Monday, July 10, 2017

Back, Back Baby!

It's a mean thing to do - abandoning your baby for this long. I mean this blog of course. Hasn't it been there for me in all the ups and downs in the last few years?

This year has been tough. Although I like challenges, I am finding it hard to look at the bright side. Socially I am doing supremely well; you know, putting up pictures of the vacation, laughing out loud with friends, the works. I like that part of me but internally, internally I am struggling to find peace, hope and happiness. Oh well, it is not as bad as it sounds. Let me not be so melodramatic!

You see, when I refuse a friend to go to a mall, that is where I draw a serious line. That is where I know I am really not feeling well. I did that yesterday. It was hard, refusing to go and shop, window-shop and just enjoy good company - ah, only I know how I did it. I looked at the whole world on the Internet just to get over that trauma. I planned all our vacations for next year as well!

But this planning, it lets you down sometimes. I went to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia last month. I read everything to the T. I planned, I asked around, I made sure I would be fine. Heck, I even bought a stick so that I am not completely relying on the Boy. Damn you Internet, you betrayed me for the first time. My day in Plitvice was the hardest day in the fun movie that is my life! I struggled with every step, every hike, every simple walk. I did not regret it one bit - it was an achievement in every way. I even told the Boy that now I can feel how marathon runners feel. Yes, the simple hike in one of the most beautiful natural parks was like that for me. I rejoiced in my victory.

The days that have followed have not been so joyful. I am not allowed to tire myself out. And this time, I took advantage. I squeezed my muscles like Indian moms squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from the tube. Now my body is use to being treated like how Indian moms treat their sons, sooo...

To cut a long story short, I've been down but not completely out. I have learnt that old people in this world have become immensely fit and so I cannot Google about their experiences and feel I will be able to manage. I even find some women in their 70's so sexy! No, no, I am not kidding. Watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix and see how to age gracefully. Jane Fonda is 80 years old and she can give a few 40-year olds a serious run for their money. I am totally inspired! You must Google her aerobic videos - they were a rage in the 80's!

So coming back to meee - I'll be kind to my baby now. I'm planning to write a whole lot in the coming months. I am not sure how I will document my vacation because I did not enjoy it so much and I don't want to brood because I hate to be that person who cribs! I will show you the rosy side and you will love it. I leave you with this amazing picture the likes of which made me take up the challenge I was never meant to:

Where the woods are lovely, the waterfalls are serene and the Boy makes his usual faces!
Plitvice National Parks, Croatia.


  1. Yay, you're back!

    This year has been weird for me too. Nothing melodramatic, but the inner peace is not easily found. So I might know how you are feeling.

    Planning vacations does help, doesn't it? I'm glad you found something good during this grey period.

    Don't fret is small things go wrong here and there, these teach us to bounce back higher. And it's you heroine, nothing should ever take you down :)


    1. Yes, yes, yes!! Nothing will EVER take me down!
      I hope the second half is better for both of us :)

  2. you did hiking in Croatia!! I am so jealous ... gosh it's such a beautiful country. i have seen some of old Jane Fonda videos. She looked amazing even then.

  3. Welcome back.

    I see you had a great adventure.

    Lovely pic. Hope you get back to fitness soon so that you can make another trip.



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