Sunday, December 26, 2010

2000 - 2010, 18 - 28, a decade well lived!

Just realised - it’s not the end of a year, but an end to a decade, a decade in which I started with 18 and ended on 28. And boy, what a decade it was!

What I remember about the year 2000 is the Internet! I had a crush on every guy I met online, except one – he had a crush on me. Talk about being choosy!

2001 was about entering graduation and marrying off a cousin sister with whom I shared a number of similarities. Graduation was about the new found freedom and everything naughty that comes with it!

2002 was sweet followed by a sweet and sour 2003!

And 2004 was hilarious! This is when my graduation ended and I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I took up an MBA coaching, A freelancing job with the local newspaper and to mess it up further, enrolled for post grad in Economics! If that’s not being confused then what is!?

And it was in this year, in which I decided to marry this cute guy whom I met and now call my husband. I think that ended all my confusion and I knew I can chill in life now!

2005 was awesome. B-school and dating at JIM and IIM, respectively. I really had my hands full!

2006 and 2007 were about a wonderful college life that I miss every now and then. I was a good student, excellent at taking responsibilities and finally a workaholic in a recruitment consultancy that me and my friends started.

But after earning a little bit, 2008 was the BIG year of my wedding. I enjoyed every moment of it like a typical bride-to-be.

2009 and 2010 have been 2 beautiful years of being married and understanding life from a very different point of view. I never imagined myself as a wife and still find it hard to believe that I am one. For me, these years have been like dating a guy without the fear of bumping into a family member. I’ve lived a completely transformed life and have met so many new people in numerous different places.

If I had to choose a year in this decade, I really can't 'cause I loved each and every one of it. I wish the same for the next decade. Considering 18 to 28 never comes back and are certainly the most glorious years of one's life, I'll try to behave like an 18 - 28 in the next decade as well!!
I think it will all be about writing, traveling and continuing the trend of exploring the world with my boyfriend for life! I’m ready for all the challenges and opportunities it will bring and look forward to writing a happy blog post about it in 2020!

Watch this space and wish me luck :)


  1. The best summing up. You do write well. And the best of it is from you heart. :)

  2. this is a lovely post.. ( havent ruled out copying the theme myself :D )
    frankly , my last decade was one to forget personally.. An age of missed opportunities and bad decisions.. Thats why it feels good to read this post :)

  3. @ AS: thanks.. it really means a lot to me when someone appreciates my writing :)

    @Roshan: We all have setbacks every year. But we need to rise above, look at our mistakes, work upon them and move on.
    I'm sure you did some amazing things in this decade. why not write about them and feel good about the decade instead of feeling bad about the things that went wrong. I would love to read that post :)

  4. After reading the post only I realized its the end of a decade. . Its been an eventful decade. . Good post!

  5. It also makes me feel that it's been such a long decade and there's so much to do in the next one!

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  7. So Sweet.. I wish I could write like you.. so much at ease:-)

  8. thanks shakti.. ur compliment means a lot to me :)


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