Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Old is Gold. New is Golden too!

When we were in school, they told us it is the best time of your life. No responsibilities, no pressure. You’ll make your best friends here. They told us we will never meet people as good as these.

It was scary going to college. My best pals were in different cities. Life was about to turn into a friendless zone. And then, I made 3 new best friends.

They repeated that college is the best phase of your life. After that you enter the big bad world of career and relationships. People will befriend you for hidden motives. They will meet you to socialize and entertain themselves. It will suck further after marriage. 

So far I had about 8 best friends (Yeah, I was lucky. And I dare not call any of these 'good' friend!). A couple of them were less in touch, but I could pick up from where I left. They knew my dreams, my fears, my past and my present. They loved me for that and for everything else. 

Meaning, the bar for a best friend was quite high.

It had been 6 months since my wedding. Everything revolved around the husband. I was still calling my mother everyday to ask her the basic recipes of different vegetables. They had already told me I won’t make many friends. Best friend was like a far-fetched dream. I was trying to live with it.

And then, I met her.

I was standing near the elevator. We were going out for lunch with common friends. We instantly got along because we were from the same city. After meeting a couple of times in a group, we started meeting regularly.

She was immensely sweet and sensitive. Things bothered her easily. We use to walk in the Tennis Court and discuss the past, present and future. While I tried to cheer her up in her darkest hours, she brought warmth and sunshine into mine.

Bonding had a different meaning now. We weren’t kids who would laugh over non-veg jokes. We created non-veg jokes! Other kids didn’t bother us, it was having a kid of our own that did. We didn’t have to worry about marks, we had to maintain relationships that came with marriage.

If I was sick, she would cook for me. If I was sad, her eyes would fill up. When I came from a long holiday, she would empty my suitcase for me. It was like a sister, friend, well-wisher all packed into one in a faraway land where I was still learning how to live with a boy!

In our 4 years together, we’ve seen a lot. I was super jealous when she was making new friends. I cried like a baby when I moved to an apartment far away from hers. I was afraid I will have to cook when I'm sick.

But now, she brings me a packed dabba when I have a runny nose. We also increased our clan. We got two new best friends in the process. (More about them in a different post otherwise they would think I’m being partial!)

 Happy Birthday, Aradhana - You’ve made my school friends envious! You’re gifted with sweetness that’s rare in this world. Just believe in your dreams and smile at whatever plan God has for you. We can do anything to keep you smiling. Anything. 

And everyone who thinks only old is gold, I can guarantee, new is as SHINY.

Special friends deserve special birthday celebrations. I tried :)


  1. You are blessed to have so many 'best friends'. :) Keep them close.

    1. I know. I treasure them a whole lot :)

  2. this is such a sweet sweet post!! like a small kid, we all love to say, "we have so many best friends!" no matter how old we are.

    that birthday celebration looks awesome!! i am sure, she had a great time!

    1. Oh she did. And she has read this post like 10 times!! I love to make people feel awesome :)


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