, it is not one with a message or something that is very thrilling. The movie is more about having fun while watching these besties together. You will miss your friends for sure!

  2. The trailer had me decide then and there - that this is MY type of a movie! Now your review has further pushed me to book the tickets !

    1. Did you watch? I hope you liked it!


    You have been nominated for Blogger Recognition Award :)


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